KDE 3.1: eWeek Review, More RPMs

Jason Brooks has
tested and
new features of
KDE 3.1,
which he calls
"Linux's best hope for becoming a viable desktop
". In the time since the KDE 3.1 release more binary
packages have also become available, please check the
mirrors. We have also been informed
that KDE 3.1 rpms for Linux Mandrake 9.0 are available for
Mandrake Club members;
others might check Texstar's
. For Red Hat Linux,
KDE 3.1 rpms are available
courtesy of the KDE for RedHat
project for RH 7.3 and RH 8.0; alternatively the
ASP Linux 7.3
rpms are said also to work for Red Hat 7.3.

Update on Wednesday 12/Feb/2003, @01:39: Gunter Ohrner has written
in with the news that official Debian SID (unstable) packages are now available
for KDE 3.1.

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by KDE User (not verified)

I mean. You can't install them on Mandrake 9.0
There are dependency problems.

by wiseguy (not verified)

You're hopefully not using the Cooker-RPMs? They won't work,and Mandrake advises not to use them on 9.0 because you can destroy your whole installation... they have their testing version of kde3.1 for Mandrake 9.0, but at the moment, its only available to club members. About a week ago, I read at their club pages that it would be released to the public in about 2 or 3 weeks or so. wait and see...

by NS (not verified)

What XFree86 version should work with Mandrake 9.0 KDE3.1 rpms? Is XFree 4.2.x that comes with the Mandrake 9.0 without updates works with KDE3.1?

by simul (not verified)

The MDK 9.1 beta (3) are for a system very different from the ones for 9.0. Do _not_ use them in a production system (do not play with probabilities...).
Glibc is != and you have to upgrade lots of _experimental_ RPMs to satisfy the dependencies .

I am using texstar RPMs and so far so good. Nice work!
Use them instead or just become a Mandrake Club Member.

by mart (not verified)

I just installed texstar RPMs on my mdk 9.0, konqueror works as browser, but the file manager segfaults at start: any idea why I have this problem?

by mart (not verified)

update: i had do switch off al tumbnails preview and "folder icon refletting content" in order to get the file manager working, but it still crashes when i chose "open terminal here" from the context menu of a folder.
Is it a problem of that packages? Had anyone encountred this problem?

by Mooby (not verified)

9.0 are available at mandrakeclub. (give a few €€€ for getting more rpms and to see mandrake next year.
If you don't want / can't, don't use cooker's or 9.1beta' rpms, but *texstar*. they work greatly.

by Alex (not verified)

Has anybody seen RPMS for KDevelop/Cervisia for Mandrake 9.0 ?

by ruud koendering (not verified)

mandrake kde3.1 for community? NO,NO,NO so go to Tex's KDE's they work (even without art-devel)

For all major versions there is a kde3.1 (at tex's even athlon ones!!!!)

Europe for a war free world!

by luisdlr (not verified)

Yes, I have tried Texstar rpms. They work... but, I did not like the default configuration, I had to force kdebase3 becasue of krootwarning, I could not launch konqueror, maybe I wrong but I did not see Xft2 in Texstar rpms.

Then... I tried garmone builds scripts and kde 3.1 works great. Try garmone if you have decent machine, if you have an old one... you should not use kde 3.1.


by Lozzi (not verified)

Can I use Mandrake 9.0 RPM for Mandrake 8.2?


by pieter philipse (not verified)

I can only see KDE 3.0.5a rpms for Redhat where are the 3.1 rpms?

by Nick Jones (not verified)

You can get redhat rpms from rawhide

by Pieter Philipse (not verified)
by Brian Wright (not verified)

I don't think those will install on an RH8 system unless you do a rebuild of the SRPMS...

by checat (not verified)

Works, but I recommend to rebuild from ASP Linux source rpms. In my case at least arts from binary rpm had some problems.