Quickies: Boson, K3b, KDE-Forum.de

Boson, the real-time 3D strategy game for KDE has been freshly ported to OpenGL in its 0.7 incarnation (screenshots). There is no AI yet, so a minimum of 2 players is required. From UnixReview.com: "Do you miss the nice, slick GUI CD burning programs under Windows and Mac OS X? Or just want to stop using command-line tools to burn your CDs? K3b might just be what the doctor ordered." Check out the full review of K3b including screenshots. Finally, a couple of people wrote in to point out the launch of the KDE-Forum.de web forums for German speakers. English web forums should be available soon.

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by Dieter Nützel (not verified)

Argh, my brain.

Here is the snipped from Sebastian Trueg:

Session import is implemented now but you won't be able to overwrite and delete old files since mkisofs does not support this. :(


by killertux (not verified)

K3b + Arson is the best! Best of both worlds.

by Julien Olivier (not verified)


Which is the best ? Arson or K3B ? Could you please tell me which ups and downs they both have ?