KDE 3.2 Reaches Final Stage: Announcing Release Candidate 1

After over a year of development we're ready to announce the release of the first (and hopefully last) release candidate for KDE 3.2.0. Get it from download.kde.org or use Konstruct if you don't feel like calling configure by yourself. Due to the time constraints, don't expect distribution binaries, but they may pop up at download.kde.org URL too.

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by daaKu (not verified)

great stuff! hope it is the last release candidate, it definately works like a release version!

by Ojay (not verified)

... and the first binary packages are also available:


by JC (not verified)

hehe you're fast :)
I didn't finished to upload all the packages on the ftp :)

The users for Slack-9.0 (and VL4) will have to wait for 1 more day... sorry. I need a faster computer :o))

by Richard Van Den Boom (not verified)

Well, fast enough! It will take my AXP 1700+ the whole night to yield my own Slackware-current packages.
Pfiou, gotta get an Opteron as soon as possible...
As anybody compiled KDE 3.2 in 64bits on an Opteron yet? Does it work? How does it feel?


by JC (not verified)

Try Suse64 :)

I don't know if kde is faster on opteron but probably faster to build packages :)

by JohnFlux (not verified)

What about the large number of outstanding bugs? (5000+ reported in latest cvs digest)
Will it be released with most of them not fixed?

Not trolling tho - I realise it's near impossible to fix all the bugs, but are most of the major ones fixed?


by coolo (not verified)

if you look at this - you'll figure that 5000 is about nothing.

And yes, this release will also contain bugs we'll fix at a later point - just
as any other software there is. Supporting software is a steady process, especially with such a huge collection as KDE is.

by Spy Hunter (not verified)

1. 5000 bugs doesn't mean 5000 problems, there are lots of duplicates and bugs that have already been fixed.

2. Just imagine how many bugs KDE was released with before there was bugs.kde.org to tell us about them! Seems like it wasn't that big a problem before...

by David Johnson (not verified)

Plus, some of those bugs are "wishlist" bugs, on the order of "KDE doesn't behave like IceWM."

by Assa (not verified)

I wonder how many bugs can appear when Necrosoft opens their source code :)

by uga (not verified)

Open their source code? There's no need to be opensource to have bugs shown! Users don't care about bugs in the source code, but bugs they find while running ;)
Btw, they do have a site to report bugs, although I doubt they have a bug-counter showing-off their (lack of) quality :)

by Josiah (not verified)

There aren't 5000 outstanding bugs. bugs.kde.org has 5000+ "bugs" in it's database, but only some of these are outstanding bugs. A lot of them are bugs that have been fixed. A lot of them are "wishlist" "bugs", feature requests, in other words. And a lot of them are marked as duplicates of outstanding, fixed, or wishlist bugs. bugs.kde.org is just an easy way to keep track of all that, not just a list of outstandint bugs.

by RRiChIe (not verified)

Great !!!!

I was waiting for it !!! :)
I'm going to making .debs
Let's hope it will work

Thanks to all the kde team for their great work

by Tom (not verified)

Will you be posting them on the web when they are built?

by Kraig (not verified)

I hope someone builds some debs for Lindows 4.5 :) I'll probably have to wait until 5.o this spring.

by Alex (not verified)

It would be hard to make it for Lindows 4.5, it is too old right now, and so it probably would mess some things up for you, like CNR. Not sure though, haven't tried.

by alexander (not verified)

debs ? hmm
can you put them on-line somewhere on-line ;-) ?

by David Siska (not verified)

I just wantet to tell anyone, who's worried about stability, to definitely give it a try. I've been using 3.2 since Mandrake Cooker released binary packages (and I've updated the ocassionaly) and it all works like a charm. The only issues are:

- kmail if I'w writing an email and change the dictionary (for spell check) then kmail crashes (but my email never got lost, eat your shorts MS Word auto save).
- Konqueror crashes on trying to open discussions on gnomedesktop.org (I'm sure that's just a coincidence :-))

Both of the bugs might have been fixed by now, I haven't tried RC1 yet.

by Renato Sousa (not verified)

