Quickies: Linus Praises KDE, I-Kubed, Boson 0.9

Andreas Beckermann wrote in to point out the huge amount of progress in the latest release of Boson (0.9), a real time strategy game for KDE. Screenshots here. Right after the beta announcement, KDE user illogic-al submitted his personal preview of KDE 3.2 on It's been noted that there may be inaccuracies in the review -- but can you feel the excitement?!
Finally, several of you also wrote in to point out Linus Torvalds' comments on KDE in a recent interview on OET: "I think the biggest single thing that has happened [...] has been a lot of good library frameworks. Qt in particular I think made a huge difference. And the KDE libraries and toolbuilder infrastructure. [...] I just noticed that the KDE people consider it more important to have it working, and sane.
I don't get involved very much. I used to send a lot of bug reports to the KDE people, until I didn't have bugs anymore and I stopped." Thanks, Linus!


> BTW, Konqueror could use some serious usability enhancements (like not having the "create new tab" and "destroy tab" together... DOH!). BTW, Firebird little closing [x] on the tab is cool... and BMW, it's a car. :-)

Already done in 3.2. One thing that propels Konqueror further than Firebird is spell checking in forms (like Safari).. only if corrections appeared in the context menu like MS Word =)

By anon at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am