KDE, KMail Voted Best of Breed by Linux Journal Readers

Linux Journal has announced the winners of its 2002 (8th Annual) Readers' Choice Awards. According
to Linux Journal, [a]lmost 6,000 Linux Journal readers visited
the Linux Journal web site and voted on their top choices in 25
. KDE took the honors in the Favorite Desktop
category, and KMail
in the Favorite E-mail Client category. Grab the November
2002 Linux Journal issue (#103) from your nearest newsstand
to read more.

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by Anon. (not verified)

"Grab the November 2002 Linux Journal issue (#103) from your nearest newsstand to read more."

Just nitpicking, but you're gonna have to wait two weeks before you can do this (source: the Linux Journal calendar, in issue 100)

by Ned Flanders (not verified)

Congratulation to the KDE and Kmail teams. Kmail is simply the best e-mail client I've used. I hope Kroupware (can we change the name please?) won't mess with the simplicity of Kmail.

by Action (not verified)

I agree the note in (). Kroupware is not a good name.

by Pingo (not verified)

Kroupware does not sound like a healthy choice.

by KDE User (not verified)

KMail is really the best email client.
Mozilla? Don't think so.
Gnutella? It's too slow. Even my computer science professor says it sucks.

by foo_head (not verified)

Change your teacher. Gnutella is not mail client.

by Jas (not verified)

I think that he refering to the article.
Gnutella is mentioned as Favorite Distributed File Sharing System.

by KDe User (not verified)

Yes, you're right.
Gnutella as a file sharer
and Mozilla as a browser

by p2p client (not verified)

Yes, actually gnutella sucks as _e-mail client_ ;-)

by Otter (not verified)

I dunno -- right now my IMAP server is down and P2P'ing my mail would be an improvement over that.

Just title it "Britney Spears XXX topless" and it'll be there in no time!

by FussyGuy (not verified)

KMail is the best.... of what sample?
Sure, it gets well up there near the very top of the Linux mail client league, and beats LookoutDistress hands down. But Demon's Turnpike product is still sufficiently much better to keep me running a 'doze box.

On the whole i think that KMail is a powerful email client and I'm generally pleased using Kmail. But there are a few severy shortcomings, especially for power users with ten thousands of mails:

- There is no quick search comparable to Mozilla mail.

- The results of a "search messages" Operation can't be deleted/moved/copied en block. This is a feature I'm desperately missing in Kmail and so I'm meditating about switching to Mozilla.

I prefer retrieving to searching.

In KDE 3.2 you will be able to do everything with the results of a "search messages" operation what you can currently do with the messages in one folder. Actually the results will be displayed in special "Search folders". The cool thing is that you can keep those "Search folders" and that they will be dynamically updated each time new messages arrive or messages are deleted.


by Rayiner Hashem (not verified)

Dude. This is just how BeOS handled mail. Through persistant queries.

Whoa! Way cool!

these are known as Vfolders in the gnome world. Evolution has had these for a while, and i've found theme extremely useful. for example, i have a vfolder entitled "Last 24 hours," which displays, oddly enough, all the mail that i'v received in the last day.
i'm really excited about kmail, however. i've been leapfrogging back and forth between gnome and kde for the last three years, and hope to jump back to kde once 3.1 or 3.2 is released.

Also, I wish you could sort by status...and smoother Eudora/Outlook import abilities...

> I wish you could sort by status

Click the subject column header until it is renamed "Subject (status)"

by foo_head (not verified)

Give sylpheed a try http://sylpheed.good-day.net/

O.K. not realy a native kde programm ;-)) , anyway - the best and the fastest from my feeling.

by Shaman (not verified)

I have v.3.04 crashing a lot with TLS. :(

by Rex Dieter (not verified)

I've been happily using incoming IMAP + TLS for quite some time. Or are you talking SMTP over TLS?

