KDE-CVS-Digest for April 4, 2003

Featured this week in KDE-CVS-Digest: Continuous improvements to the development tools, with Quanta,
Kate and KDevelop getting optimizations and bug fixes, and dcoppython and kjsembed in kdebindings getting some love.
Also covered, new and improved filters in KOffice, the large rewrite of Kig
is complete, work on new themes and theme engine, info from the new KcmDhcpd maintainer (screenshots), and an exciting new feature in kwireless. Plus, news on the kernel concepts KDE t-shirts (pictures, order information) and more. Get it all right here folks.


Just so 138 doesn't get the 1st post again :)

Maybe 138 found the life he was looking for and that's why I am now the first poster... :/

Oh, and btw, thanks Derek.

By JC at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

Wow.. I think this was the most hidden jewel that I've found in Derek's digests so far:

Zack Rusin committed a change to kdebase/konqueror

And that fixes 47814 (which is #1 on the list of the most hated bugs). I'm not
sure whether we should have some kind of special page with a sign that says "loading"
or just an empty page like we'll have now.

Refer to Bug 47814 - tab open delays when it can't reach website..

Now, I think I can actually use Konqueror a my web browser again instead of Phoenix :)

By wewt at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

Yahooo! Go Zack!

By anon at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

Even better: If you read the comments on that bug at bugs.kde.org, you'll find that the annoying habit of konqueror to repaint the entire browser window when new tabs are created also seems to have been fixed. Yay!

By optikSmoke at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

"Support for running kwifi via a simple antenna (...) Grab an old mouse and rip off the chord (...) "

O wait, wait, wait.... are you telling me that one can build a wireless network in such a simple way? Does this thing even work?

That was 1st of April... should I believe it?

By Unai at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

LOL - that one's a gem!

By anon at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

It's a shame that it was a joke though. Who needs Centrino with one of these? ;-)

By Unai at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

What happened to Apple merges? We can't see anything in CVS Digest about this for three or four weeks. Is it stuck?
Also Kopete is very silent.
I'm afraid my grandson will use the Safari-improved Konqueror "the Browser".

By thelihgtning at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

We really need someone reporting from the private khtml/kjs/konqueror/webcore/safari mailing list...

By Datschge at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

Remember, this is a 'digest', hopefully a representative sample of the commits. There were 1600 or so this last week, and the digest shows less than 100. Kopete continues to be developed. I hope to have one of the developers do a write-up for us. They usually generate 80 or so commits a week.

>What happened to Apple merges

I think what we are seeing is the ebb and flow of the development process. A month or so ago the large changes from safari were merged. Look at the bug reports for konqueror. The developers are probably focussing on them.


By Derek Kite at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

I think a lot of people are over estimating the scale and impact of the Safari changes....

Most of them are probably fairly boring little bugfixes.

That's not to say that I think the Safari changes are irrelevant, but just that I think they'll be indistinguishable from the normal ongoing improvement of khtml.

I don't think you'll ever wake up one moring and suddenly have a 'Safari enhanced' Konqeror...

Afterall, even if the changes were significant, they're only to khtml...and possibly kjs

By Stuart Herring at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

Improving KHTML and KJS is pretty important because a good browser is so essential in todays networked world. The Safari development will certainly speed up the development proces.

By Joergen Ramskov at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

Well, it's a first involvement of a rather big and very popular IT company in a fully (L)GPL'ed project so the impact of this decision shouldn't be under estimated, especially considering that it might encourage other companies to take over some particular code and contribute back improvements instead doing something proprietary on their own. Considering this it's a little sad that this all isn't happening in an open fashion like we were used to before.

By Datschge at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

"programs are runned from home directory instead of program directory"
That's also a bug in Konqueror. When you click i.e. on a shell script, it
executes in the home directory which is pretty confusing and annoying.
cd `dirname $0`
as the first line of a script.

By Martin at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

May that cause any security related problems?

By Hein at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

New website and screenshots can be found here


By Willy De la Court at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

Where on earth can I report bugs for this tool, the README says bug.kde.org but I see no reference to this particular tool in the drop down list. all information on this tool appears to be a little sparse.

By DM at Tue, 2007/03/20 - 5:00am

Bug 29105 http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29105 is fixed, now you can press the WinKey and K-Menu pops up, just like in Windows, wohoooo :)

I just hope it could be poped up above the K button but that's way minor compared to having the WinKey->K-Menu functionality.

Greets to Ellis Whitehead

By Tar at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

I posted http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56882 since to my surprise I didn't find any bug report related to Kmenu not popping up at the K button (it has been mentioned on mailing lists before but obviously noone really cared that much so far). Please consider voting for it (and promote the ability to vote for wishes/bugs in general since it's a good way to find out what's wanted/popular).

By Datschge at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

Hopefuly, some day thinkgeek.com or getdigital.de will offer keyboards with
KDE key instead of Win key ;)

By Anton Velev at Sat, 2003/04/05 - 6:00am

I have one with a Corel key :-)

By Roberto Alsina at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

I think it would be even more important (before a KMenu key ;-) to have support for all those "multimedia keys" especially found in laptops and some multimedia keyboards. It's a shame that there seems to be no standard on how to access this stuff....

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

I think khotkeys has some stuff on that, but I may be remembering wrong.

