KDE 3.1 RC2: Ready For A Hammering

The KDE Project today released KDE 3.1 RC2, probably
the last release candidate for KDE 3.1.
A good number of showstoppers in RC1 have been fixed, and the new default Crystal-SVG icon set has been polished based on the valuable feedback received. Nevertheless, please give this RC2 another round of thorough testing to make sure all the major wrinkles have been
ironed out. Please note that the kdebindings package still suffers from
compilation problems in large parts, but this will be fixed by the final
release. Thanks to the community for the feedback so far, let's keep it up
and make the 3.1 release everything that is expected!

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you don't have to start lisa by hand, do it from an init script.
If there are several instances of lisa running in one network, only one will do the scanning, the other will retrieve the information from this one. If something doesn't work perfectly, there might be also one or two additional instances of lisa which scan (but this never happened in practice to me).
Even more recommended is to start lisa only on one dedicated machine in the network, and then not use "lan:/" but "lan://the_dedicated_machine"

Which smb-ioslave do you use ? The one using libsmbclient or the one wrapping smbclient ?
KDE 3.1 RC2 ?
Which samba version ?
You can contact me per private mail.


Stop whining about non-KDE stuff being better than
KDE pleeease.


1) The Nautilus icons look better.

2) There is no reason Konqueror icons couldn't look as good.

by Rimmer (not verified)

I don't understand what your asking.

Sorry :)

by Janne (not verified)


by jmk (not verified)

Posted one to sfnet.tiedostot.

by Janne (not verified)

Thanks, I'll take a look once I get back home :)

by protoman (not verified)

How did I get there?
For what I found on google, it's a newsgroup, right?
What's the address?

by Janne (not verified)


That screenshot looked good :). Altrough I never understand why people drag the panel to the side. Bottom or top for me.

by jmk (not verified)

> Altrough I never understand why people drag the panel to the side. Bottom or top for me.

Simple: i don't want wide-screen web-surfing. Most of the web sites seem to be designed so that they dont use the space on the sides, at all.

by protoman (not verified)

I can be wrong... but don't I need a .com/.org/.net in the name?
I mean, what is the server dns or ip address? Hot do I get there?

by Janne (not verified)

It is a newsgroup called sfnet.tiedostot. It is NOT a website, therefore it does not have .com or anything like that. you do not access it using a web-broswer but with a newsgroup-reader (like Knode).

by protoman (not verified)

Then when I try to subscribe, I get a "unable to resolve hostname" :)

I don't know if internet there (whatever you are) is different than here, but here at brazil, you need a real server name (one that you can ping, it dosen't have to be a web browser, but a internet server) for newsgroups.

Maybe it's like AOL, where you don't have to type complete addresses, just keywords, but I, I do need a real, valid, name or DNS.

by dave (not verified)

It's not a news server, but a newsgroup. You need to subscribe to a news server which has the sfnet.tiedostot newsgroup on it.


by protoman (not verified)

Ok, now we are understanding each other :)
Can you supply me a server address that contains it, please?

by jmk (not verified)

news.jippii.fi, news.cs.hut.fi, news.song.fi, news.welho.com, ..

by Janne (not verified)

"I don't know if internet there (whatever you are) is different than here, but here at brazil, you need a real server name (one that you can ping, it dosen't have to be a web browser, but a internet server) for newsgroups.

Maybe it's like AOL, where you don't have to type complete addresses, just keywords, but I, I do need a real, valid, name or DNS."

Contact your ISP and ask the address to their newsgroup-server. Configure your newsgroup-reader with that information, locate sfnet.tiedostot (the server might not have it though) and subscribe to it.

Have you ever used newsgroups before?

by protoman (not verified)

Sure I did, I was asking for a server for that lists.
It's not usual here, in Brazil for multiple news servers having same lists, sorry.

by Alain (not verified)

When you write or read text, a portrait screen is better than a landscape one because it more looks like a page (letter or A4 format). Of course, it's not really "portait", but the more it is, the more it will display text.
Exemple : here, when I write this text, suppose that I have many many things to write, I will see more text if the panel and the tool bar are on the side.

I have found on the Kde apps site a fantastic xmms-noatun applet to put in the panel. Happily there is a "verticalblue" theme, but more vertical themes would be good... I hope that this applet will be included in the KDE 3.1...

by Idiot (not verified)

That's real slick, slim. But next time, do us all a favour and include the "news://" to avoid all the confusion...

by Mita (not verified)

I'm using head instead of the KDE 3.1 branch. Does this page render funny in the branch too:

When setting the Browser Identification to IE you are suppose to be able to click the image to have it expanded and the menus to the left doesn't work at all for certain items and they are horrible slow...

