KDE 3.1.5 Released

Dirk Mueller released today

KDE 3.1.5
, the latest and final release in the KDE 3.1 series.
The release was triggered by a

security issue

that was discovered in the VCF file information reader.
lists the other fixes contained in this release.
KDE 3.2 is expected to be released early February.

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by ac (not verified)

> Clearly nobody catches my sarcasm,
Went right over my head, sorry :-/

I guess i'm just bitter about the overuse and abuse of the word "innovation"

> kLife does not exist, but various iLife like applications do. :)
> Mad Man ~ iTunes
> Album Shaper ~ iPhoto

Well, here goes my 2p on what apps should go in..

I took a look at madman on kde-apps.org just now.. and the UI looks horrible. I won't go into detail here over why, but there are good reasons.

The obvious substitute is, of course, JuK.
JuK's interface isn't perfect, but it is simple & intuituve, and has some advanced features hidden in the menus. Some integration with k3b would be good..

K3B should be included. (we don't have to have a 1<->1 mapping to iLife)

Kdenlive? possibly a cut-down uber-simple version of it.

Some sort of photo album manager. I've not yet tried albumshaper/gwenview/showimg.

Lastly, is there *anything* for kde, or gnome for that matter, that does what garageband does?

by standsolid (not verified)

I have to agree with you on this.

an iLife like suite would be good and fill some gaps in KDE's software set.

* Uber-simple to use photo editor (think paint shop pro before ver 5).
* Photo manager with tight integration w/ the editor that can import digitals.
* Music manager/player (JuK comes to mind -- but I think it's still lacking many features one would need. cd-burning and ripping, p2p [apollon], music store...)
* Movie editor. (Like a clone iMovie. I love it -- super easy)

Look at the KPIM suite or the KOffice suite. We need both of them and they work fantastically. We still need this set of tools, IMO. People today are getting more and more into digital media. We have digital cameras on our fricken' cell phones now. People buy new computers just to support their new digital camera. There is a market for it, and a set of integrated KDE apps would be fantastic!

so huzzah! I'm all for it.

here's to the hope

by Debian User (not verified)

Photo manager with tight integration w/ the editor that can import digitals.

I like Digikam (http://digikam.sourceforge.net).

by Víctor Fernández (not verified)

There are things that can already be improved. For example, for the new users it would be kool to go to the cd burner in Konqueror when there's a blank cd and get a screen asking if you want to create a new cd, and then launch K3b or embed it into Konqueror or something. Things like that would make KDE even easier to use. Maybe that's a task for the K3b team, not for KDE, but anyway it would be useful to have CD burning integrated into Konqueror, like Nautilus I think has.

The KDE Control Center could also contain more administration utilities. What about if we wouldn't need the Mandrake Control Center or YaST2 because all of that is already in KControl? That would be cool, and would give a way to configure the system that doesn't depend on what distribution you're running and doesn't require you to be a Linux master.

Also, integration is important. Projects like GtkQt should be embed into KDE when they're finished and stable enough. They would make a KDE desktop seem even more professional/commercial. You know you always need to use at least one application made with GTK that doesn't have a good KDE equivalent, like Gnome users will need to use KDE apps without a good GTK equivalent. It's nearly impossible to only use KDE apps and not Gnome ones, and you will be loosing great apps if you do. Common themes like Geramik/Keramik, Galaxy, Plastik/Plastig are great, but GtkQt is the logical step forward. Users shouldn't notice whether they are using GTK applications or QT ones.

So, there are things that need to be improved and there's always a place for innovation. It's hard to get new ideas in a populated world, but there can always be.

Note that I like KDE 3.2 beta 2 very much, and I say all this as suggestions. I believe in KDE and I just want it to be even better.

by Derek Kite (not verified)

Using CVS, from about a week ago, if I right click on a folder in Konqueror, Actions->Create Data CD with K3b. If I right click on an MP3, I get the option of creating a music CD. If I select the action, K3b loads, with the directory inserted in the project.

Works fine.


by rinse (not verified)

If I put a blanc cd in my writer, KDE starts k3b immediatly.
(suse 9.0)


by superstoned (not verified)

afaik, work is being done on the building of tools for system configuration, to replace Yast/MCC etc. wait for 3.3 to include some more (as there are now already a few) - maybe in KDE 4 the tools will be complete.

And I fully agree on the other points you mention ;-)

by Daeron (not verified)

I wish you people would STOP promoting K3b as some wonder app. As I understand it *still* requires people to run emulations of SCSI and uses an ancient writing package (cdrecord). So ancient that apparantly it's even had to create or use seperate software (dvd+rw-tools) just to address DVD's?
Meanwhile the non-linux world has continued to wait for these people to come into the 21st century where the writing softwares actually know about the existance of IDE CD & DVD burners and the like. I personally would prefer a GUI CD authoring application that allowed you to nominate which writing app you would prefer to use (e.g. cdrecord or burncd), but otherwise why not just import and make use of burncd? It's available & I'm sure Søren would not mind the Linux world benefiting from his code, just don't remove his name from source.

Ref: ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/development/FreeBSD-CVS/src/usr.sbin/b...
- if you read his copyright notice you wil see it does not prevent you from adding GNU licence requirements.

by anon (not verified)

> As I understand it *still* requires people to run emulations of SCSI and uses an ancient writing package (cdrecord)

Uh, no it hasn't, for a long time now. What world are you living in? Most people use IDE burning with cdrtools (formerlly known as cdrecord) and/or k3b.

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Do you know if cdrdao supports IDE burning? I'm using Linux 2.6.0 with ide-cd and cdrecord doesn't do VCDs, perfect cloning, etc.

by Mike (not verified)

is really a big improvement. Really all bugs that really bugged
me (what else could a bug do?) have been squashed.
FISH login now works even after entering a password wrong or pressing
cancel. You dont have to rename things twice on your desktop to
actually rename them. Configuring the toolbar in Konq has much improved
and now works almost as advertised (except some minor quirks: you still
cant add a filter button to the main toolbar for whatever reason).
And docking/undocking now works bug-free in Quanta and Kate and correctly
saves its window positions. Editing the K-Menu now works without reloading
the kicker. You can see your changes immediately. And finally the correct
of multiple stylesheets is shown when viewing webpages. Of course there
are lots of other things new or improved but it's often the small things
that are really getting in your way. These things alone are reason enough
to get 3.2 beta 2 instead of 3.1. Over here it runs absolutely stable.
Thanks KDE team!

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

> FISH login now works even after entering a password wrong.

And you don't call that a bug? ;-)

by Ronny (not verified)

No, thats a feature ! ,-D


by ac (not verified)

> And you don't call that a bug? ;-)

Wouldn't bug me too much -

whats you ip address again?

by snorkel (not verified)

he means that if you fat fingered your password, you had to completely exit out of Konq to try that particular logon again.
It does work correctly now in the latest cvs, you get 3 tries now before it completly kicks you out, and you can try again without restarting Konq.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Why does the ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/3.1.5/Debian/ directory contain 3.1.4 packages?

Can I presume that this is a error which will be fixed in due course?

by Marco Valli (not verified)

Hi all.
I see that debian packages for Woody are not available too.
Maybe, there is a problem?
p.s. sorry for my poor english

by Marco Valli (not verified)

I'm talking about KDE 3.1.5, obviously.

by JC (not verified)

the 3.1.5 debian directory is a link to 3.1.4 release.
I guess there is no Debian packages. Maybe the patch included ?