Tom Chance: C.T. Leung on LTSP and KDE at Sisler High School

In a recent two part article, Linux Journal documented the transition of Sisler High School in Manitoba, Canada, to an LTSP-based desktop. In this informative interview, Tom Chance follows-up with Mr C.T. Leung on the ups and downs of the deployment of LTSP and KDE. "The cost saving is huge, in my case. [...] In my lab, I save $1000 for a copy of Windows NT/2000 server, $200 x 30 copies of Windows XP or equivalent, $1000 x 30 1GHz pc, $100 x 30 copies of Office, $100 x 30 C++. The total saving is about $45,000. However, the greatest saving is confidence! We are proud to be the first computer lab in our city doing all kinds of computer teaching without Windows!" Should be inspiring for other institutions considering the switch to a Linux-based desktop.

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by Troy Unrau (not verified)

Oh wow -- there's another KDE person in Winterpeg other than myself that is involved in promotion of KDE and Unix?!

*does a little dance*

You hiring by any chance? *grins maniacally*

Anyway, back to coding.

by John Hughes (not verified)

I'm here too, eh. Didn't go to Sisler though.

by Michael Young (not verified)

hmmmm .. KDE in winterpeg .. who would have thought.
I've been a-usin kde since v1 .. love it .. always have always will.
If you need any help Troy in promoting it, let me know.

by Steve (not verified)

Winterpeg sucks you geeks..Decode this 8===============>

by sarah butskey (not verified)


by sarah butskey (not verified)


by Inorog (not verified)

> TC: Is there any software you'd like to see in KDE related to the LTSP?

> CTL: If there were something similar to MS Access, I think it would be a
> killer. mysql is great for undergraduates but might be too difficult for
> beginners. I remember that Corel Linux has a network neighbourhood browser
> pretty much the same as the one in Windows. It would be great if we could
> have something similar in KDE.

1) Kexi, when it will come. But even before there were little useful apps. Using one of the web frontends to mysql/psql would do for now, I believe.

2) lisa daemon activated for netneigh browsing. Although smb:/ does the work right out of the box for connecting to the windows posts.

Excellent report. Thanks to Tom Chance. And thanks to M. Leung for giving Linux and KDE visibility in Canada.

by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

Kexi will indeed be great, but right now Knoda is none too shabby. Have a look.

by Morty (not verified)

Or perhaps take a look at theKompany's Rekall as it's dual licensed under the GPL.

by David (not verified)

What's the situation with Kexi? I've tried it out, and it is certainly great so far, but I have been hearing a lot of things about non-standard widgets etc.

by Iuri Fiedoruk (not verified)

I've set-up a lts3+kde3.1 on my old job, worked like a charm serving up to 3 pcs (without conting my pc that was the server, just a athlon xp, nothing big).
I just need some money to get a network card for my old 233 and I'll place ltsp4 here serving my kde 3.2 for people who visit me :)

by LuckySandal (not verified)

"Cache the return of the end() method call before doing iteration over large containers."

Since a reasonable -O would do turn this into an inline function anyway, it seems redundant. Plus it detracts from readability.