KDE 3.1.4 Released!

The KDE Project announced
KDE 3.1.4 today. It's the fourth maintenance release of the successful KDE 3.1.x series and
ships with many bugfixes and improved translations. KDE 3.1.4 also contains two fixes for security issues in KDM. Users of KDE 3.x are advised to upgrade to KDE 3.1.4. Read the incomplete change log or jump directly to the
download links on the KDE 3.1.4 Info Page. The Konstruct build toolset was updated accordingly.

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by FS (not verified)

From http://www.planetunreal.com
"we are not ready to discuss the particulars of the Microsoft deal but I can assure you that you have nothing to be worried about."

And from http://www.planetunreal.com/ut2004/ (near the bottom)
"Again, it'll probably ship with Linux executables."

I _hope_ this means there will be a linux version...

I would really like something like windowsupdate on future releases of KDE. Wouldn't that be possible? I think that would help more unexperienced people to update their KDE installations.

by Chris Spencer (not verified)

That would me more a job for your Linux distro. SuSE has YaST2, but it's somewhat buggy, and it doesn't provide new versions of software, only bugfix versions. It's a nice start though...

Yes, that's true that should solve this issue... BUT still they haven't done this in a convenient way. I’m just having a silly dream that the KDE team could come up with a far better tool for this. I’m also sure that the most average users would appreciate a simple tool to update KDE within that version series from 3.xx till next major version is released. But then again maybe I’m just dreaming…


yeah, a little tool, like "SuSE-Watcher", that is checking for kde-updates, asking for downloading the files and making the update.

This would require binary packages: http://www.kde.org/download/packagepolicy.php

Or via sources just like on those source-based distributions (like gentoo) and just inform the user that "your machine will munch the OS for 5 hours (calculated by /proc/cpuinfo specs) to update kde-x.y.z"... ;-)

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

Do you mean like a KDE version of Red-Carpet?

This is based on having the RPM packages available somewhere to download.

There is also the possibility of having Kpackage do APT for RPMs. Then the user would have to provide the URLs to check for new stuff.

Both ideas sound good to me.


by Foobar (not verified)


(will the source be with you)

by nils23 (not verified)

Ok guys,

great work, I guess, with all this fixing of
security holes and upgrades and all, but could
anyone please pretty-please upload rpms for SuSE?

Or at least say why there aren't any?

I don't know why this is the first time that
there aren't any SuSE rpms and no one even
mentions anything about releasing them soon..?

... It would be a Good Thing(tm) to at least inform
ppl about what's going on, yes? - With most users
trying to escape FUD, it's bad to learn that there's
new FUD on its way.. <=O)

(Ok, I know: "volunteer work!", "help yourself,
mate", etc., just trying to bring a problem to ppls
attention here. Of course KDE rocks ok.. =O) )



by Anonymous (not verified)

There are no SuSE packages because SuSE didn't provide any. Ask on suse-security or suse-kde mailing lists for the reason, not here.

by Paul Leopardi (not verified)

I did ask at suse-security.
Roman Drahtmueller replied ( http://lists.suse.com/archive/suse-security/2003-Sep/0232.html ), saying "...you're vulnerable if you're using pam_krb5. Most people don't. ... We're doing our best. This one just takes a bit time."

by Gerry (not verified)

The absence of SuSE packages is making me think sbout compiling my own. I know that there is guidance out there on the website, and I've downloaded most of what I need. However, this would be by far and away the most significant compile I would ever have done. Is there anyone out there prepared to share with me their practical experiences:

a) should I do it on my only machine?
b) what are the pratfalls if any?
c) once compiled, is that it or does it require extra know how?