Announcing KDE 3.3 Beta 2 "Kollege"

The KDE Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KDE 3.3 Beta 2. As another step towards the aKademy in late August, this release is named Kollege. This beta release shows astonishing stability, so the KDE team asks everyone to try the version and give feedback through the bug tracking system. For a list of new features skim over the KDE 3.3 Feature Plan. For packages, please visit the KDE 3.3 Beta 2 Info Page and browse the KDE 3.3 Requirements List. The Konstruct build toolset has been updated for this release. Please note that the kdepim, kdevelop and kdewebdev modules also compile on KDE 3.2 systems.

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by oliv (not verified)

From the KDE 3.3 feature plan, it seems there is still a lot of stuff in the TODO list and quite a bunch in the "in progress" list too. Is this compatible with a beta2 or is the page just out-dated?

The features that are not done will never benefit of serious testing if they are not at least "in progress" during the beta.

Am I missing something?

by Mark Hannessen (not verified)

I looked at the release plan and I indeed think people will have to hurry. I don't know if the feature list it up to date but it *looks* like there are many many things to do, and there is very very little time.

by Anonymous (not verified)

No hurry. All features not within this beta will not be in the final. Their entries will be moved to a future KDE feature plan - some of the "todo" list may be in and only need to be set to state "done" though.

by Lee (not verified)

So... uh... what IS in this beta?

by Anonymous (not verified)

The "inprogress" and "done" items.

by Mark Hannessen (not verified)

It's good to see that reports more bugs found then submitted. it seems that another 2000 bugs more appear on the kde buglist. this can also be blamed on the fact that many many new programs have been added. In general I think kde is very stable. we just need to get some important applications like kontact and kopete(voice+webcam?) past something we can label 1.0 and kde will rock!

by Anonymous (not verified)

> It's good to see that reports more bugs found then submitted.

Read what you wrote! :-) I guess you mean more closed reports than submitted.

by Amit Upadhyay (not verified)

" reports more bugs found then submitted."

Seems like they are reproducing. :-)

by Eleknader (not verified)

I've been using CVS HEAD for couple of days, and so far KDE 3.3 looks very good - like new KDE releases always do! I was happy to find Joystick module in KControl, very nice! Now it would be fun to have OpenGL 3D games for KDE!

What I'm missing / hoping: Search in KDE Help Center and fixes in KBabel.

Search in help was dropped, because KDE changed to new documentation format during 2.x -series. I hope that forthcoming ht://dig search engine will be able to index and search application documentation, some people are working on this.

KBabel chokes constantly when searching translations. Somehow this starts on strings that do not have translation in the database. Please, please, Andrea, fix it :)

Other than these, KDE 3.3 Beta 2 is very stable and nice. I do not recommend running betas on production use, although this . Please test and send bug reports!


by Mark Hannessen (not verified)

If you are interested in joypads, you might also find this interesting.

this program can map joypad buttons and axis to key and mouse movements.
I used it for playing savage and it worked great!

by Emmeran "Emmy" ... (not verified)

Are there Gentoo ebuilds for this release somewhere? I'm waiting on portage getting KDE 3.3 ebuilds, but there are only some for kdelibs, etc. but not for the whole KDE.

Am I just missing something?

by Jeroen (not verified)


by Daniel Dantas (not verified)

There are the KDE CVS ebuilds that compile the cvs version of KDE. The ebuilds for KDE 3.3 beta 2 should be released soon.

by Bobke (not verified)
by romans (not verified)

There will be no beta2 ebuild for kde-base/kde, only stable versions. You'll have to emerge each package (kdelibs, kdebase, ..) manually.

by Sebastian (not verified)

No, that isn't true. There already ARE beta2 ebuilds. Currently portage is working on kdepim-3.3.0_beta2 on my system.

by Jo Øiongen (not verified)
by fake guy (not verified)

I hope some distro will make a livecd with beta 2 like Onebase did for beta 1.
Really, you KDE people should release an "official" live cd every alpha, beta or release candidate. That would be easier and more comfortable for everyone willing to test and report bugs.

by Anonymous (not verified)

There will be never "official" binary packages or live CDs.

by John LiveCDs Freak (not verified)

Yes a live CD would be very good. I wonder why don't we see that much unstable versions from more the well known KDE Based LiveCD distros out there.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Not a LiveCD but the newest Yoper Development Release has KDE 3.3 Beta 2 and is said to install under 5 minutes:

I been working on a KDE 3.3 review for a few days now and I put what I've done so far on the net today: - What is new in KDE 3.3? A look at new features and aspects of using the current KDE cvs

:-) have a nice day

Nice, please keep us informed when you have finished your review. Btw, is Kallery really part of KDE 3.3's kdewebdev module?

