Kontact Progress: New Summary View

Kontact, the KDE personal
information management
application evolves from day to day. The
integration of KMail,
KAddressBook and
KNotes is nearly finished now and over the weekend the summary
view -- which can display current weather information and upcoming events such as birthdays -- was added.
It is planned to get the groupware functionality working in time for the
LinuxTag in Karlsruhe and
present a replacement for Outlook/Exchange.
If you are interested in current screenshots, take a look
. I would like to personally thank all the KDE PIM developers, especially those who worked so hard on the new summary view!


Does Kontact allow syncing with a Palm Pilot?

And have they finally added distribution lists or contact lists to kmail? Currently there seems to be no easy way of assigning a name to a list of contacts and it was one of the main reasons I switched to evolution.

By Jason at Tue, 2003/06/10 - 5:00am

Every time I get into a Linux discussion the subject of groupware comes up, and KDE is definately the best platform for this. The potential for contact is tremendous, but it will certainly be hard to compete with the reputation Evolution has established. Kontact firstly will need major UI polish, especially the calendaring. KOrganizer is very powerful, but the interface is quite clunky and seems to just be crammed together. The Evolution views are much more appealing. One thing I haven't heard anyone mention was Kopete integration. *That* would fantastic! I wish I was a C++ coder...I'd certainly pitch in.

By Eron Lloyd at Tue, 2003/06/10 - 5:00am

You don't need to be a C++ coder to help. You can draw icons, translate or write documentation. Or you just tell the korganizer developers what _axactly_ is clunky, and how you suggest to improve the UI.


By Guenter Schwann at Tue, 2003/06/10 - 5:00am

True, perhaps I could make some UI files and prototype things in PyQt...



By Eron Lloyd at Tue, 2003/06/10 - 5:00am

How easy will backing up your data be?

When you use cron for making backups, how easy will it be to do a backup of all your 'groupware' data in one go? (mails, contacts, organizer etc.)

Same goes for restoring that data?

By IR at Tue, 2003/06/10 - 5:00am

Please tell me that the layout will be more customisable than KMail currently is. For instance, can the preview pane be turned off?? Can the annoying panel on the left be disabled? If not, can we limit what appears in the left panel (for instance, only mail directories)?

If the layout is not customisable, then few people will want to use it. The whole "Outlook" layout is not productive.

By Phoenix at Wed, 2003/06/11 - 5:00am

>>If the layout is not customisable, then few people will want to use it. The whole "Outlook" layout is not productive.<<

I guess that's why so few people are using outlook

By AC at Wed, 2003/06/11 - 5:00am

How PIM information are currently stored? Is it possible to have them stored on an RDBMS (postgres or MySQL preferred). This feature will simplify agenda sharing but also back-up in an Enterprise (where they don't want to have exchange).

Another value added could be the possibility to have a web interface to access to those data (again this could be easily done if data are stored in a RDBMS).


By ianna at Thu, 2003/06/12 - 5:00am