KDE 3.1beta2 Hits the 'Net

Yesterday the KDE Project
the release of KDE 3.1beta2, the third (and final) development release of the
3.1 branch
. On top of the large number of improvements over KDE 3.0 which have already been
announced, this release offers
of significant improvements, such as a new Exchange 2000®
plugin for KOrganizer and a KVim plugin for KDevelop
In addition, release coordinator Dirk Mueller notes that
over 1,000 bugreports on bugs.kde.org
have been fixed in the last 4 weeks
Please run this release through its paces so that KDE 3.1 will be the best
we can make it! Thanks to all for the hard work in getting this release out.

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by Philipp (not verified)

Every bug should be reported.
How will the maintainer notice it otherwise?

by Daniel Dantas (not verified)

I really don't report small bugs like this in the bugzilla. I think this will overload the developers with small things. Where is the better place to report bugs like this??

by Philipp (not verified)

Bugzilla is still the best place (I'm a developer of KSpread):
Several reasons:
1. I want to look at one place only. Other places I may find, but don't look at frequently, or the other developers don't look at. And I'm working in my freetime only.
So maybe I see the bug, but don't have time at the moment. Others don't see it. And 2 weeks later I forget to look there again.

2. Bugs get lost otherwise. Even if you write to a app specific mailing list, there is no tracking involved. I normally don't look on mails which are older than one week and even if I would look, I wouldn't know if they are fixed by someone else already.

3. To get involved into programming, for newbies it's often the first step to look into the bug tracking system. So some "easy" bugs help them getting involved. It wouldn't help them if there were only the hard things (this was the way I got involved: Fixing some small bugs).

4. Maybe someone fixed your bug due to a notice somewhere. Later another one mention it in the BT system, because he didn't know it is fixed. Now I as a developer see the bug, test it and find it's working. This is the most unpleasant situation for me, as I'm now not sure if it is a local problem, a distribution problem or whatever. So this will steal time, which I better have spent for other bugs.

4. Last but really not least: Hey, when I look into the BT system, I want to have some easy things as well. It's so much pleasant to write to the commit: Fixed bug #123. If there would be only the hard parts, I may get disappointed and look less frequently into the system. Even bughunting can be enjoyable if you at the end can fix some bugs and not only one per week.

So write them to the BT system, yes oneliners are really welcome too!

by binner (not verified)

It's now gone.

by AC (not verified)

Offtopic, but what happened to the Kernel Cousin for KDE?

by JC (not verified)

a few month ago, there wasn't a problem of maintainer ?

by kdeleague == dead (not verified)

I just heard the sad news on talk radio. KDE League Inc. nonprofit corporation was found dead. Even if you didn't understand how the League was really supporting KDE, there's no denying its contributions to the promotion and development of free software. Truly an Open Source Icon.

by germain (not verified)

Ah.Yet another insidious KDE mud throwing article from Linux and Main.
Nothing surprising, after the abject thing their webmaster did.

Looks definetly like an extreme right wing american patriots HQ.
How disgusting.

by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

> Looks definetly like an extreme right wing american patriots HQ.
> How disgusting.

Man that's just upsetting garbage! It's bad enough I come home to read things from people I once thought were friends of KDE like that article. It has been no fun reading dep for a while and this was just not what I wanted to read. Then I read crap like this. Here's a news flash. The Quanta plus project is headed up by a middle aged guy with a ponytail who sells catnip... and could very well be called a right wing American patriot.

To people who don't like Americans I say get the chip off your shoulder, stop living in stereotype land and consider a journey thorugh history. What fascist dictator would be pushing you around if not for the good old US of A? And what does this have to do with KDE?

I have enough problems without bad news. I am trying to figure out how to sponsor a developer who has been working full time for months on open source projects with nearly no support. I'm trying to figure out why less than 0.01% of our user base will chip in a few dollars to help me pay for guys with incredible talent to work full time cheap. All the volunteer coders are just too busy with life to do much, so much for that open source myth.

