Quickies: Boson, Slicker, KDE on Cygwin, pim.kde.org, KDE-Forum.org

In other news, some until now unpublished submissions: The team of the strategy game Boson has released two movie files showing their development progress. The Kicker alternative
Slicker gets redesigned and its team started a logo contest.
The KDE on Cygwin project announced that both KDevelop 3.0 Alpha 7 and Quanta 3.2 Alpha 2 packages for KDE 3.1.1 on Cygwin are now available for download. The pim.kde.org site gained a page describing the command line program KonsoleKalendar.
Finally, the KDE-Forum.org recently passed the 1500 users and 5000 posts milestones.

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by theorz (not verified)

Some of the ideas presented on that slicker site look really innovative. The card based clipboard really sticks out in my mind. That is such a natural representation for having a multi item clipboard I am surprised that I have not seen it done before. It would especially excel for having items such as images on the clipboard.

I am glad to see the work done to make sure slicker has a well thought out api. I would love to see slicker merged into kde for 4.0.

by Nobody (not verified)

I would also love to see cards to be used on other thigs as well, like at the point k3b might get integrated to the system it would show the status of the burn on a card, also audio players could use a card to show off and generally any program that has a updating (live) status screen that does not need user input (frequently) should have an user-selectable (via radiobutton on config) option for showing status on a card and/or using the same cards-system used in the konqueror side-bar.

by cmf (not verified)

I'm a member of the slicker group, not a developer, more of a dweller/idea person. The re-design of teh core is going well AFAIK, but slicker will be shipping with only a default set of cards (To be decided), we are thinking of creating a second project for cards (so cards and slicker-core don't get confused, and so core developers can work more efficiently) and any cards/ideas will be very welcome. If you have anymore questions regarding slickere, either mail tehm to the ML or join #slicker on freenode.

But thanks for all the nice comments and keep a look out for slicker in future, we're back!

by ita (not verified)

.. and still no kde on directfb yet.

by Ralf Habacker (not verified)

you are invited to join to the native QT3 port project, which is over 90% complete. Currently the main task is to migrate from qt3.1 to qt 3.2.1.

See http://cygwin.kde.org/qt3-win32/ for more informations.


by protoman (not verified)

Nice work. I'm looking forward it to when I start programming with C++ (should be until the end of the year).
It will be great to develop GPL programs and being able to run them both on linux and windows.

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

win32 does not equal directfb, unless I'm missing something here.

by luciano (not verified)

I think the original author implies that removing the X11 dependency, directfb
support would be automatic.

by hoernerfranz (not verified)

shame on you - this is just undermining the fundamentals we are all relying on.

by ac (not verified)

Looks like it's already underway. http://qt-directfb.sourceforge.net/

by Andy Goossens (not verified)

It looks like they stopped developing it. Last change in CVS is from 7 weeks ago...

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

It's a bit off, but meanwhile KDE Dot News is at 800 articles and almost 40000 comments. Whee! :-)

by Jay Pee (not verified)

Is anyone really using KDE on Cygwin? Shame on me, but I had much trouble installing it (and it is kind of slow, of course). Unfortunately it is not as easy as installing any other cygwin package.
Why is that?

by Andy Goossens (not verified)

True, Cygwin is difficult too install. Why? Maybe because RedHat leads the development :-)

On the other hand, Holger Schroeder ported the Gentoo Portage system to Cygwin. It is very experimental but it does the job...

by Ralf Habacker (not verified)

Because the cygwin installer lacks of batch processing featuer which would make is easier to integrate it into the KDE-cygwin installer.

Currently there are some discussions on the cygwin-apps list (http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-apps) how to do this.

by Dan Leinir Turt... (not verified)

The e-mail address [email protected] now exists and is open for your Slicker logo competition submissions. The e-mail address did not exist, and I had just changed the rules for recieving e-mail. But that has been fixed, so send away people!