KDE 3.2.2 is Released

The KDE project today announced the immediate availability of KDE 3.2.2, a maintenance release for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop for GNU/Linux and other UNIXes. KDE 3.2.2 ships with lot of bug fixes since KDE 3.2.1 and is available in 49 languages. Sources and contributed packages are linked on the KDE 3.2.2 info page.

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by Rich Jones (not verified)

I'm also running SuSE 8.2, and upgrading to 3.2.0 with the RPM's worked fine.
Had to uninstall some stuff, but it was worth it.

by Marc (not verified)

> KDE 3.1.1 is great for me right now, I hope KDE 3.2 will be even better.

... I hope you had installed each of those security updates otherwise your OS is more vulnerable than a well patched WinMe.

(Updating Suse 8.2 to KDE 3.2.2 is really no problem.
Just add ftp://ftp.leo.org/pub/suse/i386/supplementary/KDE/update_for_8.2/yast-so... or any other fast mirror to the installation sources, start Yast-Software-installation, select "zzz-all-packages", from the menu select "all packages -> update if newer version is available" and hit return.)

by huu (not verified)

> Updating Suse 8.2 to KDE 3.2.2 is really no problem.

You're joking, right? Tried this on two or so machines running different flavors of ( previous) supplementary KDE and got stuck with gazillion dependency problems some of which look rather nasty.

Sure, updating *stock* 8.2 is relatively painless, but who is running stock 8.2 anymore?

Personally i think that these broken dependencies and lacking intelligent tools to solve them is one of the biggest linux drawbacks.

by huu (not verified)

> Updating Suse 8.2 to KDE 3.2.2 is really no problem.

Just spent an hour resolving the dependencies and installation started.

Surprisingly, yast (qt-ui) crashed during install and left system in non-gui mode.

Now curses-yast is finishing the install, let's see how far it gets..

by planetzappa (not verified)

I ran into the same dependency hell when trying to upgrade my (stock!) SuSE 8.2 to 3.2.0 beta, back then...
I completely freaked up my stock system and re-installed the distribution (oh well, good old Windoze skills necessary here...)
Some time later i read somewhere that instead of trying the upgrade with a running KDE 3.x i should instead switch to single user mode and simply run rpm -Uvh *.rpm
Didn't have the nerve and time yet to actually try this, though...


by Keith (not verified)

Will KDE 3.2.2 work with QT 3.3.x? Or should I continue using QT 3.2.3 with it?

by Jared (not verified)

Well, in Fedora Core 1, I had to upgrade to QT 3.3.1 before it would install several of the RPMs. There were a few other packages that I had to find for everything to install, but no problem (www.rpmfind.net).

by Anonymous (not verified)

Perhaps some arrows in the K menu will be missing but it will work.

by Alex (not verified)

With the release of KDE 3.2 KDE has redefined the Linux desktop and brought it to an amazing state of qualtiy. 3.2.2 shows this to any skeptics.

I think this is a time as great as any to donote to KDE either through your skills or money. KDE may be free in all ways, but it is not free to run and maintain. Hundreds of developers spend countless hours to bring KDE to the standard it has now come to. Free software is based on good will, so show your support and good will for a brighter future than we are seeing now. For a future without incredibly erosions of freedom, without DRM and without a monopoly that has 96% of the market in it's strangle hold.

Help KDE: http://kde.org/support/

And check out my wishlist for a further explanation of the need for support: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63868

by gerd (not verified)

With Low saxon support it will reach the heart of the whole frisian nation.

by jmk (not verified)

Updated this to stock 9.0 - everything seems fine, but K Menu lacks first level of right arrows when opened ( so theres a piece missing from the menu ). Any ideas whats up with it?

by Anonymous (not verified)

It's a problem with Qt 3.3.x, turn off Quickstart Menu Items (set number to 0) and they should be back).

by Anon (not verified)

setting to 0 means what? graphical way is preferred.

by Anonymous (not verified)

It's in the panel configuration under Layout, tab Menus.

by jmk (not verified)

Thanks. That seems to solve it.