Regards, Mita

by Anonymous (not verified)

There is no such thing as a KDE 3.1 branch yet.

by Mita (not verified)

I ment 'KDE_3_1_0_RELEASE'

by Guido Winkelmann (not verified)

This is not the only example where pages are rendered "funny".
Take a look at www.megatokyo.com

After reading a bit through the sites source code, though, I stopped wondering why it is displayed incorrect by Konqueror and started wondering why it is displayed correctly by other browsers.
(Take a look at line 136 of the source - there the page is loading an image with a width of 1 pixel and one with a width of 700 pixels into a td with a fixed width of 700 pixels....)


by dvirsky (not verified)

liked the new back and forward arrows in Crystal. much better than the old green arrows.

however, the icons in kicker and on toolbars (not only when using Crystal) in general suffer from a strange thing: whenever an icon has an antialiased border, the border seems to render withour partial transparency, resulting in pixelated ugly icons.

could this be due to the fact that i couldn't compile qt with Xft support on my RH8.0? which reminds me - has anyone managed to do so on RH8.0?

by bryan hunt (not verified)

I have had it with Redhat on the desktop. I'm going to keep my servers running
on Redhat for the time being but my laptop and desktop are moving over to Mandrake 9 as soon as I get it in the mail. Only about half of kde apps compile nicely on
redhat. I can't even recompile the kernel on 8.0. There is no mp3 support. KDE is
despite what linuxandmain.com say completely horrible and reduced to the lowest common denominator. I'm sick of this I want a system that does what I want it to
do not what some marketing gimp in redhat thinks is a good idea.


by dvirsky (not verified)

yup, you're right. for me, this is (almost) the last straw with RedHat. I'm conetmplating moving to gentoo, debian or suse. i don't really care for mandrake, though. i've tried moving to 9.0 but it simply wasn't as good as RH8.0.

by Xanadu (not verified)

I stopped using RH a few years ago. I never really did care for the distro and now with the games they are playing with KDE and the whole shell thing as of late...

Anyway, I had fallen in love with MDK and used them for the past couple years. I then setup a "beat me up" box and bought SuSE. OMG, I thought I didn't like RH... Anyway, the point of this rant is Gentoo is GREAT. I have it running on all my Linux machines now. OK, yes, it can take a couple days to get up and running, but man, I gotta say, I've NEVER used such a smooth running machine ever. It's fast as all get out, and SMOOOOOOOTH.

The only thing with Gentoo is be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands wet. There is very little "hand holding" like the more main-stream distros. YOU do (basically) everything. The package manager does what's left (and it's quite good too).

Just my 2 cents.

by Haakon Nilsen (not verified)

Do what I did -- Compile KDE yourself! This takes some time, but is not really hard, and you get the latest KDE with the original artwork (which is much nicer than anything RH could come up with). So you get the best of two worlds; a stable OS (RH is much more polished than some other distros out there), with a great desktop.

by bryan hunt (not verified)

Been there, I used to do that back in the redhat 6 days, no problem at all
(well appart from the time i forgot to add ssl support) but I've tried recently
using 7.3 and kde 3.1 alpha and more recently with 8.0 and kde beta and had no
success, I think a lot of it has to do with different versions of automake etc.
Maybe I should accept the bleeding edge for what it is though.

If you can get it to satisfactorily compile for you perhaps you should write
a howto and put it on the net because I know that I certainly am not the only
person having problems with redhat/kde from source.


by Haakon Nilsen (not verified)

I'm not bothering with writing HOWTOs, because all I did was follow the standard instructions. This was KDE3.1rc1, which had one (known) compile problem in kdenetwork which I was able to fix (and also a bunch of problems in kdebindings, which I was not able to fix (but submitted a bug report), but that's hardly a package you're likely to need). But generally, if you run into problems, help is usually just a visit to #kde or #kde-users on irc.kde.org away. :)

by Guppetto (not verified)

Amen to that. I'm running Mandrake, but i've had no success compiling KDE 3.1 either. The Source always bombs at KDE Base, the binaries Bomb even after they appear to have successfuly installed without problems. When I try to log into KDE3.1, my screen turns grey and the session dies in less than ten seconds, and I'm returned to the login manager. I pride myself on being able to install any piece of software with enough time and effort, but I'm spent on 3.1. It doesn't play nice with my Mandrake 8.2 or 9.0 distros and i've temporarily decided to just give up and wait for the final release. It kills me to say that.

by jaysaysay (not verified)

I've been using kde3.1 on mdk8.2 since the alpha release without problems. The most difficult part was compiling qt with the right options since its image support has changed a bit (more options) in compilation. Other than that it worked very well.
Lately I've installed rc1 binaries from cooker on a fresh 9.0, same, no problems.

by Jimmy (not verified)

just compiled it on my openbsd box (Apple TiBook G4)
runs smothly. way to go team!
for those of you having trouble with it on linux...
drop linux, thats where the problem lies.
most of the *BSD´s are usefull as desktop machines nowadays
with splendid soundsupport and accellerated X.
openbsd just got a new release (3.2) that rocks.

yours sincerery

/ Jimmy

by HuskyPup (not verified)

I don't know if you're uninformed or simply trolling, but regardless I'm going to spend a bit of my time and say you're off on your rocker here, plus explain why I think so.

