Want KDE at COMDEX? Then Vote!

COMDEX is one of the largest computer conventions in the United States. O'Reilly & Associates, publishers and Open Source advocates, have stuck a deal with COMDEX to sponsor six open projects to appear among the commercial vendors and demonstrate their product. KDE is one of the 21 projects selected as possibilities, and there is an online poll currently running to select the six choices. You can vote once per day, so make it part of your daily routine!


by Thomas (not verified)

The option I did not know of limits the number of columns to that of older excel versions (which was the size of a word if i recall correctly). So how does this effect my judgement of Gnumeric (provided that I had to deal with ASCII-tables up to 20000 rows)? Not at all...
And plz come down that high horse regarding Microsoft software... Guess we can all agree on MS software not giving us the freedom we'd like to have... But the worst thing you can do is to underestimate Microsofts capabilities. Ms can't be doing everything wrong...

from my experience it's like

excel > oo.calc > > > gnumeric > kspread

with a _large_ gap between oo.calc and gnumeric


by Marcel Partap (not verified)

That option was not quite the point, you said you had to deal with one table and that didn't work out for you and that was it with your Gnumeric experience. But that other guy has used it a lot, so he is in a better position to judge. That was my point. If this came out of a misperception, well, correct mine.
And, ok, M$ cannot do _everything_ wrong , you're right on that. If you look at it from an economical and marketing point they even have done especially well competing on the market, crushing most of their opponents to dust or pushing them into niches. But if you look at their Code (which I have never done except for DOS 6.22 and that's not quite comparable to modern C/++) it should be real ugly. I mean, it feels that way using the software. You can _feel_ it is not done properly coded. Regarding software designing/engineering they really failed big time. No good structuring, if at all. No wonder they have so many leaks and so much trouble getting Longhorn to run with all that old code in there. I would consider f.e. KDE's design process to be much more efficient then M$'s (imho). The "less trouble thingie" is quite a good indicator of that.
It's time for M$ to take a dive, they've had their time. They've made computers "more popular and easier to use", although I guess f.e. Apple would have done better at that. They should just go and die, and if they do not get a grip on other markets fast enough (which I fear they might have achieved), they sure will. Better for mankind in mine opinion. Remember the only thing why M$ is doing OS is your money. They wanna pluck you. Well, in OSS the reason to code an OS is to make a working OS, which seems to result in less marketing and more developing.
I think Bill Gates always wanted to get rich. Little nerd as he was, red-haired, bullied in school, wanted to make everybody use his OS on his desktop - and earn him quite a buck.
oh btw I have used all the apps but not extensively so I myself can't really say anything bout that, will stop chitchating now, smoke a bowl and go to bed.
regards, Marcel

by Templar (not verified)

Guys, you're funny as hell. Here, take xl, scalc, gnumeric and whatnot, fill a whole list with =rand() and check how long and how much memory it takes. Save and check file size. Post your results here.

by Thomas (not verified)

> They were obviously shortlisted in terms of quality. The simple fact is, most KDE apps are
> eye-candy plus alpha-level features... with a version 2.1 label slapped on to make it look
> "mature".

Oh, damned... you got us. So we can't fool you...
Well, than you are of course free to go back and use the better Gnome-only apps.

At least the illusion is nearly perfect isn't it....? Let's see what happens when people realize that all CDs they believe to have burned with K3B are actually still blank (but the "write to CD"-progress bar is really nifty, isn't it)?

Or when they find out that Konqueror is not displaying websites but random .png images from the local fs (which the so-called khtml-developers made previously from screenshots of glory mozilla)

But the best trick still is kmail... You barely notice that it actually can't retrieve any mails but presents you snippets from it's large random-text database... And now they made a PIM-application... I can tell you, kontact is even trickier..

by ac (not verified)


by Doc Brown (not verified)

Of course KDE's applications are pretty lame. Still KDE's technical foundation is highly sophisticated.
Take KDevelop e.g.: The user doesn't notice that internally KDevelop adds five years to the system date, and connects to the respective future Anjuta-version using a highly sophisticated timewarp-kioslave.
So actually the whole visual output of KDevelop is generated by an Anjuta-process running five years ahead in the future. Pretty evil, huh? ;-)