KDE Traffic #63 is Out

KDE Traffic #63 was released this week with news about cookie problems, discussion about Cut and Copy entries in the context menu of Konqueror, usability of the Kicker window list, the proposed move of kpdf from kdenonbeta to kdegraphics and more. Read the full report at the KDE Traffic site.

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by ac (not verified)

Where is there a link to the same document twice? You know, you can easily check this in Konqueror. Hover your mouse over the link and you can see the URL in the statusbar.

by binner (not verified)

There was a duplicate link which is now gone while the public moaning will stay forever.

by Russell Miller (not verified)

Who was that little barb directed to? Binner or myself?

by ac (not verified)

That person was directing it against the Dot.

by Max Howell (not verified)

I posted to kde-devel some prelimary comments on my work to make an exclusiveSqueeze type function for KStringHandler which could be used in situations where you're likely to get identical strings if you csqueeze them (eg the WindowLists), but I got no responses at the time.

I've still got the work and plan to finish it at some point, but as the enthusiasm seemed to have disappeared I've gone back to developing my other current pet-project.

Nice to see that thread featured in KDE-traffic though, thanks Russell/Stephen, whoever did it this week :)

by binner (not verified)

KDE Traffic is as always done by Russell, I only wrote the two sentences of the dot story and published it.

by Alex (not verified)


No, it's not really related to the topic, but it is related to everything about KDE, this website, KDE Traffice, the CVS Digests etc.

by foo (not verified)

Help while others are trying to actively destroy it :/.

Tried latest redhat beta (severn) yesterday, and few remarks:
- No single KDE application or library gets installed by default
- All KDE applications are hidden behind 'more applications' tabs
- *ONE* KDE application started properly from menus after install (konsole)
- Some KDE applications do start from the command line, such as konqueror, but do not work a single bit. In konqueror, 'configure konqueror' menu never appears no matter what you do

How broken can you actually get it?! I tested it roughly for 10 minutes before giving up with it.

by Random coma (not verified)

"How broken can you actually get it?!"

A beta? Who knows ;)

by Tom (not verified)

Oh stop whining. If RedHat want to dump KDE, let them; it's their right to do whatever they want with it, within the terms of the software licenses. And as someone else said - it's a beta.

RedHat won't "destroy KDE", as you put it, because every other distribution uses KDE, and many favour it over GNOME. Do you hear GNOME developers whining about SuSE's adoption of KDE?

The best response would simply be to look at why RedHat favours GNOME, ask if KDE needs to work on areas where GNOME is considered better by RedHat, and then try to make KDE a better alternative.

by ac (not verified)

Your not being objective. He clearly listed the things Red Hat did to KDE but your just kneejerking around.

by foo (not verified)

> The best response would simply be to look at why RedHat favours GNOME, ask if KDE needs to work on areas where GNOME is considered better by RedHat, and then try to make KDE a better alternative.

You think such a reason exists other than politics? If it wasn't for RH, we would already have that unified desktop.

by Maynard Kuona (not verified)

How is it Redhat's fault that Trolltech did not originally want to have Qt under a GPL License. The only thing that forced them to do that was money. They knew if they did not give in, GNOME would take over and the opportunity on Linux would be lost. So maybe even KDE proponents should thank Redhat because they had the power to make Qt change their licensing. If it had not been for Redhat, there may not have been free Qt.

by Maynard (not verified)

What Redhat wants to do is provide a platform for which developers can choose whether to make proprietary software, or open source, without their decision having to be affected by other licensing issues.

Standardising on Qt forces their customers, or developers to either license Qt, or just make open source software. GTK avoids the issue of extra money being needed to get off the ground. If for some reason someone thinks Qt is better, and wants to make proprietary apps, then they can license it and do it there anyway, Redhat does ship Qt and KDElibs. Redhat also has more freedom to influence GTK development than they could Qt, since someone else owns Qt.

by Alex (not verified)

YEs, SuSE choses KDE as the default, but GNOME Is still good jsut like it is Mandrake. In RH they completely mess it up. Same goes with Ximian. If you install XD 2 you ruin your KDE< it won't start sometimes or you can't open any apps, it's as if it were sabatoged.

by kewl joe (not verified)

got a question..can u see windows files on linux aka "KDE"..if so ..someone please tell me how..i can't figure it out

by anonymous (not verified)

My problem is that I want to use tabs when I middle-click on links in a html document but I want to get a new window if I click on a folder locally.
Is there a way to configure Konqueror like that?

by Anonymous (not verified)

No, did you file a wishlist entry at http://bugs.kde.org already?