KDE Traffic #67 Released

After a not-so-long break, KDE Traffic is back. Issue #67 has just been released, with news regarding KMail, Kontact, general look and feel and more. Check it out at the usual place.


66469 Disconnected IMAP tries to use the prefix as another mailbox

I believe Evolution has a similar bug ... perhaps an IMAP server issue??

Any libs in common with Evo??

By qtnice_but at Sun, 2003/11/09 - 6:00am

... and dIMAP seems to be really slow compared to standard IMAP.

Syncing an Exchange2k-IMAP account with ~3000 mails needs 60 seconds. Checking a cyrus account for new mails with 50000 mails via standard IMAP without syncing needs a second.

*me* wonders, that I can use kmail filter rules with dIMAP. Hmmm, is it possible to build cyclic rules with 2 running clients using the same IMAP account?

Whats the status of server side filtering (Sieve)?



By Thorsten Schnebeck at Sun, 2003/11/09 - 6:00am

dIMAP is pretty much guaranteed to be slower as i understand it.. .as for Sieve filtering there's an option for it in KMail in CVS... i haven't tried it yet, thought...

By Aaron J. Seigo at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Support for Sieve didn't make it into KDE 3.2. See

By Ingo Klöcker at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

How is then

"Imap folders as targets for filter move actions. Till Adam , Don Sanders
Client side imap filtering with body downloading avoidance. Don Sanders , Till Adam "

from 3.2 feature plan implemented?



By Thorsten Schnebeck at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Filter rules are only applied on new messages in your INBOX on the IMAP server. Therefore cyclic rules should be impossible unless another (not KMail) client puts messages back into INBOX.

Anyway, the possibility of cyclic filter rules is one of the reasons why clientside filtering with IMAP should be avoided if possible.

By Ingo Klöcker at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

I think it is worth waiting a little bit before committing the patch as there are still some small problems. I will improve the patch when I have some time and if everything works perfectly, it will be committed (but after 3.2)...

By Benoit W. at Sun, 2003/11/09 - 6:00am

I think, this patch is more a bugfix than a feature.
It sould be committed now, otherwise people will use Nautilus.

By Asdex at Sun, 2003/11/09 - 6:00am

Asdex, you should read Coolo's Blog
to understand the difference between a bug and a showstopper

Benoît should commit when he thinks it is technically ready in true Open Source way...

There is a life after 3.2... 3.2.1, 3.2.2

By Charles de Miramon at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

The only thing I ever get from is timeouts on port 80.

By Leonscape at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Its working now, had too disable ecn checking to get it to work though. Can something be done about this? or is their some other problem?

By leonscape at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Not commiting it right now has nothing to do with the feature freeze; in fact, it is a bug fix. It's not being committed right now because there are some small problems with the patch. Even if it doesn't make it into 3.2.0, it could be backported to 3.2.1, as it's a bug fix.

By anon at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

I don't think those new icons have too many details.

But there is another problem: Some icons differ from those of any other desktop:
undo - redu: Both crystal icons are clockwise.
At every other desktop "undo" is counter clockwise, "redo" is a clockwise arrow.

By Asdex at Sun, 2003/11/09 - 6:00am

and again, the same article is linked twice within the news item (which is only two sentences). bad style :)

By me at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Sorry for that.

Anyway, the two links point to different places. The first one points to issue number 67. The second points to the latest issue, which is #67 now, but won't be when the next issue is released. That's why it is "the usual place".

By Henrique Pinto at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

great issue... thanks for picking this up and putting effort into it... it's a very nice addition/contribution to the KDE community =)

one question: where are the archive links? will you be adding them in future editions? i know they are something of a pain, but they take only a few minutes to do and are really quite handy...

By Aaron J. Seigo at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Thank you very much!

The archive links are likely to return in the next issue. I completely forgot about them and no one else remembered, also.

By Henrique Pinto at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Cool about the archive links returning - another small request - could
you include the name of the mailing list before each summary?
Thanks for your efforts!

By steve at Tue, 2003/11/11 - 6:00am

> could you include the name of the mailing list before each summary?

Certainly. This will happen from now on.

Thank you!

By Henrique Pinto at Tue, 2003/11/11 - 6:00am

This is an important step in remedying this problem.

By Alex at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

The motivation for including the link came from that bugreport.

BTW, you may consider (if you haven't done that yet) joining the kde-promo mailing list and discuss these issues there.

By Henrique Pinto at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

So these are still PNG rendered from SVG sources?
I was to understand that these SVG icons were going
to be rendered on-the-fly. I wanted to have 240X240
desktop icons too :(

In any case, welcome back KDE traffic :)

By standsolid at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am

Thanks for bringing it back and thanks to Russell Miller for doing the work until now!

By Joergen Ramskov at Mon, 2003/11/10 - 6:00am