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I would like to let you know about a new project which I have started, which is based on an idea by Ante Wessels: a Wiki for KDE. The 'working draft' name for this project is "KDE Community Wiki Site" (KDE CWS) and you can find the site which is more than just a Wiki at kde.ground.cz.

It is based on the very powerful and feature rich TikiWiki CMS. The interface is multilingual and content can be in almost any language too (uses utf-8). Registered user can set up many settings in their preferences including site layout and style (users can even make their customized versions of available styles).

Everyone is welcome to join and participate on the content. The main idea is
to share KDE users' and developers' experience. Every registered user is able to create, edit and modify the content of Wiki pages. It's fast and easy.

You can start reading about the site and when you are curious what a Wiki is, read this page first.

What are the rules? A simple KDE CWS Wiki Guide is available.

And one last but not least important thing, you can register here :)

What's planned? Making it much better than it's now (btw: I'm one of the 100
TikiWiki developers, so it's not just a 'plain sentence'), better accessibility and xhtml 1.0 strict compliance, better and more compatible CSS styles (KDE.org style would be nice too) and of course more and more KDE related content (devel, documentation, ideas, everything is needed)...

Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome. This is a test which
depends on you.

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I hope your process secure.