Please report bugs to http://bugs.kde.org . The people there are very responsive, and I am sure that if you report them (both are crashes <=> high priority, except for that gnome _treason_, of course :)) they will be looked at (maybe not corrected, but at least looked at) asap.

by Tukla Ratte (not verified)

Been trolling on the Gnome lists, David? Shame on you! 8->

by Elmy (not verified)

I'm compiling right now under Gentoo to help the RC1 bug squashing effort, so this can be the best release ever. This is the first time I'm going to use 3.2, but from the previews I've seen it looks stunning! I hope that, as per usual, the devs don't feel pressured to get this out before its ready for prime time, but I certainly hope this will be the last Release Candidate.

Thanks again to everyone on the KDE team.

by am (not verified)

Same on Gentoo! I see ya in the thread! :)

by cheeser (not verified)

Let us know when it finishes compiling sometime next month. :)

(I'm a gentoo user, too, btw... :) )

by Arti (not verified)

Next month, you wanted to say , within the next 4 hours, just need some CPU power :-)

by gigi (not verified)

KDE 3.1.5 built in less than 6 hours (including downloads over a 256kbit/s ADSL line) on a 60Eur Athlon XP 2200+... Simply start the job before going to bed and wake up with a shiny new desktop...
Self-compiled KDE on my machine is twice as fast than the one shipping with SuSE 9, and their konqueror preloader doesn't change things so much...

by kenny (not verified)

I got KDE installed faster than that because I have a few gentoo machines sitting around on the network, so I merged distcc and it distributed the compile... if you do that, the compile can be done in less than an hour if your machines are fast :)

# emerge distcc
# rc-update add distccd default
# /etc/init.d/distccd start
# distcc-config --install
# distcc-config --set-hosts "localhost ..."
# nano -w /etc/make.conf
-> set FEATURES="distcc"
-> set MAKEOPTS="-j8" -- number of machines on network x 2

it takes about 30 seconds to install on each of the machines and is well worth it :)
have fun bugtesting, and if my commands are wrong, sorry about that. I did them off the top of my head.

by Miles Robinson (not verified)

Hehe, the title is just kidding, of course. I just wanted to say that as a fellow Gentoo user who's been testing KDE 3.2 since beta 2, it's been smooth sailing for the whole time. RC1, hopefully, won't give me any trouble. And if it does, well, I'll be sure to send a bug report. :)

by Jackson Barnes (not verified)

Someone wanna make Slackware 9.1 packages?

by Richard Van Den Boom (not verified)

Check here in a few days :


I'm sure there will be packages very soon. I'm making my own packages personnally.
You run for each KDE package (arts first, install, then kde-libs, install, then all the others) in the extracted directory:

make install DESTDIR=/usr/src/tmp

after creating a tmp directory in /usr/src.
Then you go into this /usr/src/tmp directory and you run :

makepkg -l y -c n ../-i486-1.tgz

you erase everything in the /usr/src/tmp directory with a "rm -Rf *" and you find your new package in /usr/src.
Repeat for all packages.
These are not entirely proper packages : there's no description, no README, etc. But good enough for personnal use.


by Jackson Barnes (not verified)


Thanks for the mini howto. I've always wondered how I do that.


by JC (not verified)

you need a little more than that if you want standard slackware packages, but for personnal use it's ok.
Btw I never trust the packages from linuxpackages because I tried several ones and it never worked. The newbies should not be authorized to upload packages ... :)

by Nicholas Donovan (not verified)

Another source of Slackware packages may be found at

they have worked well for us here at Ioni.



-- --
Nicholas Donovan
President/CTO - Ioni Corporation
Optimized Net Services Platforms
"Ioni... Enterprise Optimized"

by Jeremy McNaughton (not verified)

There's an even easier way to make slackware packages, using the Checkinstall program.

From source, you compile like you normally would, but instead of typing 'make install' you type 'checkinstall'.

The script will automatically generate a slackware package after asking you a few questions. The name of the package will follow the slackware standard, and it will even collect as much of the documentation as it can to put under /usr/doc

After the script is done, you have a package that you can install, or move to a different computer, or backup so that you don't have to compile that source package ever again for slackware.

