2003 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards

Voting for the 2003 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards has begun. There are awards for Distribution of the Year, Browser of the Year, Multimedia App of the Year and many other categories. KDE related projects up for awards include KDE, Konqueror, KWin, KOffice, KSpread, KWord, Quanta, KMail and Kate.

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by Anonymous (not verified)

Now let's go and see what nominations they missed this time... :-)

by anon (not verified)

The above list does not include JuK, k3b, Scribus, KStars, Kile, Kopete, KBarcode for starters. :-)

by Anonymous (not verified)

CD-Burning and Instant Messanging categories would have been indeed interesting this year.

by panzi (not verified)

And I can't find kdevelop! Best IDE of the year.

by Maynard (not verified)

Really, better than Eclipse? someow Don't think so.

by Rischwa (not verified)

>Really, better than Eclipse? someow Don't think so.
Not for Java devlopement, that's right,
but for C++ i would say lightyears ahead ;).


by Maynard (not verified)

But Eclipse can do anything. The plugins architecture is also very good. Eclipse is rather rapdly becoming an inustry standard. Plus its totally cross platform too.

by Bernd Gehrmann (not verified)

> But Eclipse can do anything.

So? Does not it fully support automake and am_edit? What
about support for qmake? Does it allow browsing kdelibs,
qt, libc documentation with full text search capabilities?
What about signal/slot support in the class browser?
Man pages? Integration of any KPart? ioslaves? Integration
of external programs? Konsole? Perforce support? Kompare
support? Doxygen support? Regular expression tester?

Just to name a few things ;-)

by David (not verified)

We are actually getting to a situation where you can use any number of IDEs. Choose what you think is best!

by norman (not verified)

I voted for KDE, OpenOffice, Konqueror, Fluxbox, Scalc, SWriter, Kmail, VIM and Mplayer.

by Yellowboy (not verified)

Wow, thanks for that.

by Derrick (not verified)

KDE has lots of great technologies, kspread is not yet one of them. It is not complete enough to come anywhere near being usable for nontrivial operations. There are reasons to chose ooo or gnumeric, but selecting kspread now is just silly. Load up some of the regression tests from the gnumeric team and watch it get NONE of it correct, not just some, but a full fledged zero for some files.

Have any of you actually used it or are we just a bunch of fanboys ?

by Anon (not verified)

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