Unfortunately not. :-( I didn't had time to do it properly, so instead of just putting it into kdewebdev, I delayed the inclusion.
Also a note about Quanta's VPL: it was already present in 3.2, but it is more advanced in 3.3, thanks to the KHTML Caret Mode II.


I swear I had kallery installed as a part of kdedev like two days ago! Now I don't :-)

by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

That looks really nice!

Reminds me of good old Word Perfect - it's great to see a similar feature added to Quanta!

by Sebastian (not verified)

What did I read? They renamed Control Center to 'Centre'?

I am just curious since I believed the default language of KDE is American English, not British. Can I get the correct American spelling back, please?


by Anonymous (not verified)

> They renamed Control Center to 'Centre'?


by Renato Sousa (not verified)

Konstruct doesn't seem to work with gcc/g++-3.4 in debian/unstable... mcopidl artsflow.idl fails with segfault...

I'm retrying with gcc-3.3 right now...

by Keith (not verified)

I've liked the 3.3 previews I've seen thus far, but KGet crashes when saving the file list. This means it'll crash when autosave is on or when you try to export it. Has this been fixed in this beta? I just want to know whether it's worth me upgrading, since this was my sole annoyance with beta1 and KDE takes a long time to compile.

by Rex Dieter (not verified)

Dunno, did you report the bug ( If you had, you could have tracked whether it was fixed or not. (hint, hint).

by Keith (not verified)

Eh, creating a new account is a hassle, and I'll just get "Works for Me" or "Not a Bug" responses from the developers anyway, so it's really not worth the precious time it drains from everybody, right?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Can you imagine how much "hassle" it can be to fix a bug?

by Keith (not verified)

Yes, actually I've fixed many bugs in the various open-source projects I've helped with. Bugs are generally easy, because they're just minor errors in how you do things. It's features that are the hassle.

by disappointed ap... (not verified)

its not :(

i think of it as quite poor for a release coming with "astonishing stability".

by Keith (not verified)

That sucks. Do you know the bug number? (KDE's bug database has one of the search facilities I've seen, so I haven't been able to find anything relevant)

by Datschge (not verified)

bug:81612 perhaps?
(The bugzilla search query form might be complex, but limiting the result to product "kget" and summaries containing "list" reduced the results to 12 entries, among which "kget crashes when saving transfer list" sounds dead on.)

by Juanjo (not verified)

The konqueror progress icon has finally changed! I feel strange with that new colorfull gear :)

by Anonymous (not verified)

I feel strange with it too. Why doesn't it have the same colors as the gear on the panel?

by canobi (not verified)

Wondering if there is a chance to "push" old bugs to the front of the fixlist. There is a rendering bug in Konqueror present from KDE2 days (bug#: 32577) that seems like it has been forgotten - submitters every now and then confirm new versions that have this bug while there is absolutely no answer from the developers. Hope it's not due to a bug in Bugzilla ;-)

by Anonymous (not verified)

> Wondering if there is a chance to "push" old bugs to the front of the fixlist.

Vote for them.

by canobi (not verified)

That particular bug already has almost 60 votes (including my own vote). But who knows, maybe my ranting here motivates one of the developers to take a look at it ;-)

by light (not verified)

What about
It seems "a bit" out of date.
There'd been a more uptodate page. What happened?
Also mosfet? I think she disappeared.

by Anonymous (not verified)

She? :-) Why care about him?

by light (not verified)

oh, sorry.
I only glanced at, a woman siluette was there

by Anonymous (not verified)
by a.c. (not verified)

Interesting. Mosfet disappeared for some time.
I have not been in the lists for a while.
Is he back?

by Mark Hannessen (not verified)

he seems to be a she.

by a.c. (not verified)

Dan Duley is a guy.
He was a very talented coder,
but his immaturity made it difficult to work with him.

But hey that is so uncommon in the geek world, eh?

by sarath (not verified)

Well its all clearly said in by thomas lubking (baghira author) that mosfet is and will not be returning. The site was actually put up by its new owner seeing the interest in mosfet.