I think it's in the contrib/ folder of Slackware 9.1, but i recommend using the latest version (1.6beta3) which is available at http://checkinstall.izto.org/

by Ojay (not verified)

Go to


They seem to have slackware packages before the main KDE ftp server shows up with them. Interesting.

Good luck.

by JC (not verified)

The sync stuff between mirrors is always interesting to follow :)

But keep in mind that the sources tarballs have been released at the same time to public and packagers. That why there are no (or a few) binaries packages.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> sources tarballs have been released at the same time to public and packagers

This is wrong. There was a day difference.

by JC (not verified)

Yeah .... only 1 night ...

by why not you? (not verified)

Is anybody else also having problems with copying text e.g. from XEmacs/khtml to kate/kdevelop? Or is it just my (strange) setup?

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

From XEmacs to Kate: mmb works, esc-w in Xemacs, ctrl-v in Kate works,
ctrl-ins in Xemacs, ctrl-v in Kate works, I'd say it works for me...

by hmm (not verified)

shit, what can be wrong then... I cannot even copy from kdevelop to kate or vice versa. mmb works well

by Dan Christensen (not verified)

I am seeing this problem as well. Kate doesn't seem to be able to paste when the text is cut from a different application. I've duped with khtml and kwrite. The middle mouse button does seem to work though.

by John Flux (not verified)

Just a wild guess.. perhaps what you are doing is copying, then killing the app, then pasting in to the new app?
A copy and paste requires both ends open.

by Ed Moyse (not verified)

I'm not using 3.2 (3.1.2 on RH7.3 is all we have at work), but copying and pasting is always a problem with me. Sometimes it just won't work. It's my number one complaint about KDE (I think it's a KDE problem because it only happens with KDE apps, in particular Kdevelop). I'm disappointed to hear that it's still happening (though to be fair, it seems that only a few of us suffer from it)

by Dan Christensen (not verified)

Nope, both apps are still open when the copy and paste fails. This isn't happening in 3.1.94, so it appears to be a regression.

by Tony Espley (not verified)

I get the exact same problem.

Middle mouse works, right click and paste is shadowed out.

Also drag and drop from kedit works!

i deleted all /opt/kde3 and use the binary packages from suse for 8.2


by Alex (not verified)

This time KDE is strictly following its release schedule. Good news, I jsut hope that they aren't following it for the sake of it and actually following it because everything is looking like they want to. Knowing KDE and how it has delayed its products when serious problems arose I'm confident that they are following the schedule because the product is ready.

If all goes well, I should be able to have it by February 5. (I hope its announced on th because 3+2 equals 5 and so it's a very lucky date to release it on =)

Also one thing that has improved but still left me dissapointed was the lack of marketing that KDE had for their releases. The new features guide only scratched the surface of how KDE 3.1 has improved, and didn't provide enough real world examples. Remeber even annoying bugfixes should eb listed, and not just by pointing to te bug number, but by explainining what has changed in detail. Vague statements like usability has improved are worthless. There should eb clear mentions of actions menu, wallpaper properties redesign, clock configuration redesigned and with details on why and how its better. I haven't actually tried 3.2 other than the broken one wth Mandrake's cooker, but if they release beta1 with 3.1.95 I will write about some of the new features too.

MARKETING IS AS IMPORTANT AS CODE! Even minor but noticeble improvements should be mentioned to add to the size of the document and impress users. ALso usability improvements should all be prominently mentioend to change the perception that some have of KDE.

by superstoned (not verified)

I fully agree with this. the marketing of KDE really laggs behind. why dont you guys tell the world how remarkebly wonderfull this release is???

by Juergen (not verified)

3.1.95 is RC1, not Beta1.

by Drantin (not verified)

"[...]3+2 equals 5 and so it's a very lucky date to release it on =)"

February 5th is also a very nice date because it's my birthday :D

Not only would it be be good luck to release on the 5th of February, a nice coincidence 3+2=5, but it is also Drantin's birthday =)