Only problem being that this runs on a server with 10 or so users on it (with this being individual setting) :/. Oh well, otherwise its fine :)

by Marc (not verified)

> Only problem being that this runs on a server with 10 or so users
> on it (with this being individual setting) :/

man bash

by Anonymous (not verified)

You could install a patched Qt 3.3.1 library (qt-copy/patches/0047-fix-kmenu-width.diff).

by Anonymous (not verified)

Or turn off the side image in the K menu, or turn off the menu titles (in kickerrc [menus] ShowMenuTitles=false) but keep the nude recent/most application section.

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

I am fairly sure that I had a working battery monitor systray thingy before upgrading, but now it's gone... I'm running SuSE 9.0 and updated using apt-get. Before I start filing bug reports -- are there other people who have noticed this?

by cp (not verified)

Me too. But I'm going to reboot and see if this problem persists.

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

Rebooting didn't help me...

by Hans Vaith (not verified)

Mine is gone too (also using SuSE 9.0) No solution so far.

by Jean-François L... (not verified)

I had the same problem, after having updated through YaST. I then checked which packages were installed and kdeutils3-laptop-3.2.2-2 was not in the list of selected packages. I selected it in YaST and now everything is O.K.

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

Hm. I'm not using YaST -- I use apt-get for SUSE, and it appears that that package is already installed.

by Chris Papadopoulos (not verified)

I updated to 3.2 too.
It seems that acpi knows what's going on with the battery and so does the battery module in the control center (they show when it's charging etc).
It just won't show the icon on the taskbar, no matter what.

by Jonas B. (not verified)

This is a bug. There is workaround at http://guru.linuxbe.org/blog.php .

by B Welmers (not verified)

Can somebody post this solution? I need it again and the given link is dead.
(Now I have the same problems while upgrading tot KDE3.4)

by B Welmers (not verified)

Today I found a backup DVD of a KDE install where this problem has been resolved. After a while I found the file that has been edited.

The file /usr/kde3/share/services/kded/klaptopdaemon.desktop contains a line "X-KDE-Kded-autoload=false"
It must be replaced by X-KDE-Kded-autoload=true"

(/usr/kde3 is my installation dir of KDE, replace it by your own)

by Rob (not verified)

I noticed that recently, when i upgraded kdeutils3-laptop_3.3.0-5. The old version 3.1 works fine. I think it is a bug of the new package :(

by Jesper Juhl (not verified)

A big Thank You to everyone who helped make this release happen.
You are doing a fabulous job - keep up the good work.

by Debian (not verified)

Is it just me or do the Debian Woody debs have some weird dependencies?
It screwed up my whole test system. From who are these "credativ" deps?
I ended up having no KDM because it needs Debconf 1.2.9, Lots of packages working under 3.2.0 were removed, It installed X4.3. The menu's have double entries, the same with some toolbars.

This was supposed to be just a minor update? Anyone had the same experience?
Any clues if it's just my fault? Never had this experience before, most often it was just a smooth update.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> From who are these "credativ" deps?

Credativ. :-) For packager info I suggest to read the README.

by micha (not verified)

I can confirm these problems. These packages conflict with openoffice.org1.1-woody packages aswell:
kde-3.2.2 -> no more openoffice :(

by Fuhbar (not verified)

You should use openoffice test packages, they are build with the correct fontconfig version

by VDB (not verified)

It did screw up my box as well.

by Bit (not verified)

Yes, I am experiencing the same problem.
It seems that /etc/kderc has dissappeared
and the file it points to (/etc/kde3/system.kdeglobals)
has also dissappeared. I think that
there are more missing files in /etc/kde3.