-- rex

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

Did you submit a bug report including a backtrace?

by satai (not verified)

I'm pleased with the improvements in 3.0; but still, I'm really looking for cross-client compatibility. When I open Maildir with KMail, it marks *all* the messages as read! Evo and Mutt then get confused. I really want to use KMail and get off Evolution, but I can't yet because it conflicts with procmail...

(If anybody has any suggestions, they'd be much appreciated... :)

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

KMail and procmail:

I'm using procmail to prefilter spam and KMail's filters to filter the incoming messages into the appropriate folders.

by jstuart (not verified)

Amen... I WISH Kmail would work properly with Maildir. Evolution can. Why can't Kmail?

IE I have qmail delivering to my mailfolders all prefiltered and everything. If KMail would just check for new messages every X minutes in the maildir folders, I'd be HAPPY!

by tom (not verified)

I agree. You wouldn't think this kind of behaviour would be too much to ask. I just want to be able to choose between mutt and kmail, but it's actually very hard to find a set up with Maildir where they can BOTH work reliably.

by psharp (not verified)

I agree, this would also allow the use of offlineimap using the offline imap program.

KDE, the choice of reactionary 12 year old zealots!

(see how long it takes for the K-Censors to remove this...)



Yes, KDE appeals to everyone unlike GNOME which chases its own users and developers away. You want proof?

Interesting hypothesis. Let's test it... Let's see... I'm 45, assemble coherent thoughts, respond rather than react and use and develop on KDE. I just got an email last week from a retired teacher with a PhD (many years my senior) who was very happy with his latest compile of Quanta. This dog don't hunt.

KDE... the choice of sophmoric 14 year old trolls for irrational bombasts? Gotta be. Mom got you this computer and all we got was this lame flame bait. Better luck next time. Okay, go back to the Britney Spears fan page now. Come back when you start shaving, okay?

> (see how long it takes for the K-Censors to remove this...)

What's wrong with moderating trollish/flamebait/offtopic posts?
Editors, remove parent :)

do you live in a communist state?

> do you live in a communist state?

No I don't, but it would seem that a truly communist state would have the least number of editors and moderators.

Look up the definition of moderators and editors in a dictionary. Yes, it's censuring, and yes, they have the right to do it.

k, thx.

er, I meant censoring, not 'censuring'

by My Left Foot (not verified)

But it's currently showing all the signs of a good Slashdotting... err... dot.kdeing?

Looks like the dot has quite a readership these days.

>Looks like the dot has quite a readership these days.

Ya! And most of us would like even the smallest bits of news (even the only-half-way-kde-related ones) to be posted... so we dont have to go to the "slashed up dot" ;-D


by Hans Paijmans (not verified)

First: congratulations to Kmail and KDE.


I have been using Kmail for a few months and I keep running
into difficulties, most of them having to do with Kmail refusing
to throw away messages I marked as deleted (yes, I have tried
all tricks in the FAQ and in the bug reports).

Admittedly I have a complicated mail setup: at home I read
mail on a disk on host X mounted with NFS to host Y, and
every time I go to my work, I 'scp' the various mailfiles
and indexes to host Z, which is my PC at the university.
And yes, host Z runs one of the stable KDE's (3.0.3) and
at home I have 3.1 beta 2.

Somehow I feel that the file- and directory setup of Kmail
is too complicated. With the other mailclients I am familiar
with, it never was a problem when I shifted files around by
hand. Heck, that is what an xterm is for, isn't it?

Anyway, I keep running in problems and I am amazed that nobody
else does. I cannot be *that* stupid, and even if I am, Kmail
and KDE should be usable for stupid people too, just as the
Netscape 4.6 client that I used before Kmail, was very usable.

Having said that, I must thank Ingo Kloecker for
his patience; he really must be fed up with my whining, but
he keeps answering patiently.


by Psiren (not verified)

Why not just run secure imap on your home machine, and connect to it from work? No copying required.

by Ed Moyse (not verified)

You're not alone.

