KDE Image Database 1.0 Released

After exactly one year of coding, several months of bothering people with
demos, and 2 long holidays (also used for coding), I've finally gotten my act
together enough to make a public release of KimDaBa. If you have a large pile of digital images and need a sane solution for managing them, KimDaBa could well be the answer to your prayers.

When I got my first digital camera a year ago, several image managers
already existed, so I had a hard time choosing the right one. It was especially
hard because I had serious doubts that any of the existing applications would
scale up very well, up to say, tens of thousands of images with hundreds of
new images coming in each month.

Taking my ignorance to the limit, I decided to develop the desired
application myself. Suffice it to say, if you have a large pile of digital images, and cannot answer yes to
all of these points, then be sure to take a look at KimDaBa:

  • It's easy to index your images -- "Label these 10 images as pictures of my girlfriend."
  • Within a few seconds you can find a given image you have in mind --
    "Locate that image of my girlfriend from the holiday on Mallorca
    in 1998", or "Get me that photo with both my girlfriend and my
  • You have all the tools needed to set up a slide show of a given
    subset of your images.
  • When browsing through your images, it's easy to switch category -- One
    moment you are looking at images of your girlfriend, the next you are
    looking at images from your trip to Mallorca.
  • It's easy to make your images available on the net in different
    resolutions -- Make it easy for your mother on a 32Kb modem to see
    them in the right resolution, and for your brother on a 2Mb line to get
    images in a resolution high enough for printing.
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by Adam Foster (not verified)

Downloading it right now. I've got (quick check) 1987 photos from my camera in a single directory, and Konqueror's thumbnails were getting a bit unwieldy. This looks like a perfect tool for sorting stuff properly, without lots of complicated directories clouding the issue.

Looks like it's time to get compiling...

Does anyone else see linker errors for the CVS version
in kdeextragear-2? kimdaba hasn't been building here
for quite some time, but I didn't bother because I thought
"It's still in development and will eventually be fixed...".

Now that it's released but with the error still there
I think I might have some problems that are specific
to my installation.

There are several errors like this.
undefined reference to `ImageConfigUI::~ImageConfigUI [in-charge]()'

So, does the CVS version build for all of you who have tried?

Yes I got several build errors from the csv version.
(Why would a programmer put code into csv for the world to view that did not even compile?)

So I backed off the the released version.

Only to fine that it requires unsermake, which to the best of my knowledge no distro has yet included. So I started searching for that, and realized it was
a fools errand to start whacking my system to compile this thing.

I'd like to use this software, but two hours of downloading and building
give me the impression its not ready for beta testing yet.

by Jesper Pedersen (not verified)

The CVS version compiles just fine for me, but if you do not use KDE Head you might be in trouble with it. (I'll backport it to 3.1.x when releasing)

Regarding unsermake, it was indeed not my intend that the release should contain that code, but as I use unsermake myself, obviously that got into the release.
This does however not mean that you need unsermake! so if unsermake is required for you, it is either a bug in unsermake or a time stamps problems on your system.

Regarding the software not being ready for beta testing: Please be reasonable now, any release will have problem on some system, and obviously you were the unlucking one. But starting shouting out that it is not even ready for beta testing, is at best not fair.

> The CVS version compiles just fine for me, but if you do not use KDE Head
> you might be in trouble with it. (I'll backport it to 3.1.x when releasing)

Well, I do have CVS HEAD, both of KDE and kimdaba. And the rest of
the KDE source compiles, so I don't think my system is broken.

Should I report a bug somewhere with the complete error output?
If so, where? I haven't found it as category at bugs.kde.org...

by Jesper Pedersen (not verified)

Yes, please do send me the error message [email protected]
KimDaBa does actually exists in bugs.kde.org.

For the record: I sent the email and Jesper Pedersen
suggested to remove the complete directory and
do a new checkout to cleanup stale files.
That did the trick.
(The standard "make clean" I do regularly hadn't helped.)

Thanks to him for the quick and competent help.

Well you are probably right when you say that I was being a bit
unfair. It was late, I was frustrated, and I appologixe.

Lets just say its obviously not yet time for ME to be
beta testing since it won't build on my machine. Not the CSV or
the released version.

I note that others are having problems with the
usermake issue (on the mailing list). To them you suggested
(as you did to me) that there is a time stamp problem, and on
the mailing list you said they should check their system clock.

My clock is set with ntp to one of the US Government clocks
so I'm pretty sure thats not the problem.

Why would a time stamp cause the make process to try to
invoke usermake when usermake is not even installed on my
system. (Indeed, SuSE has never included it). My system
is SuSE 8.2, running a late smp kernel, and kde 3.1.4 and
reciently updated source tree for same.

I also note that after running ./configure and waiting for that
to get done, (successfully) I start make, and it goes thru configure
again. That may have been your intent, but I've never seen it with
other packages I've built from source.

by Jesper Pedersen (not verified)

As I said, it was not intended to release with unsermake enabled.

I'm currently at a company meeting where we work 18 hours a day, so please allow me till Wednesday, where I'll release a 1.0.1 without unsermake, and with bugfixes for two crashes reported.


by Anony Guy (not verified)

Looks pretty cool. One feature that I must have in such a program is the ability to quickly select and (losslessly) rotate pictures. Reading through the documentation I saw a picture that suggests you can rotate for viewing, but it wasn't clear if this rotated the actual picture.

Looks like a cool App! I'll download and play with it tonight.


by Jesper Pedersen (not verified)

No modifications are done to the images at all.
You can store in the database that the image should be rotated, but it will never be written to the actual image.

Thats a feature not a bug ;-)

by Anony Guy (not verified)

Yeah, I understand where you are coming from...not quite the intended use of your tool.

Does anyone know of a good KDE tool for doing this sort of thing? Right now the best thing I've found is some clunky X program (maybe GTK based? maybe not) that mandrake includes.

by Lubos Lunak (not verified)

Maybe the Gwenview image viewer can be what you're looking for.

by Thorsten Schnebeck (not verified)

digikam 0.6.0-CVS has a lossless-JPEG-plugin