KRename 3.0: File Renaming Made Easy

After a long development phase a new stable release of KRename is available for download. KRename is a powerful batch file renamer for KDE, which can be used to rename lots of files at once. Thus it is a great help in managing your digital images or your music collection. In 3.0.0 we focused not only on adding new features but also on increasing the overall usability of the application.

Besides doing the usual stuff, like changing filenames to lower case or appending numbers to them, KRename uses Konqueror's file plugins to access meta data such as ID3 tags of MP3 or Ogg Vorbis files or EXIF tags of JPEG images from your digital camera. If you want to see KRename's capabilities you might want to check out our screenshot section.

The most important improvement in this release could only happen thanks to the KDE Usability Project. We got many good suggestions and tips for improvements from their mailing list. Those suggestions were added to KRename and made using it really easy compared to previous versions. A new beginners mode was added. Using this mode you can rename your files without having to know KRename's renaming syntax. The overall GUI was cleaned up. We added an automatic undo function. Using this undo, you can undo your renaming operation immediately in case something went wrong. Additionally many smaller improvements were made.

Finally there is also documentation for KRename. The PDF documentation describes both user modes of KRename and contains lots of examples for different task you might encounter in your daily life.

And last but not least we improved KDE integration of KRename. KRename can now handle remote files thanks to KIO slaves. Renaming files on a remote server using fish:// or even ftp:// is no problem anymore! Controlling KRename from the command line is now possible, too, thanks to our DCOP interface.

Besides the above mentioned changes we were able to fix lots of bugs, increase KRename's speed and add some more new features. You can find a complete change log on our webpage as well as the downloads.

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by Squasher (not verified)

Is this usable for squashing non-ascii characters in filenames to something like "_"? I'd have use for that, and many apparently simple shell scripts solutions seem to be unable to do it. This is a problem with samba, archives created in windows, etc.

Also, are there going to be debian packages for this?

by King Mob (not verified)

I've been using Krename for a number of instances where I needed to fix spacing and numbering on files, and I have to say I'm very pleased with how your software has managed the job! And v3.0 looks good; love the ability to do remote renaming.


by kde-friend (not verified)

Why does the dot use a wrong date? Can't this be fixed pronto? Isn't there a KDE hacker with root on that darn hosting box?

by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

I have the impression that its clock somehow runs way too fast

by kdefriend2 (not verified)

"...its clock somehow runs way too fast."
Typical symptom for an artifact in the matrix. Beware of the agents now!

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

I'm fixing it slowly...

by Martin (not verified)

This should really be integrated in KDE though
because this is one of those apps you never bother
to install until you need it. And when you need it
it is often more work to install it than to do
the renaming by hand or on the command line.
It would be really cool if this could be integrated
in KDE and be "just there"(TM) when you need it.

by anon (not verified)

please include the nice girl wallpapers in the krename package ;)

by Lin (not verified)


by HarryHirsch (not verified)

You should integrate like "convmv"

convmv can convert a single filename, a directory tree or all files
on a filesystem to a different encoding. It only converts the
encoding of filenames, not files contents. A special feature of
convmv is that it also takes care of symlinks: the encoding of the
symlink's target will be converted if the symlink itself is being
It is also possible to convert directories to UTF-8 which are already
partially UTF-8 encoded.
(from "apt-cache show convmv")

This functionality together with krename would be perfect!


by Adam Kane (not verified)
by Philippe Fremy (not verified)

The current version looks impressive. The next step is to be able to build the new name in a visual fashion, by drag'n dropping the components of the path name. Then, it will be truly graphical.

by stonki (not verified)

Please can you email me some examples ? I am gathering right now the improvements for the next release.