KC KDE #38 is Out

This week in KC KDE, you can read all about the Klingon invasion, CVS Kung-Fu and various Mime Type news. If you're lucky you can enjoy the French, German, and Spanish translations as well. A big thank you to the KC KDE Team.


You hardly "can read all about the Klingon invasion" in that KC (apart from the fact that I never wrote the last sentence with which I'm quoted there).

The present status of the Klingon thing is described more accurately in
http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-i18n-doc&m=102225906610842&w=2 and
and the postings around them.

BTW: I really missed a summary of the giant "app duplication" thread in this KC which resulted in the new project for a whole series of new "apps" modules. See http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=102084593614486&w=2


By Thomas Diehl at Thu, 2002/06/06 - 5:00am

It's funny, laugh.

By Anonymous Benefactor at Thu, 2002/06/06 - 5:00am

I did -- until I noticed that the Klingons (and other fun projects) seemed to be pretty darn serious about their inclusion into kde-i18n.


By Thomas Diehl at Fri, 2002/06/07 - 5:00am

We are quite serious. Even though klingon is an invented language, it's no less a real language.

For anyone interested in learning klingon I recommend http://www.kli.org for all your klingon desires..


By Christian A Str... at Fri, 2002/06/07 - 5:00am

Sorry for the quoting mistake. Someone...probably me... got mixed up with the quote tag, so that the last paragraph is still considered as your speech. appopollologizees.

By Juergen Appel at Thu, 2002/06/06 - 5:00am

Is there somewhere an explanation available how the KDE-Mime-Type-System works? I always wondered what those vnd.* - stuff is.

By Ralex at Thu, 2002/06/06 - 5:00am

KDE's mime types are normal mime types see:

vnd (vendor) is described in RFC 2048:

As far as I know, vnd is used when the mime type is not generic but is linked to a vendor. The advantage is a simplified registration procedure.

For example, the future mime type of KWord:

Have a nice day/evening/night!

By Nicolas Goutte at Thu, 2002/06/06 - 5:00am

your dumb cos dis page is prper crap. i need it for my drama hw aswell

By ramaann at Sun, 2007/01/21 - 6:00am


Translating the KC in French takes about a week of work (sometimes a little more), so check regularly the above mentioned url or try http://www.kde-france.org

Starting from KDE #37, we will try to add to our translation a digest of the kde-francophone mailing list dealing mainly with the translation of KDE in French.


By Charles de Miramon at Thu, 2002/06/06 - 5:00am

Can you translate it to Klingon, since you are at it.

By Frank Rizzo at Fri, 2002/06/07 - 5:00am

Personally I see Galeon 1.0 as I got it with Mandrake Linux 8.2, is very fast than our Konqueror 3.0. Java Applets are loaded quite fast and Galeon automatically detects the plugin (if Jre/jdk installed).

Can we expect super fast speed (of page rendering and java applets) from Konqueror since Konqueror uses Mozilla's engine as Galeon do? Hopes are high :)

By KDE User at Fri, 2002/06/07 - 5:00am

i've done speed tests before and khtml (and opera, ns 4.7), beat mozilla/galeon/gecko based browsers in rendering speed by quite a bit.

However, I do agree that java support needs to be increased in speed and usability. Other things work perfectly, like flash.

By fault at Sat, 2002/06/08 - 5:00am

Use kmozilla instead of khtml and be happy. Altough I'd prefer khtml as it looks much cooler, apart from some page width bugs and the flaky java support which was much better in Konqueror 2.2.



By Gunter Ohrner at Sat, 2002/06/08 - 5:00am

I have to agree with that, for me galeon is _much_ faster at web browsing than konqueror in kde3. (This might be because i have a slow pentium2 computer though)

By me at Sun, 2002/06/09 - 5:00am