KDE 3.0.1 Ships

Following the remarkably successful launch of the KDE 3 series with
a very stable KDE 3.0 last month,
the KDE Project today announced the immediate availability of KDE 3.0.1.
While primarily a translation release, it also squashes some bugs, including
some minor security issues with KHTML. Check out the
announcement and the fairly complete
Binary packages are available from the stalwart KDE packagers at
Compaq Tru64, Conectiva Linux, Mandrake Linux and SuSE Linux.
As always, we hope you enjoy the latest and greatest KDE!


Can we count on it? It's been a long time since i've seen something as screwed up as this. My sh*t is broken...bad.

By Jake at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Yeah, I just wasted an entire day of work rebuilding Mandrake with the old version of KDE 3. This has at least one advantage: It seems to be more stable now. But please, do that never again! :)

By Stephan Richter at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Where are *UPDATED* i18n rpms ? Now I got KDE 3.0.1 but in English instead of French lol !

By Hervé PARISSI at Fri, 2002/05/31 - 5:00am

Thanks ! They weren't there (updated /opt/kde3 rpms) when I check, they put it on 1st June !

By Hervé PARISSI at Sun, 2002/06/02 - 5:00am

But what I would like to know is: how come??? It's as if it hadn't been tested at all.

By PARENA at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

I've had problems installing 3.0.1 but after some atempts could make it by uninstalling KDE 2.2.2 and 3.0 completely even qt2 and qt3, arts2, arts3, libarts2, libarts3. After that when installing the 3.0.1 version, I had a conflict with 3 entries in the package mandrake-mime-0.1-5mdk, but after forcing the installation everything seems to work fine.
Haven't have much time to probe it because I've installed it about 15" ago. But I've downloaded mail with KMail, I'm using konqueror right now, have used konsole, kwrite and some other apps and they work smoth.


By xalba at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

So... do you think we are stupid?
You could not install any app not in a million years. You have problems using MS-Word! And I can believe you were on saturday afternoon at work. You probably were at the nastiest american bar of the city looking for some dirty stuff.

Greetings from Goierri.

By El Zorro at Tue, 2002/05/28 - 5:00am

So... do you think we are stupid?
You could not install any app not in a million years. You have problems using MS-Word! And I can believe you were on saturday afternoon at work. You probably were at the nastiest american bar of the city looking for some dirty stuff.

Greetings from Goierri.

By El Zorro at Tue, 2002/05/28 - 5:00am

You know that child who play with fire...

akerrak adarrak okerrak ditu.

By xalba at Tue, 2002/05/28 - 5:00am

Ene bada CoCo!!

By El Zorro at Tue, 2002/05/28 - 5:00am

Bihar arte ;-0

By El Zorro at Tue, 2002/05/28 - 5:00am

I've just updated my kde installation to 3.0.1 (forcing installation (rpm --force)). Now everything on kde appears to run fine, everything but kicker. Kicker always crash...

Does anybody else have the same problem ? Is it a common problem or a problem only I have ? Will it be fixed (I mean if it is a common problem)?

BTW, KDE 3 flies, kde 2 is a turtle compared to kde 3.

Thanks for such a great desktop (kde) and such a great distro (Mandrake)

By Juan M. Caravaca at Sun, 2002/05/26 - 5:00am

I have the same problem. I've upgraded my slackware 8.0 system by installing kde 3 desktop envinronment. Everythings goes right, but kicker always crash.

By tomas at Sun, 2002/09/15 - 5:00am

I have the same problem! Kicker is always crashing ... he can't read a string ... anybody can solve the Problem now?



By Oli at Tue, 2002/11/19 - 6:00am

Perharps it is a good idea to start working on something like certified rpm-pakages. In the past I also had some nasty problems with messed up rpm´s. By first testing those packages we could see if the quality is good enough, and then give them a label.

It a shame that good programs like Linux and KDE get the wrong reputation, only because some things are beiing messed up. KDE is and will always be goood stuff, lets preserve that.

Go for KDE-quality!!

By Maarten Rommerts at Sun, 2002/05/26 - 5:00am

I know they were supposed to be done 2 weeks after 3.0 was shipped, but that never happened?
is there something wrong with them?

By THIBOLOT at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Yes, this isn't the first time you guys have heard it, but my K6-350, 128 megs of ram still needs over a minute to go from kdm to the desktop. Gentlemen, that's too slow! Nice job, KDE 3, but go get every speed improvement you can do.

By Daniël Mantione at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Fast kde start:

and it works :)


By antialias at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

> and it works :)

No, and don`t complain if KDE misbehaves with this start script.

By Anonymous at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Yes, you're right. I used it for a short period of time and it couses problems. Sorry :(

By antialias at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Nice tip!

Put it in KDE 3.02 please!

By Daniel at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Never going to happen! That script is full with dirty hacks

By Andy Goossens at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

The script "works" by failing to initialise several things needed by KDE apps. The result is that startup is quicker, but starting applications is slower (and uses more memory).

