KDE-CVS-Digest for April 25, 2003

gets table layout fixes. Many KScreensavers bugs have been fixed.

adds database programming support. Dia, UML and engineering stencils have been added to
Kivio. And more... This week's CVS digest is ready to enjoy.


First post :)

Yesss :)

By Martin at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am


To be or not to be ... the firs post.

OOhohohohhooo no !!!

Thanks Derek ! No the first, Oh no !!

By The_one_who_can... at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Because of having read something related to Hotmail in the digest: Is anyone using Konqueror able to login to Hotmail? I'm taken back to the login page after a few redirects (using cvs version).

By Steffen at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

It works for me, but I have changed the browser ID for msn.com and passport.com to "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)" i.e. Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP.

By Unai at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

I can login with Konqueror 3.1.1 every week or so to empty out the spam. The problem is Hotmail sets quite a few cookies. It sounds like you are blocking some of the passport cookies and MS will not let you go on until you let the cookies through.

By pben at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Do not use M$ - Hotmail !!

By no M$ at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Some of us need an account there for several reasons. For example:

1) Use the address to register into sites that you don't trust (i.e. an SPAM e-mail client :)
2) To continue using msn messenger with kopete.
3) To have an account that never fills up (configure it to delete all e-mail automatically, just by allowing only the e-mails in an empty addressbook ;-) useful if someone is annoying you...

By Unai at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Very good reasons. Worth noting though...

1. There are sites that let you create email addresses for this very purpose. Another option is to setup your own domain. For instance I register with sites by using the site name at my domain (ie amazon.com@mydomain.com) and forward all but my private addresses to spam@mydomain.com so I don't have to wade through a bunch of spam to get to my real messages. Also, that way I can tell if I'm getting spam from someone who shouldn't be sending me spam.

2. I used msnmessenger@mydomain.com to register my messenger account, so I don't think you need a hotmail account to do this.

By me at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

>I used msnmessenger@mydomain.com to register my messenger account

I thought only hotmail accounts were allowed for the messenger... I'll have a look at it.

By Unai at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

think again.

By caoilte at Tue, 2003/04/29 - 5:00am


By leitao at Wed, 2003/06/25 - 5:00am

i cant check my email why can you fix it

By raymond mcguckin at Sun, 2008/07/20 - 5:00am

You are replying to a five year old thread and hope to get an answer? I found you only by chance.

Please, you do not seem to be a native English speaker. Refer to a KDE group near you, or a mailing list or forums in your language. At this place, nobody will hear/understand you.

By Stefan Majewsky at Sun, 2008/07/20 - 5:00am

Once you have registered your hotmail account for msn messenger you don't need to check the mail. Even when the email account has been stopped messenger continues to work

By ld6772 at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Heh.. that's a stupid reason not to make Konqueror not work with Hotmail.

Most of us are not so fanatically anti-Microsoft. Microsoft has done a lot of bad things, but good things as well.

By fault at Mon, 2003/04/28 - 5:00am

I have had a similar problem with Netscape's webmail. The bug # is 51530.

By greg at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am


By arturo barenque... at Thu, 2004/07/22 - 5:00am

hotmail is cool

By hay at Fri, 2004/07/30 - 5:00am

ihave probleme tologin please help me thank your

By ROGERCHARLES at Sun, 2004/09/19 - 5:00am

I m using a network PC in my college.The Server adminstrator has locked the hotmail site n sites like yahoo mail etc..
wehn i open the page hotmail.com n put in my user name n password n click on sign in then the page keeps on loading n eventually CANNOT FIND SERVER or just "done" with a blank white screen appears.My college is using a DSL connection.
Yahoo mail is opened from other sites which hav the option tht u can check ur yahoo mails thru their web...so i wanna ask is there any web which enable me to check my hotmail mail or do u ppl hav any other way to solve my problem.
i'll b thankful

By sana at Wed, 2006/08/09 - 5:00am

I'm just here to bitch

I hate that hotmail changed the sign in format so you have to srart all over again each time you sign out and sign in.

