KDE in Iran

An informal group called LIGLUG (LinuxIran Gnu/Linux User Group) yesterday finished its work on a customized live CD based on
KNOPPIX. GNU/Linux and KDE being widely unknown in Iran, this live CD, which is called "Shabdix", will be used to promote GNU/Linux and FarsiKDE in Iran. It will be released to the public as Shabdix 0.7.

Shabdix has, compared to KNOPPIX, made some major changes, such as upgrading KDE to KDE 3.1, and removing non-free packages and OpenOffice.org (since it is not possible yet to type Farsi in OpenOffice.org). The default KDE language and keyboard are set to Farsi. And some changes regarding fonts (like the use of anti aliasing, and Xft) have been made.

Due to bandwidth and space limitations the .iso image is not being made available to the public through the Internet. Arrangements are being made to possibly distribute the CD through computer magazines. The group hopes to be able to distribute the CD in schools, universities and governmental organizations as well.

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by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Yeah, I apologise for all the garbage in this thread. :(

Next time we should just delete everything.

Good job with Shabdix!

by curious george (not verified)

this is great news!

it makes a ton of sense for the Iranians to move to Linux, when you consider the sheer volume of data that windows machines ship back to Redmond....

Have a look at this:

an "old european"....

by Hakenuk (not verified)

The 'axis of evil'. Linux in a rogue state --- :-)

Well, I like people from Iran, I met a modern engineer who invited me.

Well, everybody uses Linux meanwhile. Everybody shall use KDE.

Sorry, I don't believe in us-propaganda anymore. But I believe in KDE...

by pint_tux (not verified)

I just think that its a pitty when there are people in the Linux Comunity beliving such rubbish as "axis of evil"...why not Iran?

by ac (not verified)

I think it was sarcasm, but yeah they crashed the topic the jerks.

by MxCl (not verified)

I have very little respect for this propaganda being fed to the Americans... but I'll stop there because surely it's irrelevant? Forget the politics of your country and support the use of KDE to bring good software to all the nations of the world!

Isn't this why we all like KDE? Don't we all want KDE to be free of territorial boundries?

Recently I read some comments about use of Redhat in China, and yet again I read that "Redhat is now working wih an evil regime". It seems so misinformed to me, I have many friends from China (on my course) and none of them agree with this widely spread propaganda. The media do not tell the truth. We all should learn from history that rarely do our leaders tell us the realities of what goes on abroad, and the same is true of your country's history books.

Naturally I'm not talking to everyone here, I find most of our community have open-minds and try to be unprejudiced. I try, but am not always succesful.

Max (from UK)

by mohsen (not verified)

Well, I think working just 1 hour on that Farsi pack is wasting time
Because the biggest reason for using Linux is that its free
And in Iran nobody give a **** about price of the software
I bought a pack of 4 windows versions just for 4$
Xp sp2 – server 2003 EE – media center - Me
Some people in Iran just know how to play music and the coolest guy know how to copy some cd not writing no just copy
How do you expect them to understand what is root user,
Or what to do when they see the permission denied error
This was about the music guy
And about IT professionals
im a web designer and im worcking with php
i hared some good things about Linux and i tried Linux FC3 for the first time
No dreamwaver, nothing like Photoshop or fireworks, hardware problem, mounting ntfs or fat32 partitions (not in suse 10), god damn qunta + suck, internet connection ...

i think they are really dumb
90% computer users in Iran never hared of Linux
However im not a Linux guy nor a windows guy

And I suggest you read that article

and sorry for freaky engilish