Linux is the problem? Bah! Whereas I can use and appreciate the various *BSD versions, problems as commonly reported by users seldomly lie in the OS itself, but in the applications and libraries bundled with it. If you have a vendor-modified library (as is common amongst some of the larger Linux distros), you are *bound* to run into problems in those, eventually, as soon as you use anything which isn't bundled or supplied by aforementioned vendors. This is however not a problem of Linux itself, but a problem with vendors shipping with odd library hacks, without clearly stating they're doing so.

You can blame it on Linux as much as you like, but it would likely look the same way if, say, FreeBSD was distro-based. Personally, I've only occasionally run into problems compiling or running KDE - always caused by breakage in GCC and friends; this goes both for OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux, and I'm sure I might occasionaly run into similar problems if I would run, say, Solaris.

I honestly don't understand why people are so anal-retentive about what OS people are running. If FreeBSD, OpenBSD or whatnot works for you, all the power in the world to you for that, and if you run Linux, hey, cool. But if you feel the need to knock an OS, at least *read up* on the subject before you open your mouth.

Or, to formulate it as a question, where exactly in Linux is this problem you see?

by Michel (not verified)

Intriguing. Last time I had a Mac (early this year, sold my iBook in April), I was checking out OpenBSD and it did not have accelerated X yet.

How well does it run? Not that I'm going to have the money to get a PowerBook anyway; my next laptop is probably the cheapest Banias I can get next year. No siree, no P4 for me!

by Michel (not verified)

Could not compile Qt with Xft support here either :(. I'm compiling GARNOME to try out the pre-2.2 Gnome development series and that compiles its own standard Xft (downloaded from fontconfig.org) so I might try compiling KDE 3.1 CVS against it.

Had problems trying to play Uplink (www.introversion.co.uk - try it, great game!) as well. They figured out it's due to some incompatible library RH shipped and produced a patched library to LD_PRELOAD, but then I find I could only run the program in a window.. arrgh

Plus dvd::rip requiring a work-around due to RH's buggy perlIO module. Like you, I'm thinking of moving for a while - but it's probably going to be to Knoppix. Debian + auto hardware detection and recent KDE (3.0.3, there are unofficial KDE 3.1rc builds announced in debian-kde though).

Oh, ps, if you still use MP3, freshrpms.net is the place to go to get xmms-mp3 and other goodness :)



by bryan hunt (not verified)

dudes, I've just installed mandrake 9

1) Encrypted filesystem support is a choice at config time
( I created a 100mb /enc system )
2) It detects my Zaurus straight away, no need for kernel patches
and kernels which refuse to compile.
3) I know there will be rpm's for it when kde 3.1 comes out
( I've haven't tried compiling from source on mdrk yet)
4) The only one bug that I've found with it so far is that
it does not install the /lib/libnss_wins.so.2 (enables you
to use windows name resolution ( handy on a windows network
(ie ping windows-pdc actually works )) I'm gonna get the samba
source and compile that one myself ( I gotta do it anyway cause
i need to set up samba ldap pdc )
5) Mandrake feels like a finished product.
6) Mandrake kernel has framebuffer support so now i can get to
develop some stuff for the zaurus using Qtopia environment.

In short my redhat days are numbered

Best Regards

To get Xft support to work in RH 8.0, first dump the existing RPM's for fontconfig and Xft. Then go here:


and install all of the fontconfig stuff from source. The programs are small, so it doesn't take long. Then build KDE from source. If you install the fontconfig stuff (Xft, Xrender & fontconfig) you will have much better luck overall. The RPM versions are iffy.

by Wrenkin (not verified)

I'm using RC1 at the moment on Debian Unstable, and I get the same problem. Some of the small icons appear unreasonably jagged around the edges. I'm still waiting on RC2 debs.

by Jesús Antonio (not verified)

Hi, i'm unable to display jpeg images on Desktop, and thumbnails are not being
display with that format (rc1 and rc2). And yes, I did compile qt with the suggested option
(-system-libjpeg, -system-libpng, etc). Does anyone have the same problem?


Try recompiling using the qt-included libs... and not specifying plugin or built-in for image formats... I had this problem with RC1 and leaving out mention of image formats made it work right (they compile as plugins by default)

./configure -qt-gif -no-exceptions -thread

I left everything else as default.

by Jeff (not verified)

I had the same problem (Gentoo 1.4-rc1). I'm recompiling Qt now per your directions. But my question is... why, and what is the difference? What broke between my "system-jpg" lib and this version of Qt/KDE ? Why is it recommended to use these system libs rather than the included qt libs?

you need to add the plugin path for qt run qtconfig look at the last tab.

by Matjaz Horvat (not verified)


Please, show us some screenshots. Thanks in advance!


by Craig Williamson (not verified)

The planned SVG graphics format has been quiet for the last few months. Does/will KDE3.1 have full SVG support or will that come in KDE 3.2?

by perraw (not verified)

It won't make it into 3.1

by isNaN (not verified)

Binarys in cooker now!!


by cyprien (not verified)

have you try it ?
it doesn't work here...