KDE 3.2: A User's Perspective, Now Online

I gave my presentation "KDE 3.2: A User's Perspective" to my local Linux User Group last Tuesday night as previously announced. The talk was well received, and left some people (even KDE users) overwhelmed with new information. It just goes to show that I wasn't the only one who knew KDE was a great environment, but hadn't even scratched the surface yet! My presentation 'slides', a collection of over 3MB of screenshots of KDE in action, are now online for your viewing pleasure (mirrored here). Enjoy!

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by ac (not verified)

Thanks a lot Bill, there is a wealth of information here everything from GTK-Qt to DCOP and Kiosk Tool.

This actually looks quite exciting!


this is truly an amazing piece of work you have completed here!

I hope you can/will present at least part of it in the User Conference part of "aKademy"! Or, maybe, pass it quickly thru "KD Executor" to generate a live demo/presentation from it?

Boy, we could have some really smashing demos done with KD Executor for all kinds of presentations and events!


by rizzo (not verified)

...but why are the fonts looking so awful. I clearly remember having anti-aliased fonts on my KDE 2.2 desktop. Did 3.2 go back to non AA fonts?

by QV (not verified)

AA fonts are optional. They are the default in KDE 3.2, but the guy who took the screenshots clearly doesn't use the defaults.

Neither do I, for that matter.

``Awful'' is in the eye of the beholder. Non-antialiased fonts look great to me, and I can't stand AA fonts. IMO, they're huge, fuzzy, ugly, and headache-inducing. I love the clear crispness of non-AA fonts, and I've no idea how anyone can stand using any GUI with AA enabled. To each their own, I guess...

by jameth (not verified)

This really shouldn't be a problem if KDE supports 'crisp' anti-aliasing. However, I don't think it really supports multiple types of anti-aliasing, which is unfortunate.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Check the freetype and Xft docs for ways to finetune the AA font rendering.

by Corba the Geek (not verified)

It deserves a place on kde.org - a very neat walkthrough of some of the features of 3.2.

I must have taken a fair bit of effort to put together - so thank you!

by standsolid (not verified)

This is some top-notch presentation we got here, unfortunately we cant use it as a KDE promo because it doesn't follow the kde screenshot guidelines.

It would be an awesoem thing to include on KDE's page...but....

But the tour was really cool. It shows non-KDE-ers some of the great things KDE has been doing for me all along :)

by a.c. (not verified)

You might consider making a link on the top page to it. I sent that to a few ppl who have already responded back that they were able to learn a number of things from it.

by ac (not verified)

Very nice review, but the screenshot have an -- IMO -- rather bad look.

Imagine all those screenshots with a nice theme (plastik)... ...hmmmm...

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)

In the example the %f parameter is used to indicate the filename.
Resizing multiple images will result in multiple instances of mogrify being started. All good and well when your resizing just a couple of images, but not as much fun when resizing a lot of pictures.

If you use the %F paramater instaed of the %f, only 1 instance of mogrify is started (with multiple filenames), and the images are converted one by one.

by Scott Patterson (not verified)

This is the same William (Bill) that writes excellent Linux games using SDL. Go to his homepage, http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/bill/, to view them.

by Rob Funk (not verified)

Yes, I first encountered Bill over a decade ago when he was writing games for Atari computers and hanging out in comp.sys.atari.8bit. Always nice to see another old Atari guy making a splash in the modern free software world.