Before I could just change a couple of letters to my sign in and jump accounts.

Now I gotta start all over again

its just utter bull shit

it doesn't improve the service or help in any way, it just brings inconvenience and was just change for the sake of change

Hotmail sux shit thru its teeth.



By riki at Thu, 2008/09/18 - 5:00am


By H-AL-NAJJAR@HOT... at Sun, 2009/01/04 - 6:00am

For the update

By Alex at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Kinda sad to see that reported as a bug, but I guess if cpu-intensive screensavers bog down the older computer than it must be fixed. Though I wish it could be toggled for older computers. Oh well, great work guys/gals

By Brendan Orr at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Thank you for CVS-digest that always brings happyness in KDE community!

By Enrico Ros at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

"This week's CVS digest is ready to enjoy."

That CVS digest guy has always been a party animal. Good to see he's up for it again!! :)

Cheap jokes aside, great reading.

By Apollo Creed at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Hey, nobody invites me to parties. I never remember why though.


By Derek Kite at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Anyone have any feel for how close KDE is to a 3.2beta1 release?

By cbcbcb at Sat, 2003/04/26 - 5:00am

Ah. Monday Month+1 Day2+14, 2003. Very helpful ;-b

By ac at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

This is because there isn't dates for releases for 3.2.
You know, KDE developers where burned and flamed because of long 3.1 delay, so they simply won't give dates this time.

Sure a date that was true would be better, but if they can't keep that date, no date is better IMHO.

By Iuri Fiedoruk at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

>You know, KDE developers where burned and flamed because of long 3.1 delay,
> so they simply won't give dates this time.

Not exactly, I think this message explains it better ;-)


And it's quite worrying, since the graph tends to go up more than it goes down...

By Unai at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

Nah, you should look at the whole picture. The amount of unconfirmed and new bug reports are pretty much stable while the amount of resolved bug reports is rising steadily at a very high rate. See long_url

What we need to do is thin the huge amount of old bug reports which are idling for a long time now and of which I'm sure the majority is no longer valid anymore (either fixed, wontfix or duplicate).

By Datschge at Mon, 2003/04/28 - 5:00am

Actually I think it might be helpful.
There is a Alpha listed there, is it out yet? I think not otherwise the proper date would be listed there. If I'm right, then the Beta won't be out for any time soon...


By Jorge Adriano at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

The question should be: Has anyone a feeling for how close KDE is to a release schedule?

By Anonymous at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

The release dude said a while ago that the release date would be set when the features were complete.

What is left to be done?


By Derek Kite at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

KDE 3.2 shuld not be released while we have more tha 1,000 confirmed bugs. And ofcourse 4.0 which I have come to expect to be fantastic and extremely stable and fast should have even fewer bugs =) I will do my best to find bugs and evn fix them once I learn Qt and finish learning C++.

By MArio at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

Compared to GNOME's aggressive release schedule it could really be a mistake to not be focused on a specific release date.

By KDE User at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

They have the correct approach: Release early, release often.

By Anonymous at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

Which aggressive release schedule? They have set a date for the release. It is just almost free of any important new features...

By AC at Sun, 2003/04/27 - 5:00am

Huh? Work on Gnome 2 started just a couple of months after work on KDE 2 did. Gnome == "release early, release often"?

The KDE 3.1 release did have major delays, but typically KDE releases are within about a week of projected release dates.

By the grand wazoo at Mon, 2003/04/28 - 5:00am

I just for the first time used the "settings" entry on the kde.org web site and set the color scheme to "classic blue". WOW. It looks so much more professional than the default color scheme - I must say I am really impressed.

Now, why don't you give first time visitors (who probably won't bother chaning the settings) this wonderful color scheme?

The default just looks so empty (and not elegant).

Just a thought.

By Anonymous at Mon, 2003/04/28 - 5:00am

There'll be a poll to decide which of the available color schemes will be used as default (feel free to contribute your own ones). Currently a competition to include new custom images and signs is running (see http://dot.kde.org/1048968963/ ).

By Datschge at Tue, 2003/04/29 - 5:00am