Announcing KDE 3.2 Beta 1 "Rudi"

With the new year fast approaching, beta testing of the upcoming KDE 3.2 release has begun. The KDE Project is excited to announce the immediate availability of "Rudi", the first beta version of KDE 3.2. Sharing its name with the Kastle conference's host coordinator, Rudi represents the culmination of the KDE Project's efforts to date.

As no further features will be added between the release of Rudi and KDE 3.2, this is an excellent opportunity to preview the most advanced and powerful KDE yet. Packages may be downloaded from As of this writing there are sources and binaries for SuSE and Conectiva, but other distributions will follow. The Konstruct build toolkit was updated.

With its 25 page feature plan, nearly 10,000 bugs closed and over 2,000 user wishes processed a complete report on what one can expect from Rudi would be so long that by the time you finished reading it, there would probably be a more current KDE release to try out. The only way to truly appreciate this release is to experience it first hand, but here are a few of the highlights anyways...

Read on in the full announcement.

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by Eike Hein (not verified)

I thought the announcement was written incredibly well - a nice overview :o).

Now, excuse me while I hunt for the download ;-).

by Debian User (not verified)


I can only second that. The announcement reads just "right".

Congratulations to the KDE developers, rarely ever did I more look forward to a software than KDE 3.2 for the great many new features and consolidations.

Yours, Kay

by Bob (not verified)

Here here! A wonderful announcement very clearly written and with a nice presentation of facts.

One minor quibble, though. The word "nor" is almost exclusively used after the word "neither." The release should use the word "or" instead.

by ed (not verified)

Well, if we're quibbling you should write "hear hear" instead of "here here" ;-) ... a quick google gives a few links of proof:



I believe it comes from "hear him, hear him", used in the UK House of Commons.

by Bob (not verified)

Very true! I realized my mistake shortly after posting it. I thought it would have made me too much of a grammar nut to correct my own posting about grammar.

There's nothing funner than posting a response telling others to get smart and then screwing that up yourself :-)

by Melchior FRANZ (not verified)

> I believe it comes from "hear him, hear him", used in the UK House of Commons.

AFAIK it comes from the heralds who went through the towns with a drum to announce
what the king/emperor had to say. (in German it's "Hoert, hoert!")

by Sean O'Dell (not verified)

Actually, one uses "nor" in conjunction with "neither" and "or" in conjunction with "either." I believe the author was correct.

by probono (not verified)

A KNOPPIX version with Rudi would be great for testing - perhaps someone is already working on this? It would make sense for people who do not want to change their existing KDE installs but who would like to participate in the beta testing process.

by Eike Hein (not verified)

I second that - and I'm pretty confident there will be a Rudi-Knoppix available in no time :).

by Alex (not verified)

I don't want to upgrade my 3.1.4, but I definitely want to preview and test 3.2b.

Yes I would definitly try it!
This computer is used others to so I got to keep it stable, knoppix would be really great! I know some of my friends would be willing to try it too.

by anon (not verified)

well written.. no mention of programs:/ and settings:/ in konqi though, which are great =)

by cies (not verified)

Maybe it's not too late to change it...

(I kind of expected the authors name/e-adress on the end of the annoucement)

This announcement will probably be revised/extended and than used for the final release.

by Anonymous (not verified)

The announcement was written by Aaron Seigo (aseigo).

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

we had to leave _something_ for the final announcement piece, right? ;-) the beta1 article was over 2200 words in first draft form. this was eventually trimmed down to be in the low 1700s, and even that's a bit long IMHO for a beta release announcement. getting it down to "just" that big required picking what to mention this time around and what to leave out for this announcement; i think that says a lot about the significance of KDE 3.2.

but have no fear, i'm sure the article for the 3.2 final release will be larger and more comprehensive.

by Alex (not verified)

I knew it was you since I saw your name in a recent CVS Digest or Traffic where you asked KDE develoeprs to tell you about some important features tehy've added.

by Pedro Jurado Maqueda (not verified)

Can you send me the article a few days before the release?. It's just for translate and publish in Spanish in our web page (KDE-Hispano).

If you give me a few days more, maybe I can translate just at time for all KDE spanish speakers users.

Thanks in advance.

