KVim Reaches Stable Milestone

Thomas Capricelli, Philippe Fremy, and Mickael Marchand are pleased to present the first ever stable version of KVim, finally bringing us "the power of VIM with KDE's friendliness". In case that means nothing to you, VIM stands for Vi IMproved and has become the defacto standard version of Vi on most Linux distributions. Vi is the traditional, ever popular, text editor on UNIX systems which can sometimes be a challenge to new users. As the names imply, VIM adds many powerful improvements over Vi, and KVim wraps the whole thing up in a nice KDE interface. Best of all, KVim offers a KPart for out-of-process embedding in KDE. The KPart can currently embed either of GVim or KVim in Konqueror, but further work is required before proper support for KDevelop, KMail and Kate is available. It also looks like KVim will be integrated into the main VIM source distribution in the future. Great news!

Side note: Interestingly, one of the first articles ever on KDE Dot News concerned the first developer release of KVim. It generated quite a bit excitement at the time, although it seems we jumped the gun on the KDE/XEmacs rumours. :-)

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by Srinu (not verified)

Its due to short of memory space.
When u dont ve memory to write, how a vim can write?
delete some junk files and do again

by Paul Raab (not verified)

Same happend to me. I use SuSE-Linux 8.0. Don#t why, but the .viminfo went corrupt. so I just copied a .viminfo from another user, of course this was an original, not changed .viminfo-file. Everything was o.k. The question' that remains is: why did this happen?

your Paul

by Mike (not verified)

I meet the same problem after I hasn't cleanly reboot the Linux OS(for example reboot by using reset button:).
The .viminfo file maybe become binary when system restart and automatic fsck failed.

by Sacha (not verified)

Deleting this file worked for me on Win2k with gvim 6.1

My disk filled up a little while ago. I think this is what caused the problem with me.

by vim_man (not verified)

After removing Vim7.1 I then searched for any instances of viminfo by using wildcard search *viminfo*. I found about 3 instances of it after uninstall. Once removed I reinstalled Vim7.1 and it worked fine! I started having problem after bad install of XP Service Pack 3.

by Andreas (not verified)

is there any kde database(mysql) editor avalible?