KMail is much, much better than it used to be (I'm using a stock Mandrake 9.0 now) but I still end up falling back to Mozilla. Kmail crashes about once an hour, and doesn't work properly after that unless I restart KDE. It's also very slow in browsing my mail folders (which are very large). Mozilla never crashes and is much faster ...

Oh and before people ask about backtraces etc., no I haven't submitted a bug report for a while because recompiling knetwork with debugging would take an age (slow laptop), and getting sources over dialup is just horrible.

I'd love to use KMail, and I'll keep trying it again each time I upgrade Mandrake, but it's not stable enough yet (for me anyway).

by Thierry (not verified)

If kmail could indicate by an icon or whatever that a message holds attachment, it will be cool (or better than anything else). I know, it's very basic but lacks in kmail. Strange.

I used Gftp and yesterday I discovered Kbear. What a wonderful program, far better than gftp, I immediatly adopted it !

And I don't understand : why a such program is not in KDE ?
And certainly some useful others also need to to be in it, like Kwav, KreateCD or KOnCD...

I wish a new KDE Package, called, for example "KDE tools".
You want to promote KDE, this is a good way !

(and please, don't say that it is the work of Red Hat or Mandrake, it needs at first the help of KDE !)

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

It exists - it's called "Extra Gear" (a slightly punny title). It's non-official KDE applications that are synced with KDE releases and available to be packaged by the various distros at the same time KDE releases occur. (Of course, they are always available, but I tend to upgrade my apps when KDE upgrades).


It seems very confidential. I searched on Google, I only found the page http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-extra-gear for subscribing to a mailing list...
Nothing seems said in the KDE sites about this "KDE Extra Gear", I see no rpm.

I spoke about someting like "KDE games", available for any KDE user, not about such a confidential (but certainly interesting) thing. Perhaps it's only a beginning, I hope it's a beginning...

Try http://extragear.kde.org, but still in work. :-)

Thank you. Yes, in work, and still few things convincing. For example :
- Kbear is not here
- KreateCd is here, KonCD no. However, there are rpm for KonCD, but no rpm for KreateCD (as I searched few days ago), so I think that KonCD would be a priority...
- It is written "There are multiple possible reasons for an application to not be in one of the KDE modules, for example: duplication of functionality
very specialized" But KBear, KreateCD/KonCD are not in duplication and the functionnalities are not specialized. So I do not understand that these programs are not directly in some KDE modules.

In conclusion, I hope that not specialised and not in duplication programs will go in KDE moduls, the others in KDE Extra Gear, which is interesting, of course.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Well, there *is* the possibility that the author of KBear doesn't want to be released with KDE - that she or he enjoys the freedom of a relaxed schedual, etc. You have to remember that Free and Open Source software is a community of developers, and each project has it's own directions and choices. The KDE project did its part by extending the invitation to projects outside of KDE's scope, but that isn't a mandate that all KDE applications *have* to become part of Extra Gear - simply an offer.

And as for your late sentence, KDE Extra Gear *is* a KDE module - that's the whole point. It's the module for "everybody else's applications" - there's the standard KDE gear ("gear" as in 'stuff' a la 'fishing gear', not the mechnical toothed wheel), and then there is the extra gear.


Yes, I understand about the choice of authors. Nevertheless, I think that a FTP client or a burning CD program is not an "extra", they have to be inside the "standard", because anybody needs such a program...

I see in Mandrake gFTP and xcdroast, I think that they are bad programs when I compare with Kbear and KonCD, absent of the distro. Why absent ? Because Mandrake has bad taste and because KDE doesn't include in its standard these good essential programs...

And, again about the choice of authors, I doubt that they don't want to include their program in the distros...

by Matthias Fenner (not verified)

You get my full agreement!!!!

We need more tools in the kde stadart packages!

It's very poor for a desktop system that it has no functional
multimedia support like mplayer and xine!!!