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A few days ago, we've opened a new section on our Polish K Desktop Environment website called "KDE Users Database". This is not only for Polish users, it's international. After some time it'll be good rate of KDE users number all over the world. Every registered user can save generated certificates and put them on his desktop or website. So, let's register! Please note, that this is not an official KDE users counter - but, maybe in future - it might change.

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I value this as a "yes" on both questions, since there was no disagree from you.

Better stay away from KDE as we don't need people like you.

by Andre Somers (not verified)

Please don't assume you can speak for KDE as whole. As stated before, KDE is politically neutral (at least as far as it doesn't directly involve the project itself.) Sure, sometimes a political comment of sorts (or something that can be interpretted like that) slips through, but that only reflects the opinion the one stating it, not of the project as a whole. It's usually quickly remidied.
I think "we" don't need people who want to deny other people participation in the project based on their political views, which they keep outside of the KDE project.

by Day 2 (not verified)

Hello? www.kde.org shouldn't be leaving the link on their website as long as United States and Iraq aren't added. This will continue to offend more people.

by Have a nice cup... (not verified)

>Hello? www.kde.org shouldn't be leaving the link on their website as long as United States and Iraq aren't added. This will continue to offend more people.

Hello indeed... want something offending?
How about those other countries that where missing, how come the citizens of those countries aren't bitching here for that simple mistake? Maybe because they are not egomaniac idiots who think that the world is spinning around their oh so great and ever righteous nation? You americans allways act so tough and mean but when something small goes wrong or there is a simple mistake you are bitching and moaning like there is no tomorrow. No wonder nobody likes you...
Jesus Christ! The guy was just trying to make a KDE user database for fun, he made a mistake and you start screaming like they were cutting your heads off(pun intended)!

ps. There is no link from www.kde.org to users.kde.pl, only from dot.kde.org, you illiterate inbred imbecile!

by Rael (not verified)

Hello !

Look on users.kde.pl now. Don't be so inpatient and forgive me ! I wasn't at home for 3 days, and this misunderstanding hasn't been maked purposely ! Don't call it "childish" or connect it to politics, it's not that !

Once more, forgive me, but for now it's obviously corrected on site.


by Rael (not verified)

s/hasn't been maked/hadn't been made...

by Henrik (not verified)

Well done. It's a nice project. A shame this all got a bit off-topic for a while. I see you're even accepting ladies as members now :)

by Cloaked Penguin (not verified)

Lots of "thank you" for the aclaration.

That was what was refraining me from spreading the link. Sorry for the confusion, but it must be clear that KDE is not involving on political statements outside of computer tech and science issues. This was just too (accidentally) direct to ignore.

by Rael (not verified)

OK, understood of course.

Now it's clear, I think so :)


by John Thanking Freak (not verified)

Users should apologising to you, not the other way around.
Keep up the good work!

by Haakon Nilsen (not verified)

Don't let all this negative feedback discourage you. You provide a great service, and made an honest but slight mistake, a lot of people got paranoid and it got out of hands for a little while. It's still a great service, and I registered promptly, as did all my KDE-using friends. Thanks.

by Rich (not verified)

Hi Rael

Don't worry about the negative remarks - folks tend to expect things to be fixed immediately, forgetting that developers have lives outside kde (well, some anyway :)

I'm sure everyone who moaned will be man/woman enough to say thanks now.

Keep up the good work

by Rael (not verified)

Thanks for Your indulgence, it's important for me :)

By the way, I added few minutes ago some statistics for site, which you can use for your websites (by XML file - http://users.kde.pl/?page=xml) :) These are only numbers, but - obviously - it's the target of my project :) I must create some kind of changelog, because I'm adding new functions and killing new bugs average few times a week.

Yes, I was outsite KDE for few days - I was among the mountains (yeess....I love them !) and trees (them too :) )...I feel like at beginning of my life (hmm. do I remember it ?;) ) - this trip relaxed me very much, that's what I need :)


by Jim (not verified)

Thanks Rael.

Ignore the idiots, xenophobia and paranoia often lead people to jump to conclusions just so thaey have an excuse to attack somebody. You're just the latest innocent victim. They don't speak for the majority of KDE users or Americans.

by Rael (not verified)

Once again I can say - thanks.


by jameth (not verified)

I know it sounded kinda negative, but I'm certain most people who commented were, as I was, just confused. It seemed like an honest mistake, and I'm glad it was an honest mistake.

Now I can add myself to that list! Huzzah!

by jameth (not verified)


I went to sign up, typed 'Unit' in the combo-box and got nothing. I was trying to figure out why it wasn't there when I realized it was just entered as USA. I had quite a laugh at myself.

by Pedro Jurado Maqueda (not verified)

It could be good to add statistics with the countries with more KDE users IMHO ;-)