KDE 3.2 Beta 2 "Dobra Voda" is Waiting For You

Our first KDE 3.2 Beta "Rudi" was a huge success and resulted in over 2000 resolved bugs. As the code still has some rough edges, we decided to go for another beta. So here it is: Dobra Voda. Please continue reporting problems you see with it, your testing is much appreciated. You can download Dobra Voda at http://download.kde.org/unstable/3.1.94. Currently we have binaries for Fedora, Slackware and SUSE, besides the sources.

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Don't use --enable-final for kdemultimedia or apply fix-final.diff before ./configure

Thanks, that did it!


by jerk (not verified)

Why was kde 3.2 beta 2 named "Dobra voda"?

by Anonymous (not verified)

http://www.radio.cz/en/article/47099: "Just a few kilometers away from Nove Hrady lies Dobra Voda, translated into English as Good Water. It is a place of pilgrimage, known for its (you guessed it) good water. But if you are thinking of the bottled water sold around the country bearing the same name, it is not from the same place. In fact, there are over fifteen places called Dobra Voda around the country and many get this peaceful little village confused with the nearby "bottled water" town of Ceske Budejovice."

by Martin A (not verified)

I have KDE 3.2 Beta2 installed in Fedora Core 1.0, I used
the RPM's available.
I have a problem with the response when clicking on a program in the
tastbar. Lets say I want to maximize Konqueror, I click on the icon in
the taskbar, no respone. I click once more, it opens. I want to minimize, click
2 times, no response, the third time it minimizes.

Also, clicking on the K in the left corner can give a hangup where I
need to press Escape to come out of it.

Anyone seen this ?


by tf (not verified)

had the same prob with beta1 and fedora, especially when using firebird.
it seems that the klipper app did steal the focus somehow...
i disabled klipper and now it works ok.

hope this helps,

by Martin A (not verified)

Thanks for answering. I didn't know Klipper
was involved. I had actions disabled, and after
enabling actions it is much better. I can't close
Klipper because there's no respons when trying to


by Roger Soares (not verified)

Cool! I had the exact same problem, it is working now.

Right-click on the panel (outside klipper) -> remove -> mini-app -> klipper

by tizz (not verified)

have da same problem with my selfcompiled version on debian... without klipper, it works for me too... but what if i need klipper ?!

I have had the same problem as you guys but I am running on Gentoo from compiled sources! I'm glad that at least a few othe people have seen this bug, is it formally submitted to the KDE developers yet?

by HelloWorld (not verified)

what are the differences between beta1 and beta2 ?

by Datschge (not verified)

Read through http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-cvs&r=1&w=2 or read the weekly CVS Digest for summaries.

by Carlos Cesar (not verified)

Why aren't there binaries for Mandrake?

I'd like to try the betas, but compiling from source is way over my head.

I suppose there's a good reason.
Somebody knows and wants to share?


Carlos Cesar

by Stephen Douglas (not verified)

There are binaries in Mandrake Cooker.

by Andy Goossens (not verified)

> Why aren't there binaries for Mandrake?

KDE doesn't make binaries, it only provides source. Ask Mandrake to make RPMs.

BTW, Beta2 RPMs are in Cooker.

by Carlos Cesar (not verified)

I was asking Why?

I know, ask Mandrake. Thanks a lot.


Carlos Cesar

by Stephen Douglas (not verified)

Both Andy and myself have told you - there are binaries in Mandrake Cooker.

You're welcome.

by superstoned (not verified)

so where are they, I can find them in an mandrake cooker dir... only kde 3.1.4, or am I doing something wrong?!?!?

by Carlos Cesar (not verified)

Stephen (and Andy):

Thanks for answering, but it seems to be some disconnection between us.

You've answered WHERE. I was asking WHY.

To make my question clearer:

I know that KDE doesn't do binaries, but IIRC, until MDK 8.2 there were links for binaries in the KDE.org site. I guess that meant MDK made binaries.
Since MDK9.0 there are no more.

I was under the impression that Mandrake was one of the most (if not THE most) KDE friendly distro.
So, does anybody knows WHY Mandrake banned the KDE betas to the unfriendly Cooker?


Carlos Cesar

by Andy Goossens (not verified)

Cooker becomes the next Mandrake release (version 9.3 or 10.0, it's still too early to decide). So it makes sense to put the KDE 3.2 beta's in there.

But Mandrake doesn't support running this beta on a 'stable' Mandrake version. Supporting it with binaries causes a *lot* work for the packagers. Users might flood their mailing lists describing bugs and solving those just isn't worth the effort.

If you want to try KDE 3.2 beta2 on your Mandrake system, use CVS, or switch to Cooker. Or you might use third-party RPMs from packagers who have the time to support them.

by Carlos Cesar (not verified)

All nice and dandy, makes sense. TAL.

But MDK hasn't even released RPMS for 3.1.4 FINAL...

Ask Mandrake!
Except that lately, they've become adepts to bullshitting and PR answers.

Guess I'll never find out.

