NewsForge: "Remember Rekall?"

NewsForge's editor Joe Barr spent some time with the current development version of Rekall 2.2. Rekall is a dual-licensed GUI database front-end with aspirations of becoming Linux's answer to Microsoft Access (screenshots of tables, forms and debugger). He finds it already very usable today and predicts a bright future. The release of the final Rekall 2.2 version is expected for late April or May.

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by John Tapsell (not verified)

I wanted to use rekall, and then could not work out if I could download a version for windows.
I searched google, looked around. Trolltech really need to update and fix their website for rekall.
Of course, was hacked, so I might have just gotten a bad impression..

Please, please trolltech - put a windows version somewhere. If you want to charge for it, then _make it clear_. Add it to under download that you have to pay for it, and add a very simple way for me to pay for it.

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)


by John Tapsell (not verified)

opps, yeah my bad ;)

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

You can't have a GPL version of Rekall for Windows since there is no GPL version of Qt for Windows. We have a Windows version available for sale simply at

by David (not verified)

"You can't have a GPL version of Rekall for Windows"

Yes you can. Someone buys a version of Qt and then releases their software under the GPL license. It isn't likely to happen, but people write GPL'd software for Windows by buying Visual Studio. Quite how Trolltech would react to this I don't know, as they think GPL'd software on Windows is a bit hazy.

by Vinnie The Pooh (not verified)

I suppose that was Total Rekall not final Rekall :)

by John Tapsell (not verified)

Here's an idea...
As well as forms, let it create web forms, and integrate it with a webserver. :)
Then you can have one program to do both a fat client and be a server for a thin browser based client.
Sorta like domino..

by Jaroslaw Staniek (not verified)

That's alaready a subproject started within Kexi project. More info will be
available on:

Pre-alpha sceenshot:

by John Tapsell (not verified)

Will there be any integration of kexi and rekall?

by Jaroslaw Staniek (not verified)

We all know that 'integration' term is so uncertain, do we?

-If you mean: data-exchangeability - yes, at least using DBMS functionality.

-If you mean: database schema portability - maybe yes (at least a subset, probably using XML schema that have to befined within OASIS)

-If you mean code merging, here are some problems: 1) Kexi is KDE app, Rekall -plain Qt app; 2) Kexi is plugin-based, Rekall not so deeply, AFAIK; 3) licensing issues: Kexi -LGPL on *nix, win32/64, Rekall -GPL on *nix.

by John Tapsell (not verified)


Not to put down the wonderful things that theKompany does, but it would have been that little bit nicer if they used LGPL so that it could be integrated in KDE, and projects such as kexi.
But I guess they thought that wouldn't have been a good thing commerically.

by broken_bazooka (not verified)

Why would full blown software be released under library-gpl?
It appears you don't fully understand these licenses and what each of their purpose is.

by John Tapsell (not verified)

Sorry, a another reply...
Since you are the copyright holders, would it be possible for you (kexi) to release a win32 binary? (Presumably not under the lgpl)

Hmm are you allowed to release a win32 binary (and source) under the lgpl since you can't release the win32 QT source code?

by anno (not verified)

Just look at following site on the top right ;-)

by mikeTA (not verified)

Rekall *is not* a plain-qt app. It can be built that way, but the KDE versions is, well, KDE:)

Rekall *is* plugin based:) Anyone who would like to write a plugin for Rekall, feel free to go ahead! EMail me and i'll tell you what is what.


by gerd (not verified)

I just want to remind you of


one of the best data base admin tools. Ihn my humble opinion Rekall could be a good program but it has to be modular, so that a true framework can be created, I just remind you of Gideon.

by Gerd Brückner (not verified)

Is there an integration plan?

by Pat (not verified)

...when we have kexi coming and it looks really amazing I don't mean to flame but seriously kexi's gonna kick ass :)

by Greg (not verified)

Rekall exists now in a fully usable form. Kexi may well kick a lot of butt when it's done, but for now Rekall is an amazing tool to have available.

by David (not verified)

Well I'm rather impartial on this, except to say that we need something 'Access like' to be able to knock up good databases, queries, forms etc. Kexi looks very interesting, as does Rekall, so I'm happy to have them both. The commercial Rekall will not be a problem for most people as it is so cheap that will be free software to many businesses and organisations!