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by Corey (not verified)

Just copy this into a file.. make it executable and then

command ftp://ftp.site.org/pathtokde/ dont forget trailing slash..

it will download all the packages for you. I made this for Fedora Core 1.

wget $1arts-1.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1arts-devel-1.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && $1kdeaccessibility-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeaddons-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeaddons-atlantikdesigner-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeadmin-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeartwork-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeartwork-icons-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && $1kdebase-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdebase-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdebindings-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdebindings-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeedu-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeedu-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdegames-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdegames-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdegraphics-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdegraphics-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdelibs-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdelibs-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdemultimedia-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdemultimedia-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdenetwork-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdenetwork-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdepim-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdepim-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdesdk-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdesdk-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdetoys-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeutils-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdeutils-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1kdevelop-3.0.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1md5sum && wget $1qt-3.2.3-0.2.i386.rpm && wget $1qt-MySQL-3.2.3-0.2.i386.rpm && wget $1qt-ODBC-3.2.3-0.2.i386.rpm && wget $1qt-PostgreSQL-3.2.3-0.2.i386.rpm && wget $1qt-designer-3.2.3-0.2.i386.rpm && wget $1qt-devel-3.2.3-0.2.i386.rpm && wget $1quanta-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1quanta-devel-3.2.0-0.1.i386.rpm && wget $1redhat-artwork-0.90-0.1.i386.rpm

by Anonymous (not verified)

What's wrong with "wget ftp://ftp.site.org/pathtokde/*"?

by a.c. (not verified)

>What's wrong with "wget ftp://ftp.site.org/pathtokde/*"?

it is not kwget?

just kidding.
could not help myself.

by ac (not verified)

I've installed the kde3.2 packages from the fedora's web site and can not find juk. I believe it is supposed to be in the kdemultimedia package, but an rpm -ql of the package does not show a binary, nor does 'find / -name juk' or 'slocate juk' - after an 'updatedb'. There is juk help files installed.

Otherwise, KDE 3.2 is the best desktop for linux, hands down.

by ac (not verified)

Wild guess: Could it be because Fedora does not support mp3?

by anon (not verified)

No.. I talked to the packager, and it's just a known bug in fedora's kdemultimedia rpms. Wait for the next rebuild which should come any day now.

by Enso (not verified)

Get kdemultimedia from http://www.eleceng.ohio-state.edu/~ravi/kde/kdemultimedia-mp3-3.1.4-1.i3...

this enables mp3 support in kdemultimedia.
but then you should rebuild kdebase if you want konqueror to rip cd's into mp3 files using the audiocd protocol.

by Edison (not verified)

I can't find this file at http://www.eleceng.ohio-state.edu/~ravi/kde/kdemultimedia-mp3-3.1.4-1.i3..., can anyone help me to get it...

by Graydon (not verified)

Since it doesn't look like this has happened as of 3.2.2 --

Juk depends on 'taglib', for which currently isn't available as a Fedora package.

If you get the SuSe taglib source rpm -- I used taglib-1.0-0.src.rpm from some KDE mirror in /pub/kde/stable/3.2.2/SuSE/src/ -- and build it

rpmbuild --rebuild taglib-1.0-0.src.rpm

You get the usual taglib/taglib-devel pair.

If you install them

rpm -Uvh taglib-1.0-46.i386.rpm taglib-devel-1.0-46.i386.rpm

You can then grab the current Fedora kdemultimedia source rpm and rebuild it.

You'll get -- a couple hours later -- kdemultimedia rpms that have a working Juk.

by Graydon (not verified)


You want the taglib source rpm from http://some_kde_mirror/pub/kde/stable/3.2.1/SuSE/src/

the 3.2.2 version has a lot of added SuSE package dependencies, and will complain bitterly.

by Coolvibe (not verified)

What do you need JuK for? Try noatun with the hayes playlist.

by Slackware 9.1 User (not verified)

May be KDEMultimedia package doesn't include Juk :(. and Slackware is excellent at Multimedia...Perfomance wise also.

by BOSS DOSS (not verified)

there is a rpm for JUK now still in testing though try thid link


by Zepplock (not verified)

Upgraded on Fedora Core1 to 3.2
No kicker now.
At all (

starting kicker manually gives no messages, hangs for 4-5 ses and ends.


by ac (not verified)

Actually, it's a new feature. Don't you like it??

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

what messages appear if you run kicker from a konsole session?

by Zepplock (not verified)

no messages at all

by Zepplock (not verified)

strace kicker

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

hrm.. seems to crash after expecting to find a .desktop file that doesn't exist (for kscd, to be exact)... could you:

1. run kicker through gdb and get a backtrace
2. package up all the kicker related rc files in ~/.kde/share/config
3. email all this too me: aseigo at kde dot org

thanks =)

p.s. don't run KDE as root.

by Robert Morrison (not verified)

But root users need desktops too!

Seriously, though...not that I exist as root all the time, but sometimes it is useful to run a window manager/desktop environment as root. Is it _so_ dangerous with KDE? Should I just stick with TWM?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Either have it useful or safe and secure. You can't have both.

by Robert Morrison (not verified)

Thanks ever so much, but that is what I would call a "kneejerk" response containing no useful information, and not answering the question.

To clarify - is there a known risk to a system by running KDE as root, or is it the normal (and generally sensible) standard response, "don't run anything as root, except when you have to, and even then don't do it"?

by Zepplock (not verified)


by free will (not verified)

where is Ksim?

by dima (not verified)


by snig (not verified)

Yeah even after the massive speed increases in 3.1 the KDE team does it again and now 3.2 is even faster! Plug that feather in your cap team; apart from all the other brilliant improvements and features in 3.2 the fact that it's markedly faster than 3.1 is a great accomplishment. Congratulations!

by Rex Dieter (not verified)

Or you can just use apt/yum to install the kde-3.2 RPMS now available (in the unstable section) from kde-redhat (http://kde-redhat.sf.net/).

-- Rex

by Alvils (not verified)

I installed it. Now I can't open smb:// sites. klauncher says it cannot initialize kio_smb... :(

by Flip (not verified)

Same thing here....

I'm getting the error on all redhat 9.0 boxes I've setup using kde3.2

by Kevin (not verified)

Corect me if I'm wrong, but I think wget will not do *, you need the recursive flag which can be messy without some sort of filter. You can do this by file extension as follows:

wget -r --accept=.rpm http://path/to/kde32