KDE 3.0.1 Ships

Following the remarkably successful launch of the KDE 3 series with
a very stable KDE 3.0 last month,
the KDE Project today announced the immediate availability of KDE 3.0.1.
While primarily a translation release, it also squashes some bugs, including
some minor security issues with KHTML. Check out the
announcement and the fairly complete
Binary packages are available from the stalwart KDE packagers at
Compaq Tru64, Conectiva Linux, Mandrake Linux and SuSE Linux.
As always, we hope you enjoy the latest and greatest KDE!


flash also doesn't work here in konq 3.0.1 (allthough it worked perfectly in konq 3.0)
i don't have anything mesa related installed though

By DavyBrion at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

Can a developer watch this bug an rate them?

Please fix it for the next (bug-fix) release.


By Tilo Ulbrich at Thu, 2002/05/23 - 5:00am

This has been mostly fixed already but didn't seem to have made it into 3.0.1


By Waldo Bastian at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

but it is fixed in some packages (at least the SuSE ones)

By Anne-Marie Mahfouf at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

With the exception of the first one part of the report you
mean. That was not even fixed in HEAD branch and backported
until last night :)

Dawit A.

By Dawit A. at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

I am not a Guru nor am I an idiot. I downloaded the RPMS from Mandrake. Many failed dependancies. The main failed dependancy lib-qt-mt rpm almost cannot be found anywhere. After finding it in contribs, installing it, I find that everything is all toasted. The KDM is broken and 2 of everything seems to start up and crash. I get the Linux Guru sitting next to me to tear apart my entire install and he is baffled. He says it is a waste of time.

I am not being funny here but I started out with 50 people using Mandrake and KDE here in my office now I have a remainder of 4 including me. All of our servers still run Mandrake and it is incredibly reliable. Kde 3.1 looks so sweet but it is a shame that in the past two years that I have been fighting to keep my users on the KDE desktop, nothing has improved where the installation, maintenance, and compatabilities are concerned. It just won't cut it unless you have alot of time to play around with your broken computer. My users don't. They have to work. I personally don't have time to killall -9 mozilla-bin every 10 minutes for each user. Nor do I have time to figure out how to get open office in the start menu. It is a real shame. From what I saw, KDE 3.0 is the best yet. Just one problem. We can't use it because it won't install.

By Cockney at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Complain elsewhere, specifically, to the Mandrake people. The KDE developers do not make any of the binary packages, they release only source. The Mandrake packages are generally known to be rather broken, so go deal with them or compile from source, as installation of binaries is a distribution issue, not a KDE development issue. This is true for a good reason : if every bit of software, or even large software, had its own binary installation system, there would be too many opportunities for conflict, and it would be difficult to upgrade everything to the latest version. Distribution packaging eliminiates both these problems, but only if the packages are made well, as is not (seemingly) the case with Mandrake and KDE3.

By Carbon at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Your comments do not help the fact that all of the hard work that the KDE developers put in is useless to people like me. Sure, spend all of your time creating this wonderful environment that is going to revolutionize Linux and bring it to the mainstream and Joe shmoe can't use it because it is nearly impossible to get it, install it, making it impossible to use it. There is no blaming going on here. You are the person blaming. I brought up a point. I didn't point. You did.

Tell your story to my Grandad who uses a computer at least 4 hours a day. He will have no clue what you are talking about. You make no sense what so ever to the general computer user. Tell your story to my users. They don't care what you have to say here. They just wonder why they can't use a better version of their broken desktop environment.

I know enough to know that the problem is larger than KDE. There is a problem with the entire free software model. There is strong unity in some areas and then there are people like you who say it's not so and so's problem it is the other guys problem.

The normal computer user would sit down at a computer running KDE and say, " So, this is Linux huh?" You would say, " no, this is KDE"

You just completely baffled the man. Most people look at the gui as being part of the distro. But you are so smart you are stupid. Try looking at this from the normal users point of view. The guy that just wants to do his work or browse the net. He could care less about your snide opinions and finger poining. He just wants his stuff to work. He wants to push a couple of buttons and when he comes back, everything will be updated and new.

Don't tell me about automated updates for Linux, they all suck. You have to be a 10 year Linux vet to set them up and half the sources come from some guys home pc with a Roadrunner Account.

The problem is not Mandrake or KDE, it is the entire Free software model. I know the dillema I know there is no immediate answer. I am not complaining, except about your comments. I know Linux is wonderful. It will never cut it on the desktop with this type of model or unless people like KDE and Mandrake pull together.

It is a shame that all the hard work gets put in to KDE to make it feesible for the normal guy but the normal guy will never use it. Mandrake trys to make their distro feesible for the normal guy. Because they can't talk to each other the whole thing is mute and a waste of energy and time.


