IBM, Adobe and Windows love Qt but Mozilla Bails

In breaking news, convicted French hacker Philippe Fremy has been accused of spreading malicious rumours regarding an alleged stab at Qt and companion PyQt by the highly regarded IBM developerWorks. But the concerted effort at dragging people's names through the mud does not end there. Emotions ran high when it was noted that the peeps at Slashdot couldn't leave IBM's rumoured courtship of Qtopia alone.

To make matters worse, the phones were buzzing non-stop regarding Adobe's not-so-cute love interest. Microsoft-lover Adam Treat was the first to dish out the dirt with highly dubious claims regarding an alleged Photoshop Album.

We were further sickened to learn of another Microsoft connection traced back to last December. There is now concrete proof that underground cult KDE on Cygwin is engaging a truly unholy pursuit in a rather foolish attempt at cloning.

With a tear in his eye, Hanno Müller reported that the reptilian Mozilla finally "couldn't take it no more" and gracefully stumbled away from the whole mess. This ugly dragon was rather touchingly reported to have shed crocodile tears over the incident.

Tabloid reporter yours truly has been working around the clock to bring you these shocking updates regarding the highly controversial lifestyle of the troll cutie.

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by Hanno Müller (not verified)

...and I am really angry about the way has rewritten my submission to their story queue. "couldn't take it no more", "gracefully stumbled away", "ugly dragon" and "crocodile tears" - none of these were written by me.

I originally only submitted a news item to to report that a) the Mozilla folks are about to remove the Qt branch from CVS, b) they have good reasons for that since the Qt branch doesn't work and c) if we don't want to loose Qt in Mozilla, developers should put some effort into this and a project leader is needed.

That news item was submitted to the story queue quite some time before the decision to drop Qt was finally done, so it's not only sad that Navindra made such a childish rant out of it, but also that he did it this late.

But yeah, I do think it's sad that Qt in Mozilla has been removed.

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Relax, nobody thinks you were crying or that you said those things. It's all inventive lies, in true tabloid fashion.

Your Mozilla Qt submission -- thanks a lot, but it probably wasn't going to be posted anyway. Trust me when I tell you that posting this to effectively wouldn't have made a difference to the Mozilla situation. I just salvaged a few iffy Qt stories and posted them together. I thought I would use yours too instead of throwing it away.

The reason your name is there at all is to credit you for the submission, not to ridicule you!

by David Fraser (not verified)

There is a branch that has been created which contains the attempt to get mozilla going on Qt. (Qt support has just been removed from the main tree, but if this gets going properly it could be reincluded) It runs, but is much slower than the gtk version and has bugs. So if anyone is keen join in and help get it going ... check out the netscape.public.mozilla.qt newsgroup if you want to find out more or get involved...