KDE 3.1.3 Released!

The KDE Project announced
KDE 3.1.3 today. It's the third maintenance release of the successful KDE 3.1.x series and
ships with many bugfixes and improved translations. KDE 3.1.3 also contains a fix for a possible HTTP authentication leak
in the HTTP referrer header. Users of KDE 3.x are advised to upgrade to KDE 3.1.3. Read the change log or directly jump to the
download links on the KDE 3.1.3 Info Page. The Konstruct build toolset was updated accordingly.

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by Dim (not verified)

Is it possible to build 3.1.3 version with qt-3.2.0? I had a lot of problems... Should we wait for 3.1.4 release?

by CE (not verified)

Perhaps we'll have to wait for the release of 3.2?

by Henrique Pinto (not verified)

Not really. Work is being done in order to make KDE 3.1.4 "compatible" with Qt 3.2.
And yes, you can compile 3.1.3 with Qt 3.2, but you should expect some (minor) annoyances.

by Braindead (not verified)

How to compile with qt-3.2:
I edited to configure file by searching for the string "qt 3.2" then changing the minor number to 2 from 1 where the configure script checks for the version of qt 3. Then when you run configure it doesn't fail and compiles perfectly.

by Ricardo Galli (not verified)

I'be upgraded just kdelibs4, which is already in Debian.

My question is ¿do you see this bug (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=203626)? ¿or is it just due to missing/upcoming updates?


Bug report text:

Just upgraded to kdelibs4 3.1.3 (although not yet the rest). As the
subject says, horizontal scroll bars appear always, even when not

It seems to me that's related to khtml because the left and
right margins dissapeared in this version, so perhaps is a bad width

If a html page has a table of 100% width, part of the text might be
occlused by the border. Check for example http://lwn.net o
http://bulmalug.net. It's quite annoying.

BTW, I also read similar reports in debian-kde mailing list.

by Ricardo Galli (not verified)

Thanks... but the (related?) bad margins are worse, in some pages (with 100% width tables) last characters are hidden and you must scroll horizontally to read them.

I built updated packages that may solve your problem (it did for me) :

just 'dpkg -i *.deb' to avoid dependancies headache :)

by sakana (not verified)

Hi, anybody knows whty SuSE didn't upload/update the kdebase-packages on the servers ?
i can only find: kdebase3-3.1.2-66.i586.rpm and so on...
isn't that strange ?
hm, actually the base-packages containing many changes/bugfixes!

by ulla (not verified)

Found them in e.g. (mirror in Switzerland, try other mirros with similar path):

by NS (not verified)

I am using KDE 3.1.3 now in laptop and desktop. Excellent work! Opie in Ipaq. I am wondering why no one use KDE in TabletPC linux, I guess not support yet.

Gnome folks are very active on TabletPC as you can it here:

Opie is very active for Ipaq

Opie has support calibration, rotation and single stroke recognisation even graffiti, which KDE folks could port to KDE to be useful for TabletPC, I think.

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

I'm not sure that I understand.

Did you try KDE with a tabletPC?

Did you have some problems using it?

In case you don't understand: the tablet is just another mouse driver in XFree86. You might need to build Qt with: "-tablet" which requires "XFree86 with X11/extensions/XInput.h and libXi" (whatever that means) which XFree86 4.3.0 appears to have.


by NS (not verified)

I don't have a TablePC yet :-).

Ok, I think this is QT problem, not yet for KDE. I google for QT Tablet, result is:

Initial support: qt-x11-free-3.2.0b2, built with tablet support mentioned here: http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-interest/2003-07/msg00983.html#msg00983

I guess QT should have this support for TabletPC that I mentioned earliear in my posting since they created those support for QT Embedded.

by NS (not verified)

Look what I have found:

I guess it is coming soon in KDE, I hope.

by NS (not verified)

This is gnome! A big promo for lycoris. No real support. No WiFi support for the built-in wifi. I doubt xstroke even running on lycoris - (xstroke.org). Lycoris is very mediocre for linux user, probably good for MS user. Read this:

by David Comeau (not verified)

I think the main thing is that for me (a Tablet PC user), is that KDE does not scale and orient itself correctly on the screen. X works correctly, but KDE is still thinking landscape.

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

Anyone have any slackware 8.1 packages ready to go? I can't afford the downtime to upgrade to 9 for KDE 3.1x, and they changed glibc and gcc from 81 to 9.

Anyway, if you do, email me or let me know at http://tblog.ath.cx/troy

(PS: if anyone needs a place to host a blog, find me at the above address, I have room for many more :))

by Anonymous (not verified)

What's wrong with the packages linked on http://www.kde.org/info/3.1.3.php?