KDE 3.1 Beta 1: Hot off the Servers

The KDE Project is pleased to announce the availability of KDE
3.1 Beta 1 for your testing enjoyment. This release, which marks
the second testing release of the KDE 3.1 branch, offers many
improvements and bug fixes over KDE 3.0.x. New features include
improved OpenPGP handling in KMail, handy tooltips that provide
details of files in Konqueror quickly, and even new ways to be
less productive thanks to four new games.

KDE 3.1 also officially introduces the much acclaimed Keramik
style as the new default widget style. On the PIM front, this
beta adds LDAP support to KAddressBook and also an AvantGo
conduit to KPilot. In all, this release sports hundreds of new
features, bug fixes, and improvements, many of which you can read
about here.

To get KDE 3.1 Beta 1, you can download source code tarballs at your favorite
mirror site, or right here. Binaries for several distributions are also available, see the full announcement for details and download locations. Hats off to Dirk
for coordinating this release and preparing the release announcement. In addition, congratulations to
all of the hard working developers for putting together such a
large set of improvements!

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by luci (not verified)

the same problem here :(
any solution?

by os2 (not verified)

i got this error with kde 3.1 (final release)

by Tuba (not verified)

Ditto, but I'm on a somewhat borken SuSE 8.0...

by Mark (not verified)

I am having the same problem with Suse 8.1....when I upgraded to KDE 3.1 ...I seem to be missing libkcm_konq.la and others.

Anyone have any luck with this

by Francois Genolini (not verified)

I have fixed this on SuSE 8.1 by... uninstalling KDE (all of it) and reinstalling it again.
Apparently KDE 3 does not like to be upgraded to KDE 3.1 ;-)

I have also taken the opportunity to upgrade the X server and QT, and this seems to work (using rpm -U).

Yes, there are 2 Crystal themes with shipped with kde-3.1-beta1.
One with blanks icons :-( in kdelibs and the real theme in kdeartwork.
It should be ok for beta2.


by Marcel von Arx (not verified)

I had the same probleme as i updatet my KDE from 3.0 to 3.1 on SUSE 8.0pro.
I had solved the problem by deinstallation of qt3 and qt3-non-mt in yast2. Further
i hed reinstalled the qt2 package in the same step. Then i has reinstalled the new
qt3 and qt3-non-mt (both in version 3.1) from the console. You have to install it from
there because the packagemanager will not work whitout the qt-packages. After this
my KDE3.1 works fine.

Regards from Switzerland
M.von Arx

by Athlon (not verified)

I installed KDE 3.1 Beta 1 in Mandrake 9.0 RC1 using the rpm command. I was logged in as Administrator using Gnome. All of the 10 packages seems to be installed and the success indicators go to 100 %. But how do I start it? What else do I have to configure?

by JC (not verified)

I don't use Mandrake but I guess you can switch gnome -> kde in the drakconf tool.
If not, if you run kdm or gdm, you should be able to change it.
If not, edit your ~/.xinitrc file and type "startkde". Save and re run "startx"

by Eager tester (not verified)

Hello, all.

I just compiled KDE 3.1 from the source tarballs on SuSE 8.0. The new Keramik theme looks great, and I love the tabbed browsing, but...

When I try to browse to /home/mydir, or /usr, or any local directory at all, Konqueror crashes. I've already posted a bug report, but I thought I'd ask here as well to see if anyone knows an approach I haven't tried yet. Is it worth it to compile the CVS version, or do I risk breaking my box so badly that my only hope is a format and re-install? (Thought I was done with that unfortunate necessity when I got rid of Windows ;)

Thanks in advance...

by JC (not verified)

Well, if you only compiled KDE from cvs, you don't have to format and re-install all your box.
You probably installed the new KDE in /opt/kde (check this) and just remove that directory (rm -rf /opt/kde). Then download the SuSE 8.0 packages and install them :-)

If you broke another package, I don't know SuSE, but you can probably just re-install the system without to format. I guess it would clean up your box without loosing data.

by Elias (not verified)

I had the same problem.
When I desactivated the show previews option
konqueror stopped crashing.

I hope this will be helpfull.
If you have a better fix please tell me about.