The packager made a very bad job (since
3.2, debian packages hadn't been as good
as 3.1.5 packages).

by Cirrus (not verified)

Same problems here. The worst is probably the duplicate menus and toolbars randomly in some programs.
The guy who did 3.1.x is apparently not going to be packaging any more (or something like that, correct me if i'm wrong).
Anyway I hope some decent packages will come out soon.
Other than that a few major bugs were fixed and changes that i wanted are there. Keep up the good bug fixing work.


by David Hubner (not verified)

There seems to be a typo in kdesu in the kdelibs-3.2.2 source.

If kdesu does not except your root password..

1. Go into kdelibs-3.2.2/kdesu
2. Openup su.cpp and goto line 81
3. uncomment args+= "-";
4. make, make install

by David Hubner (not verified)

Opps i meant do a // comment not uncomment

I'm tired.. :P

by Anonymous (not verified)
by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

Don't bother, already reported as http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78948

by Trapanator (not verified)

When I try to launch it, the welcome screen freezes at (this is the text belove the Kdevelop logo):

"Adding the 'Open With...' option at menu"

And I must kill the process everytime...

by Jeremy Erickson (not verified)

I just upgraded to KDE 3.2.2 on SuSE 9.0 Pro and the "Start New Session" option is no longer available on the KMenu, nor from the dialog provided by the KDE screen locker. Anyone know what's up? Is it a configuration problem, a lack of support in KDE, or a lack of support in the SuSE binaries? (I used the official update binaries as mirrored on the apt4rpm repository on ftp.gwdg.de).

by Derek Kite (not verified)

This option is available if the Xservers file has multiple lines such as this:

:0 local@tty1 /usr/X11R6/bin/X vt7
:1 local@tty2 reserve /usr/X11R6/bin/X :1 vt8
:2 local@tty3 reserve /usr/X11R6/bin/X :2 vt9

Mine is in /usr/kde/cvs/share/config/kdm/Xservers, Gentoo, running cvs version. IOW, yours may be in a different place, even under /etc/X11...

Probably the update put a new Xservers file that has only the first line.


by Eric (not verified)

Thanks Derek,

I'm also using SuSE Linux 9.0 and that was also my problem. I just extended the config file:


to contain the following lines and restarted the computer:

:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 vt07
:1 local reserve /usr/X11R6/bin/X :1 vt08
:2 local reserve /usr/X11R6/bin/X :2 vt09
:3 local reserve /usr/X11R6/bin/X :3 vt10
:4 local reserve /usr/X11R6/bin/X :4 vt11
:5 local reserve /usr/X11R6/bin/X :5 vt12

It was a bit confusing since an identically named file was also in KDE installation path, but maybe that was just a template, it's seems to be irrelevant. Anyway I'm back in business!


Slackware packages now available. But if following is true, then KDE 3.2.2 seems to be a "little bit" untested: (and I stop compiling myself)

Problems KDE 3.2.2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ark don't open file .tar
Kdesu don't function
Kdesysguardd (daemon) don't compile ( I add to kdebase package version of 3.2.1 )
..15 minutes of use :-(

..for my impression new patch is required ...I wait for this

Why is linuxpackages.net so hellbent on releaseing i686 packages?!? At least make some for i486 or i586 which is still a bit more common and compatible with many computers out there. I hate being like "yipee they released 'so and so' packages" then find out its blah-blah.i686.tgz!! URGHHH.

by Martin (not verified)

I'm usually very pleased with all the releases, but i'm very tempted this time to downgrade to 3.2.1...

My first impressions are that my kmenu has resorted back to the bug from 3.2 where its too thin, and if the side image is not enabled its in the wrong place... ark doesn't open my archives, error forking something, "I can't fork a decompressor" (it always used to be able to i presume).. I can't start new sessions from the kmenu... and i have always had trouble trying to configure kdm, because as soon as i try to change the background, it no longer works at all, and all hidden users appear in the list.. odd.. and the background scrolls if i download a file to it because it often puts it off the screen..... I know i should report these bugs on bugs.kde.org.. i will.. most of them are there though already!

by cp (not verified)

Personal preference, I guess. I like the new start-menu:
gap between entry-name and arrow is narrower.
See http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=79674