KDE 3.1 RC2: Ready For A Hammering

The KDE Project today released KDE 3.1 RC2, probably
the last release candidate for KDE 3.1.
A good number of showstoppers in RC1 have been fixed, and the new default Crystal-SVG icon set has been polished based on the valuable feedback received. Nevertheless, please give this RC2 another round of thorough testing to make sure all the major wrinkles have been
ironed out. Please note that the kdebindings package still suffers from
compilation problems in large parts, but this will be fixed by the final
release. Thanks to the community for the feedback so far, let's keep it up
and make the 3.1 release everything that is expected!

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Seems like you been surfing p00rn :P~~

empty contents is working. phew...
Was looking all over settings/configure before I found that feature too, thanks to your post.

Using 3.1.1

by Anonymous (not verified)

Make it faster, KDE IS SLOW, not as much as OS/X but it's slow. That's way I'm still using Gnome1.4+GMC

Anyway, I don't know why, but Gnome2 still looks "more professional" than KDE3. Maybe it's that Windowish feeling KDE has, thate makes as if it was a copy of windows.

by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

If you are complaining about speed, and you like the look of GNOME2, you should stick with GNOME2. It is faster than GNOME1.4 (which is being deprecated in favor of GNOME2 anyway).

it's faster because it has 50% of the features of GNOME1.4.

by From China (not verified)

Very Great Work! I've just finish compiling a fresh LFS4.0 and KDE3.1rc2. The speed of kde3.1 is impressive. And I love the icons:)
Thank you guys for this wonderful work. I am looking forward the final release.