Carlos Cesar

by Stephen Douglas (not verified)

Umm, I was recently running 3.1.4 and am now running 3.2 beta 2, all installed from cooker rpms (except a few bits and pieces I'm hacking on)

What is the problem? Mandrake putting beta packages in their unstable distro? Wow, the shame.

by Anonymous (not verified)

in which package is kmail? or did we completely get rid of this app? thanks for the great job! i love 3.2!!!!

by JC (not verified)

kmail is in kdepim and not in kdenetwork anymore.

by Fred (not verified)

in kdepim

by frappa (not verified)

Snappy as hell and Konqueror only gets better.
I think it's gonna be killer once it's ready.

by kdeuser (not verified)

Konqueror NEVER gets ready and therefore won't be usable as a web browser.

by superstoned (not verified)

come on, Konqi kicks all other browser's asses already, and will only get better...

I mean, firebird can only *look at konqi from a long distance*, can't even dream about the features konqi offers (the tabbed browsing is so much better, for example, ever tried to drag'n'drop a firebird tab? move it? dublicate it? detatch it? let it open after current *active* tab? HAHAHAHA you will have to look for all those silly plugins, install them, then you can hope firebird does it... HOPE...

thats JUST the tabbed browsing (not talkin' bout identificaton-change, autorefresh, etc etc etc)

and Konqi is faster

and integrates better in KDE

anything else???

(yep, I love my konqi, really frustrating to work under XP with firebird now, I feel handicapped)

by Henrique Pinto (not verified)

> (yep, I love my konqi, really frustrating to work under XP with
> firebird now, I feel handicapped)

Install Cygwin and KDE-Cygwin and you'll have Konqueror in Windows.

At least it is supposed to work (I don't use windows, so I haven't tried).

by gensk (not verified)

After compiling (i18n-de) with kontruct and setting the right Paths, I realized that there is no kdm or startkde in /bin.

What I've made wrong?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Search in $prefix/bin with prefix where you installed KDE to (Konstruct default is ~/kde3.2-beta2).

by gensk (not verified)

I have to precise: I should call it "~/kde3.2-beta2/bin" instead of "/bin"
That's in ~/kde3.2-beta2/bin


by Anonymous (not verified)

How about installing kde/kdebase? :-) i18n/kde-i18n-de doesn't require or pull in kdebase.

by Sandman1 (not verified)

I compiled using the Slackware Slackbuilds but there is no startkde, and i find / -name startkde and found nothing. Somthing is up. im going to try recompiling (i erased my kdebase directory so im crying atm)

by tf (not verified)

love it !

thanks to all the hard working kde developers :)

by Renato Sousa (not verified)

Are they in this beta? I heard they entered kdeartwork, but i don't know if that's before or after tagging...

Maybe now the apple "lickable video game" fans got a reason to switch

by Anonymous (not verified)

No, they went in after tagging.

by Andy (not verified)

I tried to build beta2 with konstruct. Beta1 works 100% fine (and fast!), but I tried beta2 with a different user, to not mess up something.
Konstruct throws out a lot of errors, but kde still runs, mostly.
-when krusader is fetched, the md5 seems to be wrong. I have no proxies (neither ftp nor http) in between, so either the stored m5 or the archive is bad
-kdeaddons/noatun-plugins fails, "slang" is missing according to ld, but ldd tells, it's there
-compile of newpg gives lot of "undeclared" errors in maperror.c (therefor kmail-crypto fails)
-kdebindings/dcopper1 tries to write to /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.1/i586-linux-thread.multi
I already run cvs up -dP and as already told, beta1 works without any problems.

Ok, the last cvs update already fixed the krusader md5 problem.
Reviewing the logs I noticed kdirstat is not completed due to some strange docbook error. newpg still suffers from dozens of missing declarations, dirmngr seems to have a pointer problem. the german kde-i18n gives some errors but works as far as I can tell.

krusader and kdirstat are fixed in the current Konstruct version. The kmail-crypto target should work again for a clean installation (otherwise run "make clean" in libs/newpg, libs/dirmngr, libs/ksba and libs/libgcrypt and remove any traces of *ksba* and *gcrypt* in the installation directory). The other two problems have to be fixed in the tarballs, please file reports for them at bugs.kde.org.

Yeah, the fixed do their work. kdirstat took two runs but works now. I already reported on bugs.kde.org but yet no reply.

Well, i did a complete re-konstruct yesterday and the mentioned problems (newgp, errors in german i18n) are still there. Until now noone answered my bugs.kde.org submits, although I received mails from people suffering from the same problems.
Sadly, I don't have any c++ programming skills, so I can't fix these myself.
I noticed sound doesn't work either, but I guess this is a simple file access rights thing.

It's not possible to start konqueror .. it crashes before
I can see the window :-(

by Andy Goossens (not verified)

Using RPMs?
Using "--nodeps" and/or "--force" arguments to install those? -> Don't!

ok, I will try

by Sean Clarke (not verified)

Are you by chance using a SuSE disto?

If so, see http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68547

by Dave M (not verified)

Does KMail, in KDE 3.2b2, have support for task bar and/or system tray notification of new messages?


by anon (not verified)


by Jon (not verified)

Is kmidi a standard component? I know it was included in the Fedora Core 1 KDE packages, but it seems to have disappeared in the upgrade to KDE 3.2 beta 2. As far as I can tell I've installed all the beta 2 .rpms.

Please don't tell me that kmidi's been removed from KDE!