Installing KDE 3.1.2 on Debian Sarge

The KDE Hispano user group has published a HOWTO on installing KDE 3.1.2 on Debian Sarge (testing). Although it is very easy to install KDE 3.1.2 on Debian Woody (simply add a line to souces.list), and even easier on Sid (unstable) where it is available by default, there aren't specific packages for Sarge -- only the old KDE 2.2.2 ones. Of course, the HOWTO is also available in Spanish. Enjoy!


Nice to see telepathy exists :-)

By albert at Fri, 2003/07/04 - 5:00am

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By Peter at Fri, 2003/07/04 - 5:00am

Sorry, but i can`t find this article, only in Spanish, but i can`t read in Spanish. Where can i found it? please answer.

By devep at Fri, 2004/10/08 - 5:00am