My e-mail is [email protected]

by tanghus (not verified)

These protocols doesn't really do anything here, but as there are no programs in the K-menu and nothing in KControl I guess its a SuSE specific problem as mentioned in a thread below...

by Sandro (not verified)

Congratulations :o) i've downloaded KDE3.2 Beta, but after the installation there is no menu, nothing in the kcontrol-center and i can't open any directory on my desktop, does someone know what this is? i'm using SuSE 8.2

by MacBerry (not verified)

Same problem here. Also SuSE 8.2. Seems the rpms are horribly broken.

by sam (not verified)

I'm also affected from this Problems (SuSE 82). Kcontrol doesn't show any configuration-items, KMenu also seems to be broken. I hope this will be fixed ...

by ac (not verified)

did you tried moving ~/.kde out of the way?

by star-flight (not verified)

Same here (SuSE 9.0). I've downloaded from a new kdelibs-/kdebase-package and it works :)

by Max Howell (not verified)

I did this, but made no difference to me. I still have nothing in the control center. I don't know how the control center works so I've not a clue how to fix it.

Otherwise things seem fairly bug-free, I've noticed some quirks. No doubt I'll be bugzilling tonight.

by Max Howell (not verified)

I had to revert to 3.1.4 until the menus and panel are sorted. It's too soon since I installed SuSE 9 to not have various coolness. I run a cvs copy anyway so it's not too important.

by Jarl E. Gjessing (not verified)

I also had to revert.
All KControl items are listed under Applications.
Fonts for the konsole is missing and lots, lots more.

by Sandro (not verified)

Yes, i've tried to move .kde into another dir, but it doesn't work :-( it must be a bug with the SuSE-Version of the Beta, 'cause the Alpha II of KDE 3.2 worked fine...

by nicka (not verified)

It's not just SuSE, I've built it from source using konstruct on Red Hat 9 and my kontrol panel is also empty!

by anon (not verified)

It's known and fixed. Read the full thread and you will find solutions:

Especially the stuff in /etc/xdg/. I saw the bug report but I can't remember where. The solution is to make symlinks and/or copies from default_(*) to (*) in that directory.

by Dirk (not verified)

That makes two of us. I don't know how to fix it. It's a pity :-(

by Tariq Firoz (not verified)

same problem with mandrake 9.1, kde 3.2 alpha2 was fine ;-(, dunno what is the problem ?

by ac (not verified)

Those bugs you call, are new features, don't you like them? ;)

by Nobody (not verified)

Buahhahhah!!! :-D

Cool features!

Luckily Gentoo-versions work just fine... ;-)

by Sandro (not verified)

Your Gentoo-Version works? but then You dont have the new features *hehe*

by Micha (not verified)
by Sandro (not verified)

Thank You! i've downloaded this file and now it works! Congratulations again and keep up the great work :o)

by Ben Roe (not verified)

From 'rrh' on the gentoo forums, this should fix your problem:

cd /usr/kde/3.2/etc/xdg/menus/
ln -s

and then logout/login. Works for me using the gentoo ebuild, and your symptoms sound identical

by Andrey V. Panov (not verified)

I have similar problem with KDE compiled from sources on Slackware-9.1. This command does not help.

by Andrey V. Panov (not verified)

OK. The ~/.kde directory should be removed or new KDEHOME must be created.

by Eggert (not verified)

No. I use a fresh new user dedicated to kde3.2-beta. The problem is still there. The symlink did not help either.

by Caleb Tennis (not verified)

After making the sym-link, be sure to do a 'kbuildsycoca'

by Z (not verified)

Worked for me. I'm running RH9 and built KDE3.2-beta1 using konstruct. Thanks!

by Eggert (not verified)

Sorry, not for me. This is a SuSE 9.0 system, kde 3.2 beta1 built by Konstruct. Running kbuildsycoca (as root) produced a lot of messages like
kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'katepart.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'text/x-c'
kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'katepart.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'text/x-c++'
kbuildsycoca: WARNING: 'katepart.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'text/x-shellscript'
Still, my Controllcenter only contains "Peripherals", "System", "Yast2".

by Z (not verified)

Running it as root won't fix the control center for your regular user account. Try running the kbuildsycoca command as the regular user you are signed in as after you make the symlink as root. Good luck.

by Eggert (not verified)

Ooops.. sometimes things are too simple. It works. Thank you.

by k18 (not verified)

Excuse me!!
Where i put the symlink?

by TomL (not verified)

If I remove ~/.kde, what happens to my addressbook, calendar, etc?

I don't want to enter all that data twice!

by cm (not verified)

You're right. In any case make a backup copy first.

But: Backing up your valuable files regularly to an
external medium (floppy, CVS, CD-R) is a good idea anyway.

by tizianoo portenier (not verified)

it's ot important to remove da whole kdehome-directory (~/.kde) only the responsible files should be removed, e. g. to make kcontrol running, make the links discussed above and remove the file KDEHOME/share/config/kcontrolrc


by Andrey V. Panov (not verified)

OK. The ~/.kde directory should be removed or new KDEHOME must be created.