PIM Team at Chemnitzer Linux-Tag 2004

Chemnitzer Linux-Tag 2004, Germany's second largest Linux community event takes place March 6 and 7 on the campus of the University of Technology in Chemnitz, Germany. Other than offering an exhibition, workshops and talks, it will also be the hosting platform for a meeting of members of the KDE PIM team as well as members from the groupware projects eGroupware, Exchange4Linux, Kolab, and OpenGroupware. KDE will also have a booth in the exhibition area.

The PIM meeting will be used to discuss integration of groupware servers into the KDE PIM Framework and working on other features listed on the
feature plan
, which will eventually trigger the release cycle for the pending KDE PIM 3.3 release.

Hope to see you in Chemnitz!

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by Thomas (not verified)

I welcome the efforts of the KDE PIM team and really want to "egg on them":
Kontact is going to be a beasty killer app! Connect to eGroupware, connect to Kolab, connect to (enter your favourite groupware here)... How cool's this, folks?!

What I like most is the history of this project. Watching once separated apps evolve into one mature component-based PIM suite is simply amazing. What the KDE developers have done here is to actually reuse existing code by taking advantage of kparts in best unix fashion. This gives the impression of KDE and its technology being a solid foundation for scalable development. nice...

by David (not verified)

Yay! For a first real release I was impressed with Kontact and all the PIM tools in KDE 3.2. It's a pretty good advertisement for KDE programming.

by Bert (not verified)

There is a parallel event in Wihelmshafen (Niedersachsen), close to the dutch border,

Die LUG WHV e.V. veranstaltet am 6./7. März 2004 in der Fachhochschule in Wilhelmshaven die 2ten GNU/Linux Informationstage 2004, kurz LIT 2004.

Was wird den Besuchern alles geboten?
Vorträge rund um GNU/Linux und Freie Software (Open Source)
Live Stream zu der Parallelveranstaltung in Chemnitz.
Aussteller, darunter Freie Projekte wie GNOME und KDE, aber auch Firmen die Freie Software einsetzen, supporten oder unterstützen
Catering ist vorhanden
Kostenlose Parkplätze direkt vor der Fachhochschule
Es werden noch Aussteller und Referenten gesucht, ebenso wie Sponsoren die diese Veranstaltung mit unterstützen. Interessenten melden sich bitte bei [email protected]

Here the program of saturday, there willl be as many event s the next day, too.

Großer Hörsaal

Uhrzeit Thema Redner Firma/Projekt
09:00 10:00 Begrüßung und Eröffung Ursula Aljets 2. Bürgermeisterin
10:00 11:00 Beispiele und Kriterien für den erfolgreichen Einsatz von GNU/Linux im öffentlichen Bereich Peter Ganten Uninvention, LIVE e.V.
11:00 12:00 SUN Java Desktop Thorsten Keller SUN Microsystems
12:00 13:00 Erfolgreiche Migration durch Mitarbeiter-Integration Jan Mühlig relevantive AG
13:00 14:00 Samba 3.0 Volker Lendeke SAMBA, SerNET
14:00 15:00 Kommunale Fachanwendungen als Killer Kriterium für einen erfolgreichen GNU/Linux-Einsatz in der öffentlichen Verwaltung Niels Gründel Stadt Mühlheim
15:00 16:00 Cisco-Vortrag - (Übertragung von Chemnitz - live) N.N. Cisco (LUG Chemnitz)
16:00 17:00 OnlineBanking mit HBCI und GnuCash (Übertragung nach Chemnitz - live) Christian Stimming TU-Hamburg-Harburg
17:00 18:00 KDE PIM Till Adam KDE

Kleiner Hörsaal

Uhrzeit Thema Redner Firma/Projekt
09:00 10:00 -- -- --
10:00 11:00 GNU/Linux un Free Software - een Över- un Utblick över dat Phänomen Sven Kromminga FSF Europe
11:00 12:00 SmartCards und GnuPG Werner Koch G10 Code, GnuPG
12:00 13:00 Open Darwin Felix Kronlage Open Darwin
13:00 14:00 "Hercules" Mainframes unter GNU/Linux Michael Köhne Copyleft.De
14:00 15:00 Debian Hartmut Koptein Debian
15:00 16:00 Internationalisierung, Barierefreiheit, Usability Sven Herzberg Uni Hamburg
16:00 17:00 GNU/Linux: Vor der Installation Frank Slotta LUG WHV
17:00 18:00 Migration zu GNU/Linux für KMU's Ingo Stierand Stierand Linux-IT

Workshop 1

Uhrzeit Thema Betreuer Firma/Projekt
14:00 16:00 Samba-Workshop N.N. UNI Oldenburg

Workshop 2

Uhrzeit Thema Betreuer Firma/Projekt
10:00 16:00 Friesatlon (KDE tranlation to Plattdüütsch (=Low Saxon, iso code nds)

KMU Spezial

Uhrzeit Thema Betreuer Firma/Projekt
15:00 18:00 Round-Table - Gespräch LUG WHV LUG WHV

by Andre (not verified)

Is it also possible to create an interface to Plone?

by CPH (not verified)

I think that it should be. I think that xmlrpc is being used so why not ask for help on the [email protected] mailing lists ?

by anonymous (not verified)

reading through the kde-pim mailing lists and projects on sourceforge, there seem to be many projects dedicated to getting devices to sync with linux/kde/kontact.

There are at least kitchensync, kpilot, synce, multisync, kandy, synce-KDE. Did I miss any?

Could someone knowledgeable please tell me which projects are doing what? Which have just been renamed, which are plugins to others, who is cooperating? What is gnome doing, something completely different, anything at all? Which one is supporting what devices?