By Cockney at Thu, 2002/05/30 - 5:00am

Regardless of your political views on open source, your grandpa's computer experience, your various opinions on how development models work and don't work, your strange idea that I've blamed you for something, and other off topic banter, you are missing the point: the KDE developers do not package the binaries! The distributions do! Irregardless of the merits of that idea (and it does have merits, by the way) that's the way it is now, and so asking the KDE developers about packaging is thoroughly futile, since they don't package the software.

Furthermore, the KDE developers are not making KDE specifically so that you personally can use Linux without any trouble. They're developing it for their own ends (including, for example, thin client networks which have different GUI needs, and as a power user GUI), and if that isn't good enough, then help out or use something else. And if that's not feasible, then you'll just have to rough it, because the KDE developers don't owe you anything, especially not personal feature request development, and most certainly not personal feature request development in packages that they aren't even working on in the first place.

By Carbon at Fri, 2002/05/31 - 5:00am

I do not disagree with you. I can see the other side of the story. I apologize for my rant and any specifics pointed tward you personally. KDE would be the easiest thing for a Windows user to migrate to if they where to migrate to a DTE that runs on the Linux platform. That is why it was chosen for my network. It seems to me, that is what the goal is for the KDE development team. Not only are they trying thier best to emulate Windows, they are trying their best to make it better than Windows. To me, this means they are trying to get the attention of the Windows users out there that want to try something else but they don't particularly want to learn something different. KDE has come along in leaps and bounds since the first day I used it over 3 years ago. I am afraid that some of my frustrations are shared by thousands of others that already gave up. Another point was brought to my attention today. A person could always wait for the next box release of Mandrake and they would easily install Mandrake with KDE and it would most likely run very well on first boot. Other DTE such as Windows do not allow you to upgrade your shell using something like Windows update. You have to wait until the next distrtibution of that entire platform before you can see upgrades to the GUI. Some times freedom blinds people like me. I have the freedom to upgrade my DTE without waiting for the next Mandrake distro to hit the shelves. Kudos to the KDE development team.

On another note, I do support free software. I write piece for a local technology magazine every once in a while in support of Linux. I am the keeper of 22 servers running Mandrake in a production environment. We used to have 50+ users using KDE, but sadly, I couldn't keep them on it because they couldn't do their work and my work load was immense because of it. All of my servers have more than one year uptime. We do share much of our source with every one and certain projects. I have set up networks for schools who cannot afford Windows. I have stood at trade shows for the LUG and harped about KDE and Linux. Please don't get me wrong. I only relay the frustrations of the people that have come back to me voicing their frustrations.

I don't think that anyone owes me anything. I have never submitted a feature request. I do think that KDE is being developed for the average user and not so much the power user whether it is run on a thin client network or not. I do think that a big chunk of the goal is to let people run Linux without any trouble. I do think that many wish that Linux wasn't seen as a hobby that gets installed on that 10 year old computer that they where about to dump. It does seem that the one thing that hasn't changed is the collaboration between the creators of the distributions and the creators of the desktop environment. If KDE and Mandrake where one team instead of 2 seperate teams, things might turn out a little better for everyone. I know there is something wrong with that thought and I know there are numerous arguments against everything that I say, but I feel that what I say is a valid point.

BTW, I did take the advice of other posters to this thread. I downloaded the RPMS from the obscure location that was suggested. After 5 hours of dependancies and crashes, I have managed to log in to my new Kdesktop environment. I like it more than any other release so far although the RPMS didn't support duel head. Again, Kudos.

By cockney at Fri, 2002/05/31 - 5:00am

I agree to some extent that free software model is inferior to the commercial distributions of other OSs. My story is something like your grandpa's except i am an computer scientist which got too cosy with windows and is now having a hard time trying to make anything new work on linux. Even installing MesaGL (OpenGL for Linux) was frustrating, because nothing gets done without a lot of command-line work, typing strange things into files deep below surface i hoped to never need to know about. Not to mention that you have to find out what actually is wrong in the windenesses of internet, because distributors do not want to admit how much could get wrong.
My opinion is linux still has a long way to go to win the wide public.

By damjan at Thu, 2003/02/20 - 6:00am

Thanks asshole

By bg at Sat, 2002/10/19 - 5:00am

Once again, the maturity of the users in the Linux community is displayed. Disagree with linux user, and be called a axxhole, fag, nitwit, idiot, stupid, jerk, moron, fuxxhead, fuxx off, fuxxwad, etc, etc.

Keep up the good work.

