KDE 3.3 Release Cycle Starts with KDE 3.3 Alpha 1 "Kindergarten"

That's one small step for KDE, one giant leap for Free Software - the KDE 3.3 Alpha 1 has been released to the FTP servers this morning. There won't be any binary packages for this release, everyone using Kindergarten is asked to compile it with --enable-debug, so that we can get valuable feedback. There is a new unstable version of Konstruct also available to install it. Other than that, feel free to play around with things, check if your bugs are still there or if there are places where you can help. Check the KDE 3.3 feature plan for things to look for.

Kindergarten is hopefully only the first step as we're heading for the aKademy.


Are there any future plans to intorduce a version control system for documents into Konqueror? I would love to have a system that could roll back, track changes and so on, similar to those features found in a commercial tool such as Hummingbird Powerdocs:

Could CVS have such a front-end built into Konqueror? I do not use revision control for software development work; rather for keeping track of numerous drafts of documents written in LaTeX markup/DVI but I imagine any such tool would be flexible enough for any kind of work. Accept/reject changes, document lifecycle and library classification and metadata seraching would be great to incorporate.

Anyway, this is something to consider.

By Anonymous at Thu, 2004/05/27 - 5:00am

Cervisia works excellent from within Konqueror, you should give it a try.

By Mike Diehl at Fri, 2004/05/28 - 5:00am

It would be good to know whether CVS (which requires a central server, and needs root access to install, SVN) is really the right tool. Would a tool like Arch or darcs be more suited, which doesn't provide central access but can run in a local directory.

By Brad Hards at Fri, 2004/05/28 - 5:00am

You can also use CVS on a local repository (without running a server)

By wilbert at Fri, 2004/05/28 - 5:00am

Sure, but AFAICT that doesn't provide anything more than RCS would provide. Basically, you can't ever share your stuff without either a central server or a proper distributed system.

By Brad Hards at Fri, 2004/05/28 - 5:00am

You can, with ssh, the :ext: mode of cvs (CVS_RSH=ssh) and ssh keys.

By Inorog at Fri, 2004/05/28 - 5:00am needs to be fixed for good. This is a LONG-STANDING bug that keeps creeping in with backports and regressions. Anyone who uses regularly should vote for this bug!

By greg at Fri, 2004/05/28 - 5:00am

I'd agree, its been around a lonnnnng time, however, reviewing the bug report that you point to its also possible that it has more than one origin. I rather suspect, from reading the bug report, that there might well be three separate points of origin.

However it would be nice to see it fixed. I can see that it still exists in *some* form, with KDE 3.2.2, Gentoo, linux 2.6.4 gcc3.3.something. Why do I see something so far down that it will take a eureka moment to get it final.

In any case, a quick grab of the frame and a twitch and the extra scrollbar is gone. Other browsers have quirks of their own, some far worse.

By AJFT at Wed, 2004/06/02 - 5:00am

Oh, dear --

you can't imagine how I missed you!
I am the happiest dottyfan on earth to see you back.

What was the problem with you?

Care to write a little story about it?

I hope it is not some major health problem that is coming back to haunt you.

your biggst dotty-fan.

By dotty is back!! at Tue, 2004/06/01 - 5:00am

> What was the problem with you?

Move of sponsored host to another data center (including IP change) in combination with weekend and holiday.

By Anonymous at Tue, 2004/06/01 - 5:00am

Endless kuickshow bug reports, it has far too many bugs, and requires some serious attention. Either fix it, or remove it, it gives KDE a bad name.

Example bug report:

By Hackeron at Sat, 2004/06/05 - 5:00am

KDE 3.3 Feature Plan
XML error: mismatched tag at line 346

By Christopher Sawtell at Wed, 2004/06/16 - 5:00am

It should be fixed now!

Have a nice day!

By Nicolas Goutte at Wed, 2004/06/16 - 5:00am