Now I guess I should thank you for reminding me that to top it all of there are a number of people cheering the project that I love willing to hate me because of where I live. Thanks. I will forgo the urge to find out and denegrate your nationality as I find such behavior reprehensible. Maybe I should just say that I was always taught that it was un-American to speak ill of other people's nationalities. The US is a "melting pot" of nationalities... so your kinsmen are here and proud of both countries. Go figure.

by Germain Garand (not verified)

> To people who don't like Americans I say get the chip off your shoulder,

> Now I guess I should thank you for reminding me that to top it all of there
> are a number of people cheering the project that I love willing to hate me
> because of where I live.

Why do you take it personal? I said "people at Linux and Main looks like right wing patriots".
Did I speak about North Americans as a whole ?

France had 18% of people voting for a right wing extremist named Le Pen. If you say 'Le Pen is a right wing extremist', I'll agree wholeheartedly - I won't feel like you mean "all French are right wing extremists".

This webmaster just happen to put has headlines on a general 'Linux news' site insulting articles comparing explicitly the project you sherish as a HQ of Nazis, articles about good ol'times where, as a child, he was playing with weaponry and GI relics in a so-called 'bookshop', being taught "war stories" by the owner and his friends.
But obviously I overlooked. It was just an innocent joke and he didn't mean it. We are all joking.

> And what does this have to do with KDE?

Agreed. This whole thread is OT.

by anon (not verified)

Agreed, this whole thread is OT. Maybe there would be less OT threads if the ppl running dot.kde.org posted more news once in a while. Is the problem that people aren't submitting enough? Or are the people maintaining the site just unwilling to put up anything that isn't happy happy news of a release? I know that putting up articles about RedHat-KDE or LinuxandMain's story is a great way to ensure flame wars and trolls, but by not posting anything we just get flame wars and trolls underneath the articles that do get posted. The noise in threads like this one would probably be minimized if we had more news to talk about, and a more relevant place to argue about issues, if that is what people must do.

by Anonymous (not verified)

>>What fascist dictator would be pushing you around if not for the good old US of A?

Who told you to "save" us ? The remaining of the reply was mostly acceptable, but this is not.

by anonymous (not verified)

>>What fascist dictator would be pushing you around if not the good old US of A?
Better that way.

You would have preferred not to have been saved?

In fact, however, all of the free governments of Europe and the U.S.A. signed a treaty so, indeed, there was some asking going on Europeans' part.

I say this as a non-American and non-European. It is sad that so many Europeans and Americans hate each other.

Now can we have an article discussing this mess instead of a thread in this article? At least there is an update on /. now. I used to think that all of the press Linux was getting recently was a good thing, but there have also been a few "journalists" who have been completely full of crap. They seem to want to just stir things up a bit with their speculation and lies. Too bad those sites are getting so desperate for hits that they resort to crap like this. Eventually nobody will take them seriously, much like that crap site MozillaQuest.

by marco puszina (not verified)

i know development of pixie is frozen because mosfet is gone (does someone knows details?) - just one question .. is someone able to compile pixie+030 on kde31b2? ... trying like hell here ...


by Mathis Moder (not verified)

After wandering around in my freshly compiled KDE 3.0.8 i discovered some recent OpenGL-screensavers! yes, that's how to impress me, truly ... hopefully more of them are coming.

i found "Kflux", "Kblob" and "Keuphoria", since KDE3.1 Beta1.
really great stuff! that makes KDE keep on rocking!

by KDE User (not verified)

Am I the only one who dislikes the new "invitations" system of KRfb? I don't want to invite people to use my computer, I want it set up so *I* can use it remotely. I know that you can set this up through the control center, but I really liked the old way, where you started KRfb and you got that little icon in your tray (the tray sucks beyond suck, by the way, applets are much better, but I digress). Now I can't just run KRfb when I want to use VNC, I have to go through kcontrol and then when I don't have my icon maybe I'll forget that VNC is running, etc.

by Tim Jansen (not verified)

This is not a use case that I wanted to solve with krfb. The main intention was to let other either friends with invitations, or administrators with real accounts, control the system.

