The People Behind KDE: Helio Chissini de Castro

After a week of absence The People Behind KDE travels all the way to beautiful Curitiba in Brazil to have a chat with one of KDE's most active developers. This guy is active on many fronts within KDE, his latest addition is the adoption of KDE by the Brazilian government and he doesn't stop there! Read all about Connectiva's Helio Chissini de Castro!


Yeah, whatever...

By Renato Sousa at Sun, 2004/05/09 - 5:00am

Hoje podemos usar o nosso português :)
Parabéns Helio e obrigado pela contribuiçao ao kde.

Today we can use our Portuguese :)
Congratulations and thanks for the contribution to kde

By alexandre at Mon, 2004/05/10 - 5:00am


By hehe at Mon, 2004/05/10 - 5:00am

KDE has taken like wildfire in Brazil. Brazil will be the epicenter of truly disruptive technological change, because if GNU/Linux/KDE work in Brazil, many other Latin American countries will follow suit.

By at Tue, 2004/05/11 - 5:00am