Native KDE Port for Mac OS X

A few days ago Benjamin Reed, a.k.a. RangerRick and Benjamin
, a.k.a. icefox, succeeded in making Konqueror, the KDE swiss army
knife, run
natively on Mac OS X
. Now they have an update: KOffice, Kate,
Konsole, and a few other KDE
applications work natively on Mac OS X. That means, they don't
use an X server, like the GUI apps such as those ported
from Unix and Linux to Mac OS X by the Fink project do, but they base on the native Qt/Mac library to run KDE in the
native Aqua environment. They have solved all major porting problems,
with only a few rough edges left to polish. Congratulations on this
milestone achievement!

Screenshots of KSpread ,
KDE games
KDE Wallet,
KTips as well as Konqi
look pretty cool on Mac OS X.
Note that the KDE icons also appear in the Apple equivalent of Kicker.

It seems that RangerRick and icefox have not only satisfied, but have
heightened the expectations now: Mac people seem to be rather keen on also seeing
KDE killer applications like KDevelop and Quanta ported to Mac OS X... ;-)


by danny (not verified)

I read somewhere that I can run Koffice native in Mac OS X, and here it looks like some have done that. What do I need to do - I'm new. I looked around the KDE website and wasn't sure which items to download. Help?

Many thanks.

by schlesi (not verified)


have a look here:

There's, at least on my Powerbook with 10.3.3, a problem: several KDE apps don't have a menu bar, others have.


by addythegeek (not verified)

apparently therers at least 1 stable koffice, or atleast somethings stable, where can i get an installer? now I know that this is a linux program, and so is made as difficult as possible to install, but mac users arent lik you linux users. we like "Simply drag the icon to the Applications folder"or "click next to install". So whats the point of porting to Mac if mac users cant install it?

by Aaron (not verified)

I've downloaded the base... How do I get the apps?