Your use case is a different one, and I dont think it can be served well by krfb - there will be better solutions for this. Unless somebody adds a lot of stuff to XFree (and we forget the existance of other/older x11 servers), it will not be possible to have a much better performance with 'sharing' VNC servers. Nor will things like changing the cursor be possible. krfb is probably not the right solution for your problem.

Solutions are:
- (available immediately) set up a regular vncserver and edit ~/.vnc/xstartup to start KDE instead of the terminal+twm
- (for 3.2, I hope) krdc will have an embedded X11 server and can log in on a remote computer via ssh and start a KDE session. With this, krdc can connect to every computer that has KDE installed and a sshd running, with the same interface that is used for VNC. Only the performance sould be better.
- (in the future) the XFree guys are working on an extension that will allow to migrate X11 apps from one server to another, even if they have different resolutions. When Qt supports this, you can take your desktop whereever you go.

BTW it would quite easy to write an applet that controls krfb using dcop, if you really want to do this.

by JC (not verified)

how do i forward this program so it has access to my extrernal ip so my friends can access this when i need help, or me form another loacation not on my network? if u have an answer either email me or reply. [email protected]

by Jeffrey Jones (not verified)

you have to log into your router and foreward a port to your internal ip (ie

vnc uses 5900 i think as the default http port so when your friends want to log in, they type in your EXTERNAL ip (64.xxx.xx.xx... or whatever your isp gave you) and add a :5900 at the end, and your router will re-direct that to your machine and the vnc will ask for auth.

... it all depends on your setup on the network at home...

by Ralexx (not verified)

OK, I heard something about an hardware upgrade, but does that take weeks? And the following message (you get it when trying to connect to the server) is more emberassing than informative...
Server Down Until Sunday
The following servers are currently down for a major hardware upgrade:
* www.kde.com
* apps.kde.com
* lists.kde.com
* promo.kde.org
We expect service to be restored at 12:01 am, Sunday, August 19, 2001.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

by Tony Sweets (not verified)

Well I've been fighting the build process on my Solaris 9 Desktop for about a week
now and it seems that I'm at a stopping point. I've managed to build all of the packages except for KDE-NETWORK. 1st problem with it is that it doesn't untar all of the way. This is where it stops.

x kdenetwork-3.0.8/libkdenetwork/tests/data/codec_quoted-printable/wrap, 2521 bytes, 5 tape blocks
tar: directory checksum error

So next I try untarring it on a Linux machine then ftping it over to my Solaris box for the build. After I do that I run ./configure and that goes to completion. But when I run make, I get a bunch of Makefile errors like this:

make[2]: Leaving directory `/export/home/tsweets/kde/beta2/kdenetwork-3.0.8/doc'
Making all in kdict
make[2]: Entering directory `/export/home/tsweets/kde/beta2/kdenetwork-3.0.8/kdict'
Makefile:310: *** missing separator. Stop.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/export/home/tsweets/kde/beta2/kdenetwork-3.0.8/kdict'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/export/home/tsweets/kde/beta2/kdenetwork-3.0.8'
make: *** [all] Error 2

First thing, who is packaging the source up? Can the Makefile problem be related? Remember I have already downloaded and built the entire KDE 3.1 Beta2 source except for KDE-ADDINS and KDE-BINDINGS.


BTW: Line 310 in the Makefile looks like -
@[email protected]#DEP_FILES = $(DEPDIR)/dcopinterface_skel.P $(DEPDIR)/kdict.all_cp
p.P $(DEPDIR)/actions.Po $(DEPDIR)/application.Po \
@[email protected] $(DEPDIR)/dict.Po $(DEPDIR)/main.Po \
@[email protected] $(DEPDIR)/matchview.Po $(DEPDIR)/options.Po \
@[email protected] $(DEPDIR)/queryview.Po $(DEPDIR)/sets.Po \
@[email protected] $(DEPDIR)/toplevel.Po

by guest (not verified)

*Debian stable (woody): Intel i386

When it will come back again?