By Roberto Alsina at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

Not really. From what I know at least, khotkeys works only with normal key combinations (shift, ctrl, alt, altGr...). I'm referring to special keys like "MailReader", "WebBrowser"... which are present in most laptops now. They don't seem to be linked to any strange key combination, so I can't make use of them.

I found a service in kde called "kmilo" (KDE Special Key Notifier), but I don't know how it works or how to configure it...

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

Here's what you want: "Internet Keyboards and KDE"

Not terribly simple, though.


By Roberto Alsina at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

Thanks for the link, but I had tried that already. The keys that I have in my case don't seem to be mapped as normal keys, since xev doesn't show anything when I press them. Anyway, thanks a lot.

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

So you might want to check out the thinkpad button project,works for me...


By Moritz Moeller-... at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

It's not a thinkpad. It's a Compal N-30N3 series laptop which is sold by plenty of brands ( See for example http://www.singular.org/~gary/laptop/), but it could be a similar problem. I'll have a look at that project. Thanks.

By Unai at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

<shamless plug>
lineak (screenshot)
</shameless plug>

By Sheldon at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

Looks cool. How about moving it into KDE CVS and making it a part of its Control Center?

By Datschge at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

KDE does have support for those keys. All you need to do is to configure your keyboard model correctly (e.g. in the KDE keyboard kcontrol module, select something else than pc101).

By L.Lunak at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

> I just hope it could be poped up above the K button

Doesn't it? It does for me. CVS from 05 Apr 2003 01:40 GMT approximately.

I just press the "Win" key, and the menu pops up right on top of the K Menu. Move around the button, and it will follow.

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

> Doesn't it? It does for me. CVS from 05 Apr 2003 01:40 GMT approximately.
> I just press the "Win" key, and the menu pops up right on top of the
> K Menu. Move around the button, and it will follow.

Ehmm, I can't confirm that now but if it really works like that then let me utter another WHOAAA :)

Thumbs up for KDE devs :)

Can anyone else confirm that or am I just dreaming?

Minor annoyances of Win32 junkies are being crushed, 3.2 is looking sweeter every day :)

By Tar at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

Yes, but how can I navigate this menu without using the mouse mouse?

By cm at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

s/mouse mouse/mouse/

By cm at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

It doesn't seem to be working with keyboard cursors right now. I press [up] or [down] keys, and the KMenu gets the focus temporally, but then if I press again, the app right below is the one that has the focus.....

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

You can type in first letter of the app/menu name to select it. i.e. Alt-F1, A Konq, selects Applications, Konqueror, and runs it

By SadEagle at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

What version of KDE do you have? It doesn't work for me.At least in the cvs version, there's no "konqueror" under "applications" Konqueror is in "Networking"

Also, if I press the Win Key, I get the menu. Then for example if I want "Graphics" I press G, but I get "Games" instead, and no chance to move it anywhere else. It may be fixed yesterday or today?

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

Argh, sorry, I meant Networking. As to the other part: if you press G and get games, just press "r" to move to _Gr_aphics. It'll enter the menu as soon as you type enough chars to diambiguate.

By SadEagle at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

mmmmmhh... it doesn't work here. It maybe a new bug. Thanks anyway.

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

I sure hope the old behavior is still possible.
Mandrake fixed this with a simple script which adresses a bogus function to the windows keys. It's only a matter then of having kde make the menu pop up with this function wich is done easily in kcontrol.
That way it's very simple to get the windows key back as a meta by commenting out the proper line in the mandrake script. Which is important to me because i use it to move my windows around, because i need that alt + mouse does not move the windows, because alt + mouse in gimp makes the selections move without moving their content wich is very important to obtain certain results.

By jay say say at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

And maybe it's time for a shameless plug on a bug 51891 ;)
"redmond theme maximized shows top/bottom border"

Again annoys the shit out of Win32 converters :/

By Tar at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

KcmDhcpd looks nice, but it would be nicer with a wizard, for fast configuration the DHCP-server.

By Markus Gans at Sun, 2003/04/06 - 6:00am

i think i'm gonna compile kde from CVS... Dangerous isn't it?

By Anonymous Coward at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

Not really. Just make sure you don't overwrite the current KDE

I usually compile it as:

make -f Makefile.cvs
./configure --with-qt-dir=/usr/local/kdecvs/qt-copy --prefix=/usr/local/kdecvs
make install

This assumes you have a version of qt-copy installed in /usr/local/kdecvs/qt-copy, and will install kde in /usr/local/kdecvs

This way, you can have two versions of kde installed in the system. Your distro's one, probably in /usr, and yours under /usr/local. You can choose which one to use in KDM.

I almost forgot. It's better not to mix your current KDE directory and the CVS one. Just use $KDEHOME=$HOME/.kdecvs for example.

By Unai at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

I remember something about a configure option kdebase package,


or something like that. Otherwise you'd might mess up your stable KDM (KDE Display Manager)

By Gert-Jan van de... at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

? I've had no problem like that. I have two versions of kdm. One that belongs to the system, one that belongs to the CVS. It doesn't touch the system's one. But it's true that I had to touch a bit the CVS one so it worked.

By Unai at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am

>>>i think i'm gonna compile kde from CVS... Dangerous isn't it?

yeah, living on the edge

By yeah at Mon, 2003/04/07 - 5:00am