By Jonsum Sim at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

So what if going from KDM to the desktop takes 1 minute or 5, it does not matter.
Really how many times a day do you loggin? Whats matters are all services starts correctly like aRts, DCOP etc so you don't get strange behaviour and crashes.

The speed witch matters are things like rendring of web pages in khtml, open/save, copy/move/delete of files etc. Things like the work you do all day. And the startuptime of the apps, but the important ones are the small ones. The ones you start, do someting and close. Not the big apps like browser/wordprocessor/ide, you usually keep them open til you are finished, you don't close your browser and restart it to go to the next site do you. So speed doing the things those programs do, are more important than startup time.

By Morty at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Well, you are right. But, I don't have my computer powered on all day. The startup of Linux is already quite long, add to that the startup time of KDE, and it becomes irritating.

The speed of KDE while it is running is not perfect, but acceptable.

By Daniel at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

From what I've read and experienced, it's a lot easier on computer hardware to leave it running all the time than to be constantly powering it off and on. we have 3 PCs in our apartment (2 desktops and a server) and they all run 24/7, and I haven't had a single problem with any of them (the server just passed the 100 day uptime mark :)

By Vic at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

I'm on a laptop. Leaving my machine up all the time is not an option. KDE's start time is long. It's annoying. Rather than telling this person his complaint isn't valid, or he's confused, or saying that the only available solution is a 'dirty, dirty hack', could someone actually work on this and make a solution that isn't a hack?

By Anonymous at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Amen to that! And while somewhat is working on this, could someone else fix the khtml (konqueror and kmail) printing problems that have existed since version 2.

Konqueror and Kmail still either cut off lines or repeat lines on the bottom of one page at the top of the next page.

By horst at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

I fixed that today for KDE 3.1, there is still a bit of a problem with CSS-specified margins but once that is sorted out I hope to be able to backport it to KDE 3.0.2 (whenever that is)


By Waldo Bastian at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Release plan says end of June for KDE 3.0.2.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Fantastic!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the print fix!

By horst at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Right, somebody is working on it, but not on KDE, and only Linux.
Solving the problem the right way for laptops.:)

By Morty at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

cool. you made my point for me,
but with a good reference to join it ;-)

By Alex at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

cool. you made my point for me,
but with a good reference to join it ;-)

By Alex at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

One minute! I have a slower computer than you and it only takes 15 seconds. Perhaps you could try moving your .kde out the way to see if it is causing the slowdown. Maybe clearing out /tmp would help. Definitely a problem with your setup, anyway.

By ac at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

fairly important speed tip:
if you use a distribution (like debian) that cleans up /tmp regularry/at boottime, its a good thing to remove the symlink .kde/tmp- and creating a directory instead. So restarting kde after wiping out /tmp (after boot) goes a lot faster.

By ik at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

I have MDK 8.2 and i have installed kde3, but i observe this a upgrade from kde 2.
Exist a trick to do that upgrade, or i go back and install kde2?



By The Arcangel at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Is the giant sidebar still there on every
File Dialog, or was the fix to toggle it off
backported into 3.0.1?

By steve at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

No, the fix is not there, because it would have introduced a new string ("Hide/show Sidebar") and the translators apparently didn't like that.


for the patch.

By Carsten Pfeiffer at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Actually, it is policy not to introduce new i18n messages after the message freeze and in stable releases. Just pointing out they are in their right not to like it and not just whining.

By Rob Kaper at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

Of course it is their right. But with that decision, there is this small usability problem, not going away for several months. I know the policy, but I dislike their decision.

By Carsten Pfeiffer at Sun, 2002/05/26 - 5:00am

You're right, this is a huge deal. But unfortunately you did not make this clear when you posted your patch, and the translator thought this was a new feature not a usability fix. Oh well, miscommunications happen.

By ac at Sun, 2002/05/26 - 5:00am

Bind it to F9 without meny entry.

By Anonymous at Sun, 2002/05/26 - 5:00am

I have a big problem with flash on Mandrake 8..2 with KDE 3.0.1. It doezn't work.
I don't know why.
Any tips ?

P.S. Sorry about my english.

By Dyzio at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Remove all mesa libs from your system and check if it works (actually
I forgot which rpm was the culprit, but it was definatly something from Mesa).

By obi at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

# rpm -qa | grep Mesa
# rpm -e libMesaGLU1-4.0.1-4mdk
error: removing these packages would break dependencies: is needed by xlockmore-5.01.2-4mdk is needed by libqt3-3.0.4-2mdk is needed by XFree86-4.2.0-11mdk

By antialias at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

# rpm -qa | grep Mesa
# rpm -e libMesaGLU1-4.0.1-4
error: removing these packages would break dependencies: is needed by xlockmore-5.01.2-4 is needed by libqt3-3.0.4-2 is needed by XFree86-4.2.0-11

By antialias at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Remove Mesa ?
No way.

By Dyzio at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

you can force it:)
it is the only way of getting it fixed

By Danny at Mon, 2002/08/26 - 5:00am