By sm at Wed, 2003/02/19 - 6:00am

the kde-packages from mandrake are broken. take the packages from textar !! look at then go under download. the package are really *very* good. I also use them


By Daniel at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

the kde-packages from mandrake are broken. take the packages from textar !! look at then go under download. the package are really *very* good. I also use them


By Daniel at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

I hear you on Mandrake. I've installed 7.2, 8.0 and 8.1 on standard Dell machines (the last two on the same one). Every time I hit the same bugs, the mouse wheel test mucks up the mouse driver 90% of the time (and this is a normal MS-Intellimouse), and every time I've hand picked packages only to find the installer hasn't installed them.

It took about four months of solid tinkering before I got my 8.1 system running. When 8.2 came out, I ignored it, got the 2.4.18 kernel RPM from the download site, and the KDE 2.2.2 and XFree4.2 RPMs from Texstar ( Both times I've waited about two weeks for the RPMs to settle down - as Mandrake has been releasing seriously broken KDE RPMs lately (witness the amount of changed in KDE 3.0 - they're on version 4 or 5 of the RPMS). I realise there's a huge rush for the distros to get the RPMs out, but Mandrake shouldn't put them up until obvious bugs have been fixed.

I love Mandrake, I love what they've done for Linux on the desktop, I think the Control Centre is brilliant, but I've had so much grief with the distros that right now, if I ever upgrade (and I'm in no rush), it'll be to something like Debian or SuSE.

As far as offices go, people should wait for the next boxed distro, or at least have a test machine to test RPMs before deploying them - letting everyone try to upgrade their own machines themselves the minute new stuff comes out is a recipe for disaster, no matter what OS you use.

By Bryan Feeney at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

I doubt you downloaded KDE 3.1 rpms.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2002/05/31 - 5:00am

Meant it won't install on 8.2

By Cockney at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am


I'm having trouble compiling KDE 3.0.1.
When I compile kdelibs, it complains that it can't find mcopidl (or something like that).
As far as I know, mcopidl is part of KDE.

So, do I need KDE in order to compile KDE ? Looks strange to me....
(kdelibs is the first package I have to compile, right ?)

Please help,


By Jeroen Jacobs at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

(kdelibs is the first package I have to compile, right ?)


alsa first !
in alsa you'll find mcopidl ;)

alsa -> kdelibs -> kdebase

By zyta2k at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

(kdelibs is the first package I have to compile, right ?)


alsa first !
in alsa you'll find mcopidl ;)

alsa -> kdelibs -> kdebase

By zyta2k at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

Are you sure that you have aRts compiled and installed?
cvs co -r ARTS_1_0_BRANCH is the correct branch IIRC.
Compile it and install it. Next is kdelibs.

By Carsten at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

mcopidl is in the arts-devel package :)

By k1ckm3 at Wed, 2002/07/10 - 5:00am

Anyone knows something about the state of bug #41260?

Will this issue be fixed in kde 3.0.2, or is it not yet know what causes this bug.
Still one kde-loving user out here who can't use kicker and xinerama together. :(

Anyone willing to help or have a suggestion mail me, will send all needed additional information to help to fix this bug.


By Timo Kosig at Fri, 2002/05/24 - 5:00am

I didn't have this problem with 3.0.0 & qt 3.0.3... but now something on my system has changed with 3.0.1 & qt 3.0.4. Xinerama crashes kicker. I also have tried moving back to my old configuration without any luck. Grr... Is there any hope? My workstation has been unusuable for over a week!

By silcndrgn at Sun, 2002/06/02 - 5:00am

I've been having this problem too - upgrading from kde2 to kde3 on a pc running Debian and finding that kicker hangs when running in xinerama mode (but not single screen mode).

Well, I think that xinerama is now working for me: in /tmp I removed all kde-*, ksocket-*, mcop-* directories and .ICE-unix directory (actually I removed the .X* directories too for good measure...). The .ICE-unix directory seems to be the important one and all these I think were left over from the kde2 installation. Anyway, started up kde3 again in xinerama mode and everything works fine.
Hope you too have similar luck!


By Stuart Caunt at Thu, 2002/06/13 - 5:00am

I'm surprised no-one's mentioned these yet, specifically their lack of availability. However if anyone does want them, some can be found at -> Computing -> Diffs

Hywel Mallett

By Hywel Mallett at Sat, 2002/05/25 - 5:00am

I've downloaded i386 packages from suse, and the following things are
not ok:

- their QT is apparently not compiled with xft (using my cvs qt-copy xft is ok)

- They somehow have a put a KDE2.2.2 splashscreen with KDE3.0.1

and that from suse...

By yves at Mon, 2002/05/27 - 5:00am

After upgrading my SuSE 7.3 box with the 3.0.1 packages from there site, I was left with a broken system. My box wouldn't start kdm anymore giving my messages that configuration files were having wrong settings and libraries failed dependencies. I'm able to startup X using the startx command but my box does't get into runlevel 5 properly anymore. Anyone else who's having the same experience or knows the answer.

Best Regards,


By evdsande at Fri, 2002/05/31 - 5:00am