OfB Open Choice Awards 2002: KDE 3.0 Best Desktop

Open for Business has held its first annual

OfB Open Choice Awards
and KDE 3.0 has won in the category
Best Desktop Environment:
"If the KDE Project had been content to stick with KDE 2.x, this may very
well have been GNOME's year to shine. Unfortunately for the younger project, KDE
moved forward at such a rapid pace this year, some people thought the project's
development process might crumble under its own weight. It did not, and KDE 3.0
emerged as the most polished, professional desktop available for Unix and
Unix-like systems."

The KDE mail client KMail won in the category
Best E-mail Client and KDE's integrated development environment
KDevelop won in the category
Best Development Tool.
Kopete, KDE's multi-protocol messaging client, won an honourable mention in the category
Best Communications Software.

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by sheleg33 (not verified)

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by AI (not verified)

Honestly, gnome seems pretty boring to me, they are just doing the same as KDE. The only difference is that they are many steps behind. Enlightenment on the other hand, has something different.

by Stof (not verified)

There are only anti-KDE and anti-GNOME trolls.
It's a mistake to count those people as part of the GNOME or KDE community!

by ac (not verified)

Then Miguel de Icaza and Ximian are not part of the GNOME community. They are anti-KDE.

by Stof (not verified)

Then why do they support Freedesktop.org? Why does Miguel de Icaza contribute to interoperability standards between GNOME and KDE?

by ac (not verified)

Where do they support Freedesktop.org? What has Miguel de Icaza done? Their motives could be suspect in this. It's just an excuse to not support KDE properly.

by ac (not verified)

What about Miguel and Ximian anti-KDE trolls? That does not count?

by Anon Me (not verified)

"It's just an excuse not to support KDE properly"

Actually no. I suspect its for those hundereds of users who actually do use both DE and don't want to be involved in this flamage. If they can do something to help them out - I'm all for it.

Please point these "Ximian anti-KDE trolls" out. I am very interested to see documented proof.

by lemon (not verified)

they are not KDE therefore they are ANTI-KDE (thats there reasoning, as stupid as it sounds)

by Stof (not verified)

ac/dc is trolling (using FUD from 2 years ago!). We should ignore him.

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Hah, and using your nick from 2 years ago too.

by Andre G- (not verified)

I am happy that both KDE and Gnome exist.
To me, they are complement rather than competitors.
For example if I really like, many major KDE applications like Knode, Kmail, koffice, I also am very happy of excellent Gnome applications like GTKwave, and maybe also the excellent "BlueFish" a very good competitor to Quanta Plus.
So congratulation to both teams. I am sure that BIG RED(mont) will love both.
"Copy is the most sincere form of admiration."
Andre G-

by Jay Williams (not verified)

KDE is the BEST window manager.
What else it there to say. :)
Keep up the good work!