Second KDE 3.2 Alpha "Tereza" Released

As the first beta has been delayed to finish more PIM features, we're proud to present the second alpha release of KDE 3.2. The first alpha was already seen as a very strong release and the second one is even better with 1374 bugs closed in the last 31 days. The major changes are the import of KSVG and KPDF into the KDE distribution, along with a major rewrite of the window manager. You can download the new release here. The are currently no binary packages, but you can of course use Konstruct to build it. Please give this one a good testing as we'll be moving to the beta phase next.

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by Master of Disaster (not verified)

You got point

by Master of Disaster (not verified)

Could you tell me the version of libxml & libxslt that you are using please?

by MamiyaOtaru (not verified)

I am using orth debs for debian unstable and there are a few things I don't like about konqueror's behaviour now.

The biggest is when using konqueror to browse files and Detailed List View. In 3.1.x it is possible to right click in the file-list pane to paste file(s) by right clicking on any column other than "Name". Doing so brings up a context menu that includes "paste", whereas right clicking in the name column brings up a context menu for the file you have clicked and which does not include paste.

In 3.2.0 however, right clicking in ANY column brings up a context menu for the file whose row you right clicked on. Thus, in a directory with enough files that there is no blank space at the bottom, in Detailed List View it is impossible to right-click paste (no matter where you click you get a context menu for a file or a directory with no option to paste) If you don't know what I mean, switch to detailed list view and try to use the context menu to paste a file into a directory with a lot of files :) That for me is a killer. Who cares about being able to open a file by clicking on its modified date? The other nasty effect of this is that it removes the easy way to select a single file. In 3.1.x, left click on any column but the name and that one file is selected. Not so in 3.2.0. Bad as that is, not being able to right click, paste at all is worse I think.

I also don't like the removal of the "Open Terminal Here" item in the context menu. Of course it is in the Tools menu, but it is nice to right-click on a directory other than the one I am currently in to open a terminal there, and it is something I do frequently. Saves a click over having to open it first :) Does anyone else do this as well?

Last gripe is how there is no more choice between "Open in Background Tab" and "Open in New Tab" in the right-click menu. You can choose between them in the config menu of course, but I use both. On a page with thumbnails I'll open several in background tabs to look at later. Other times I want to read a link without moving away from the page it is on (If pressing the back button instantaneously brought up the previous page like in Opera, I might not need that ;) ) Sometimes a nice combo of both.. Open several thumbnails in background tabs, then the last one in a new tab to get started with viewing right away. I really do use this. But does anyone else?

I know some options need to go from that menu, it is too large. A more dynamic menu that had a clue about where you clicked would be nice. How about getting rid of "Open With" and "Preview In" options when right clicking a webpage? It is already open ffs! Or maybe konq could see fit to leave out "create data CD with k3b" while browsing the web.. there are several things that don't need to be there for browsing. "Open in Background Tab" and "Open in New Tab" however do (imho of course, would love to hear others' opinion)

by farooq hasny (not verified)

well i have just start exploreing kde 3.x. i also want "open terminal here" back because now i have to open terminal from menue and then change my director ....which is bit boring can any body tell me how to edit desktop menu

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

You can still press ctrl-t to get your terminal.

by Matthew (not verified)

3.2 Alpha rocks, but I also have the problem the chap above had with reading JPEG files in certain apps - and the QT is the same as for my 3.1 installation... anyhow...

Anyone else found the following problem? I have a Java app from which several child windows are spawned. If I go to another virtual desktop, then come back again, all the children get minimised! Can't seem to find a reason for this behaviour, and it certainly doesn't happen in 3.1. Because I use this app a lot for my work and the minimizing is a real pain, it's holding me back from converting over... shame because I love Konqueror 3.2!