Krusader Project Needs Developers

Krusader (screenshot) is a twin-panel file manager for KDE, patterned after old-school managers like Midnight Commander and Norton Commander. It features basically all your file-management needs, plus extensive archive handling, mounted filesystems support, ftp and much much more. So far, the project has been developed by two developers, whose time is now not enough to continue the rapid pace of development. If you're a developer and you're interested in Krusader, we need your help!

Since we're not students anymore, our day jobs prevent us from dedicating the same time into Krusader as we did in the past. We've come to understand that although we have many plans and ideas for Krusader, it will take us a long time to complete them. Development will slow down (as it has for the last 5 months), and new versions will come out more slowly. This is obviously not a desirable situation.

Basically, we need more developers on the project, so that when we have a "down-time", development will not stop. Our TODO list for the upcoming versions is
on-line on the website, and everyone can have a look, and decide if it is interesting enough to join. If you are a developer and want to join, please send an email to the team, and write a few words about who you are, what you'd like to do for the project, and what you've done in the past regarding programming.

Thanks for your time!

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Thanks! I have been waiting for something like that for some time. Now only if Konqueror supported it...


On what level are preset selections saved (ie. is that feature easily reusable by other (KDE) apps)?

by Anonymous Cowherd (not verified)

Was the single best file manager I've ever used, represented the pinnacle of years of continuous refinement of high-volume-file-management user interfaces that took place before the Amiga died.

Apparently, the company that made it now make a windows explorer.exe shell replacement with the same name, but I haven't used it.

People dissatisfied with konqueror or krusader might want to check it out for ideas on how to solve UI problems of mixing the best of both. It combined the best features of twin-pane managers and finder-style managers - the key trick was windows could be designated a source or destination.

Yes, the look is dated (90s-Amiga) - the feel is not: