KDE 3.2 Beta 2 "Dobra Voda" is Waiting For You

Our first KDE 3.2 Beta "Rudi" was a huge success and resulted in over 2000 resolved bugs. As the code still has some rough edges, we decided to go for another beta. So here it is: Dobra Voda. Please continue reporting problems you see with it, your testing is much appreciated. You can download Dobra Voda at http://download.kde.org/unstable/3.1.94. Currently we have binaries for Fedora, Slackware and SUSE, besides the sources.

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by Chakie (not verified)

Once Konstruct gets updated I'll burn a few cycles and compile this baby. :) I've loved beta1 although it has had a few rough edges, will be interesting to see what has changed. Konqueror especially seems to be improved a lot based on the CVS-Digests.

by Anonymous (not verified)

From http://developer.kde.org/build/konstruct/ : "Unstable Version - This version installs the current unstable development releases of KDE and applications. Currently it gives a complete KDE 3.2 Beta 2 installation."

by l/p: anonymous/... (not verified)

Is there any place with "bleeding edge" kde packages for debian?
I always used the CVS builds on http://opendoorsoftware.com/cgi/http.pl?p=kdecvs but the last build is from Nov 5 AFAIK even pre beta1 not exactly what I'd call bleeding edge =)

by deaththrasher (not verified)

I've been wondering the same thing! I was using the CVS apt sources, but once they stopped updating I just went and compiled it from CVS for myself. Not quite as fast, is it? Well, for now that will have to suffice. Perhaps you could try getting in touch with the guy who was generating those packages and see what the status is. Probably he's just busy with final exams or something ;-)

by Boris Kurktchiev (not verified)

I was running kde 3.1.4+kontact and then upgraded to Dobra Voda(btw why is it named good water.....) and tried to run KMail well that didn't go very well because Kontact was using dimap and when I ran Kmail it couldn't read all the stuff that Kontact put in there.... I thought that Kontact synced with Kmail's sources. Should I put this on the buglist of kmail or Kontact?

by André Somers (not verified)

AFAIK, Dobra Voda is a Checz brand for mineral water. They probably had that a lot at Nove Hradi :-)

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

Following that logic, 3.2 final must be named Budvar?

No, final would be Plzensky Pradsroj.

Mmmm... Budvar

Certainly Budvar :)) I'm bit of a patriot so nothing else is an option for me (I live in Ceske Budejovice (or Budweis for german-lovers)) :)))

by Lukas Tinkl (not verified)

Yeah, and that brand is named after the village of the same name, which is right next to Nove Hrady.

by somebody_from_russia (not verified)

i would say that "Dobra Voda" has strong association with "vodka" for us :))

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

Hmm, it seems that we forgot to think about an upgrade path for people who tried Kontact 0.2. I'd say you should file your bug report for the Mail component of Kontact.

Whenever a new build/release of KDE gets thrown into the wild, there are always requests for screenshots. Some screenshots will be posted, at random places, of random windows, using 'random' styles etc.

Wouldn't it be possible to create some nice script which make all kinds of magic DCOP calls and opens a 'standard' list of apps, snapshots each, if possible selects options in apps etc, snapshots those.

This way people could simply run that script, create a huge amount of usefull common screenshots, even using different styles/icons with ease.Hopefully this idea is somewhat new, here goes..

Whenever a new build/release of KDE gets thrown into the wild, there are always requests for screenshots. Some screenshots will be posted, at random places, of random windows, using 'random' styles etc.

Wouldn't it be possible to create some nice script which make all kinds of magic DCOP calls and opens a 'standard' list of apps, snapshots each, if possible selects options in apps etc, snapshots those.

This way people could simply run that script, create a huge amount of usefull common screenshots, even using different styles/icons with ease.

Did somebody ask for random screenshots? :-)


If anybody wants me to take shots of particular things, just ask and I'll see if I can oblige.

by Anonymous (not verified)

please : KDE 3.2 screenshots with plastik theme.

sorry for my poor english

The links above only contain screenies from kde using the plastik theme

by nobody (not verified)

What about a screenshot of non-trasnparent panels, I want to see how the pager looks like. The pager in the transparent panel looks great but what about ordinary panels?

- make it available to debian, so everyone can try it with a simple apt-get.

Seriously. If debian users can expect to install/uninstall this as easily as other packages, why wouldn't they try it out? It'd be worth the effort of providing debs, at least :)

KDE doesn't create binary packages, only sources.
So if Debian users want to use kde 3.2 beta2, they should provide the binary .deb versions themself, just like the other distributions..

See http://opendoorsoftware.com/cgi/http.pl?p=kdecvs

Orth's kdecvs debs are highly recommended

or if you use gentoo (like I have recently), try:


(for binary builds.. portage already has beta2 for a few days in terms of a source build)

yea gentoo!! I don't know how they do it, but stuff goes up on portage right away every time. And if it's not on portage, someone has written an ebuild for it.

by Luke Sandell (not verified)

Alas, it would have to come out right as I finishedcompiling the first beta. Questions: 1) When I compile these packages, what level of debug symbols should I enable ... no, yes, or full? 2) Is there anyway to separate the debug symbols from the code so they only have to be loaded when there is a crash? 3) How much speedup is gained by using anti-debugging features like -fomit-frame-pointer and -frename-registers?

by Luke Sandell (not verified)

4) How do I use the .xdelta patches?

by Miguel (not verified)


You have to use the xdelta tools, which you can find at http://xdelta.sourceforge.net.

After that, imagine that you have kdebase-3.1.93.tar.bz2 in the current dir:

$ bzip2 -d kdebase-3.1.93.tar.bz2

$ xdelta patch kdebase-3.1.93-3.1.94.tar.xdelta

$ bzip2 -9 kdebase-3.1.94.tar

The you'll have the new source code ready for compiling :)


by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

ad 1) If you experience crashes then the resulting backtraces are often not very useful unless you compiled with --enable-debug=yes or full. So for a beta I recommend using yes (if you have enough free disk space). If you don't have that much disk space you should at least compile kdelibs with debug symbols. Then you can re-compile everything else with debug symbols if you need them (for reporting a crash).

ad 2) AFAIK the debug symbols are not loaded into memory unless they are needed, i.e. only when the app crashed. So there's just a little speed penalty but no memory penalty when you run binaries with debug symbols.

by Jord (not verified)

Be careful with these compile flags...

I'm using Gentoo and had to disable one, since I wasn't able to upgrade libc / gcc (can't remember) had to do an awful lot of recompiling to get things fixed.

Time you gain: might be enough to blink your eyes, but I guess you won't notice, but might be able to meassure ;-)

by George Staikos (not verified)

Well, the lemon water was tolerable, but I don't think there's anything in the world that makes me want to drink beer more than Dobra Voda. Beer was quite refreshing in comparison.

by keber (not verified)

Maybe next release should be called "Dobro Pivo"?

by greetings from ... (not verified)

actually "Dobre pivo", or simply "Plzen dvanactka" :)

by Matija "hook" Suklje (not verified)

it depends on which language you speak.

Dobra voda doesn't mean "good water" only in czech, you know?

it's the same in slovene, where "good beer" is spelled Dobro pivo ;)

i was pretty sure that there'd be someone who'd notice the "good water" in this beta :D

btw: where did the idea for this name come from? ...is there a place in the Chech republic called Dobra Voda (where the KDE team met?)

by greetings from ... (not verified)

there's a post on this topic couple of lines below this one. basically yes, although only god knows what those geeks had on their mind when choosing this release name :)

by Matija "hook" Suklje (not verified)

yea, i've seen it after i posted the question ...but i like the name :D ...it's even better then Rudi :I

by Paul (not verified)

I really want to give it a try, but do not know where can I get a binary for my MDK 9.2

by JohnFlux (not verified)

I don't know if beta2 is there, but fairly recent version of cvs are in cooker.
It seems to be updated every few days at least.

by Mario (not verified)

Have you tried cooker?

