KDE.de App of the Month: KView

Klaus Stärk informs us that
the German KDE website has
the April 2002 App of the Month:
As usual, the useful (German) review includes a screenshot-laden
of KView, as well as a
note about,
and an
, its maintainer,
Matthias Kretz.
Find out more about your favorite image viewer and the talent behind it.


KView is great! It's one of those little apps that are frequently overlooked, like konsole, or kmail (to a lesser extent). KDE is *nothing* without these fantastic apps. (ok, so, kmail isn't one of those "little" apps--but it is certainly taken for granted..)

By Charles Samuels at Sat, 2002/04/06 - 6:00am

You are absolutly right, and yesterday when I was installing KDE3 on my SuSE system(Can't wait for my 8.0 copy) I was just thinking that "hey this Kmail client is really quit nice!" I have always been seeking and wanting a more outlook like mail client but when you think about it Kmail really has become quite the killer Email client under Linux. What I mean is that it's stabel "rock solid" and you got all the functionallity an Email client should have so you are absolutly right the developers of Kmail definantly deserves more credit!! Thanks Kmail developers!!!!

By DiCkE at Sat, 2002/04/06 - 6:00am

There are only some "little" things in KMail/Kaddessbook.

KMail mix languages when you send a "reply" (date/time) and the date/time fields are broken when you use other then the standard formats.

Kaddressbook do not hold the wide and order of the user defined data fields.
Second the "save as" data field do not hold the user defined format (surname, name for example).

Bug reports are going.


BTW Apart from that KMail is GREAT. I do _NOT_ want a unified mail/news client.

By Dieter Nützel at Sat, 2002/04/06 - 6:00am

Besides the great "App of the Month" Series, Klaus also does most of the maintaining of www.kde.de.
Thank you, Klaus.


By zapalotta at Sat, 2002/04/06 - 6:00am

I mean people would be aware of it more if kview is bundled with KDE3.
Personally, I only know the software which came bundled with KDE. Is there
any other QT/KDE projects which are good but not well known by majority of

By Tom at Sat, 2002/04/06 - 6:00am

Kview IS bundled with KDE3...

By Movitz at Sat, 2002/04/06 - 6:00am

Thats whats appsy is for. It has a scoring system, so you can see which apps are worth looking at.

By Psiren at Sat, 2002/04/06 - 6:00am

Take a look at PIXIE, www.mosfet.org/pixie a ACDSee like program...

By Goddard at Sun, 2002/04/07 - 6:00am

if you want to burn cdrom, take a look at
kreatecd (easy to use) :


By thierry at Sun, 2002/04/07 - 6:00am

Ok its an awkward image viewer with no browsing capabilities and a VERY limited range of manipulation tools which causes it to fail in both areas. I hate to criticise open source projects but credit where its due. Gwenview is not far off being the best image viewer I've used and should, (IMHO) be the default KDE viewer. Perhaps KView should concentrate more on being an easier alternative to GIMP for basic image manipulation

By peter jeffries at Sun, 2002/04/07 - 6:00am

For handling large collections of pictures mosfet's PixiePlus is awesome tool. People who own e.g. digital camera, PixiePlus is what they want to use to browse their mighty picture collections :)

Good work with KView also, but check PixiePlus 0.3 at http://www.mosfet.org/pixie/.

By samppa at Sun, 2002/04/07 - 6:00am

Konq plus Kuickshow work for me as well.. :-)

By Rob Kaper at Sun, 2002/04/07 - 6:00am

sweet - that Pixie looks just like Thumbs-Plus (formerly Thumbs-Up). Linux is looking better and better ;-)

By gaffo at Mon, 2002/04/29 - 5:00am

It's true, this is a great program. This is the only program I have with SuSE 8.1 that will make batches of thumbnails all at once.

By mowo2000 at Wed, 2003/01/01 - 6:00am

KView really needs an open directory function (with a recurse sub-directories option)

By gergi at Mon, 2002/04/08 - 5:00am

Your Ultimate Web Browser - Konq. yur descTop

1. Click on [Preferences]+[Look & Feel]+[Desktop]

2. Now checkmark, [Show Previews for:]. Enjoy!

KView is excellent for slideshows. Very fast &
useful for scanning images to your scanner, plus
adding brightness and gamma effects to dull or dark

KDE3 is so entirely integrated now. You can do
anything from anywhere. Lovely work KDE Team!.

TIP: "NoAtun" - Multimedia Player. Add KDEAddons
for extra plug-ins and c/o the gorgeous themes!.


By linuxkid at Tue, 2002/04/09 - 5:00am