KDE Receives Generous Donation

KDE received a pleasant surprise this week when an anonymous well-wisher
donated $1000 to KDE e.V.
On behalf of everyone in the KDE community we would hereby like to thank our generous friend.
KDE e.V. uses donations to maintain the various KDE servers, to reimburse travel expenses for KDE related activities of KDE developers and for other activities that help to advance the goals of KDE. If you too wish to show your appreciation for the KDE project by making a donation you can use
the donation form on our website. Happy Holidays!

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by Alex (not verified)

Thank you, whoever you are, that is very kind and greately appreciated. I too donate to KDE, but I'm unemployed and so can not donate that much.

by NoName (not verified)

Why $ why not ? ?

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

KDE really doesn't need to change much. It does not need to 'get organized' any more than it is already. I see many comments saying 'KDE needs to do this to beat gnome' and such.

KDE has already accomplished so much without such hoopla - why would we want to change a system that is obviously working.

KDE e.V. is a small but important part of what makes KDE happen and contributions there help pay for our most expensive and most required commodity: bandwidth.

If you have bandwidth and no cash, we'll take that too :) If you can donate neither -- the developers do appreciate 'thanks' just the same. Try the #kde* on irc.kde.org, or the mailing lists.

Everytime an article such as this goes up, the politicking starts from the peanut gallery. Perhaps try to instead contribute in a constructive fashion than the bickering that only degrades the otherwise super-friendly atmosphere that is KDE.


Troy Unrau
( read my blog if you're bored. http://tblog.ath.cx/troy )

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

> read my blog if you're bored. http://tblog.ath.cx/troy

hrm. can i read it if i'm not bored? ;-P

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

Okay :P