Maybe you should stop by http://plf.zarb.org/~nanardon/ and add a cooker repository

by TuxCane (not verified)

I just successfully installed 3.1.94 on SUSE 9.0 ... very nice! I'm totally blown away. 3.1.4 didn't make me too happy but most of my earlier complaints have been resolved.

What happened to KMail though? How can I activate a different splash screen? (And who the hell thought to include the XP one?!? Isn't KDE light years beyond fisher price?) Lastly, what about window decorations? There's only a handful selectable and I can't install new ones.

Go KDE3.2!

by Anonymous (not verified)

Make sure you install kdeartwork .. that has more styles/window decorations.. I really like the new Plastik one.

Unfortunately, the window decorations for 3.1 will not direclty port to 3.2. There is a knifty window decoration for 3.2 at


This does compile with 3.2 and looks pretty nice as well.

Most styles for 3.1 should compile and work well with 3.2 (based on my experience).


by melster (not verified)


I would like to give this beta a try. Did anybody install it already on SuSE 9.0? How? I tried installing the first 3.2 beta, but it locked up my system and I needed to reinstall the distribution!


by Max Howell (not verified)

I downloaded the rpms, removed the old KDE rpms from init 3, and installed the new ones with rpm -ivh *.rpm. I tested first with rpm --test -i *.rpm.

Where did it lock? Why reinstall the whole thing? If you lost the use of KDE, why not just use yast from the command line to reinstall KDE 3.1.4? Sounds like you just made more work for yourself to me! KDE is not the whole distro..

Good luck next time!

Ok, I've done exactly this:

: init 3
removed all kde packages
rpm -ihv *.rpm
(lots of dependency complaints)
rpm -ihv --nodeps *.rpm

init 5
(old xdm starts)

No luck, no KDE, my system is starting fvwm2 instead of KDE!!!

What's next?

by Max Howell (not verified)

Install kdm? Then you can choose which wm/de to start. If kdm isn't starting and is installed look up how to set it to start. can't help you there.

Otherwise try startkde from init 3, I think that works, can't remember.

by Andy Goossens (not verified)

> What's next?

A broken system due to the use of "--nodeps" ?

by Moritz Moeller-... (not verified)

Absolutely. I think anyone recommending --nodeps should be shot.

until you know what you are doing and can fix your broken system manually afterwards. But then you are not a Newbie anymoe

Even if a vendor recommends this, don't do it. Seriously. Contact your vendor for packages that are not broken or pick a new distributor.

mmm set kdm at variable DISPLAYMANAGER in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and run SuSEconfig... work for me.


I successfully installed 3.1.94 on my SUSE 9.0 machine without problems ... i just used KPackage to update all the KDE packages that i had installed (first arts, then libs, then the rest as mentioned in the install FAQ)

KDE3.2b2 is up and running fine ...

Let me get this right, You upgraded to beta2 right from within KDE?! Were You already running beta1?
I tried this once with beta1 and ended up having a broken KDE and installed all KDE 3.1.4 rpms from the dvd again and beta1 via konstruct.

by Brian Kendig (not verified)

There's an install FAQ? Where? I've looked and looked...

I'm still getting dozens of dependency errors when I try to install this on my vanilla SuSE 9.0 system. Lots of libarts* errors, though I have arts installed and I don't know what other arts packages I need. libvcard.so.0, even though I have kdelibs3 installed. It also tells me "kdebase3-SuSE <= 9.0 conflicts with kdebase3-3.1.94-1", but I don't know where to get a new kdebase3-SuSE from.

I compiled beta1 successfully on the same machine that I'm trying now to compile beta2. The problem is that a bunch of headers, one of which is artsmoduleseffects.h, never get generated while compiling kdemultimedia. All the other packages compiled, except multimedia.

Is there anything I'm missing?