KAddressBook 3.2 Sneak Preview

As announced on the KDE PIM site, we are featuring a preview of the upcoming KAddressBook 3.2 in the form of some annotated screenshots taken from the CVS version. KAddressBook 3.2 will be included in the KDE 3.2 release.

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by .jon (not verified)

...I am missing essential features. I *do* admit, that all I saw from CVS version are these screenshots, but I feel, that this is all UI functionality but not featuring extensive database stuff. With that I mean: fields!

Here are my desires for an address-book:

- Integration with GPG/PGP (PGP-ID, etc.)
- It should be possible to get all personal emails by this user into a listview
- unlimited email addresses per person
- multiple IM and pager addresses
- same for homepage
- print business card plugin with different card layouts
- direct link to IM programs
- unlimited phone numbers which are to be labelled by the user (i.e. I have two mobile numbers, a stationary home number and a stationary fax number)
- bank-account details
- books/CDs/Videos lent (with catalog number, title and date)
- "contacted first"
- "letter-opening"

plus there is so many more, one might like for a powerful address-manager. Check out the commercial programs. With KDE now coming to cooperate desktops this might be well important!

I wonder if it would be possible to add to KAddressbook some custom fields? In particular, I like ot keep soem other dates beside just Birthday and Anniversary.

Also, would it be possible to import to a specified category? perhaps thus having the record directed to a sub .vcf addressbook if such existed for that category?